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Crossover Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

●Taycan pure electric car series new member of cross-border hunting and running
●The height above the ground is increased by 20mm, and the optional off-road design kit can reach 30mm
●4/4S dual power configuration, WLTP cruising range 456/452 kilometers
●Domestic listing time: December 23, 2021
●Suggested selling price: starting from 41.1/4.9 million yuan

As Porsche’s first purely electric powered Taycan, it has been widely welcomed by consumers around the world since its launch. In the first half of 2021, the Taiwan market not only exceeded expectations by four times, but even became the sixth largest market in the world. It can be seen that the combination of the Porsche brand and the pure electric four-door coupe is equally attractive. In order to continue to expand the car lineup, Porsche Taiwan also announced on December 23, 2021 that the Taycan Cross Turismo electric cross-border hunting race was officially launched in Taiwan. The first wave provides 4 and 4S models, priced at 411 and 490 respectively. From ten thousand yuan.

Both stylish and practical

The new Taycan Cross Turismo design inherits from the Mission E Cross Turismo electric concept car at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. It uses a five-door hatchback similar to the Panamera Sport Turismo and a heightened crossover design with light off-road capability, forming a unique The pure electric cross-border hunting positioning, and the four-wheel anti-scratch protection strips, front and rear bumpers and the metal-like guard plate design at the bottom of the side skirts can simultaneously improve the protection ability of cross-country running and running on non-paved roads. In addition, An exclusive Offroad Design Package is also provided as an option, including thickened guards for front and rear bumpers and side skirts of the body, and the height of the chassis from the ground is increased from 20mm to 30mm.

The appearance of the new car is inherited from the Mission E Cross Turismo of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, with a five-door hatchback and a heightened chassis to enhance practicality and cross-border running style.
Taycan Cross Turismo can also create a personal style through a variety of options, and also provides an exclusive off-road design kit with a ground clearance of up to 30mm.

Thanks to the five-door hatchback body setting, the rear passenger head space of the Taycan Cross Turismo is increased by 47mm compared to the four-door coupe version, which can effectively reduce the pressure of passengers over 175 cm. A fixed panoramic glass car is also available. The roof further enhances the sense of spaciousness and travel atmosphere of the cabin; the enlarged luggage compartment volume is 446~1212L, with large tailgate, rear seat back tilt and luggage compartment netting and other storage designs, regardless of carrying capacity or space The functions are more able to satisfy consumers who love outdoor activities or long-distance travel.

The simple T-shaped console and interior layout are completely comparable to the four-door coupe version, and the level of equipment and color matching style depend on the owner's preference and budget limit.
Thanks to the design of the hatchback body, the rear seat head space is 47mm higher than the four-door coupe version, and the panoramic glass roof can bring a sense of open space.
The volume of the tail compartment can reach 446~1212L, combined with the storage design such as large tailgate, rear seat back tilt and luggage compartment screen, the practicality is greatly improved.

No problem for light off-road

Like the four-door coupe version, the Taycan Cross Turismo is equipped with the 800V battery technology developed by Porsche, which has better charging performance and power performance, and adopts the configuration of dual permanent magnet synchronous motors on the front and rear axles. Taking into account the power response of starting acceleration and high-speed cruising, the output power of Taycan 4 Cross Turismo is 380hp under the power of the 93.4kWh high-performance upgraded battery system that is standard on the whole car series. The supercharged and starting control can reach 476hp, which can reach 5.1. Accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in seconds, with a top speed of 220km/h, and the WLTP cruising range is 389 to 456 kilometers; Taycan 4S Cross Turismo has an output power of 490hp, supercharged with starting control to reach 571hp, and has a zero-hundred acceleration of 4.1 With a performance of 240km/h in seconds and a top speed of 240km/h, the WLTP cruising range is 388~452km.

Taycan Cross Turismo is equipped with four-wheel drive and an active air suspension system, and the new Gravel gravel driving mode is added to meet light off-road requirements.

Not only does the height of the chassis from the ground increase, Taycan Cross Turismo is also equipped with a three-chamber air suspension system with PASM electronic adjustable suspension control in response to light off-road requirements. It also adds an exclusive Gravel gravel road driving mode. The settings of the electronic dynamic stability system such as PTM tracking control, PTV+ torque division and PSM dynamic stability will be adjusted synchronously to ensure that precise control response and comfortable road texture can still be provided on low-grip roads, bringing brand new to the owner Driving experience.

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