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Crossovers, hatchbacks and station wagons all comeSmall facelift Ford Focus shows off its power at Lihpao Circuit (Part 1)

Although the facelifted domestically-made Focus was officially released on February 1 this year, just before the publication of this magazine, Ford Liuhe made the first appearance of the facelift Focus at the Lihpao Circuit, and brought the Four models including Focus Active, Focus Hatchback (five-door hatchback), Focus Wagon (station wagon) and Focus ST, let the media have a glimpse of the charming style of the new cars; in addition, more carefully arranged Focus track experience activities, Through high-speed lane changing, cornering control, continuous cone traversing, and full track experience, you can actually experience the power and chassis handling capabilities of the facelifted Focus.

Before entering the track test drive experience, it is still necessary to compile a general description of the domestic sales models of the small facelift Focus. Information such as the content of equipment, model grades and prices are still very reserved and do not want to disclose. Only simple specification data is released for reference. Therefore, it can only be confirmed that there are four models for sale: Active, Hatchback, Wagon and ST. Among them Active is divided into two models: Active X and Active Vignale; Hatchback is divided into three models: Hatchback X, Hatchack ST-Line X and Hatchack ST-Line X Vignale; in addition, Wagon is also divided into Wagon X, Wagon ST-Line X and Wagon ST-Line X Vignale and other three models; as for the performance version ST, in addition to the five-door hatchback manual (M6) and automatic (A7) models, the automatic ST Wagon model is also listed in the imported cars in the list.

ST-Line Kit + Vignale Laying

This time, Ford Liuhe canceled the original four-door RV at the same time with the rather rare localized Focus Wagon model. This strategy is very bold, but it is even more unique. After all, the four-door RV has declined in the domestic market, and station wagons have individuality. Taste, more space and practicality, are very popular among domestic consumers, so replacing the four-door RV with a station wagon has a chance to win the game.

With the small facelift of the Focus, Ford Liuhe has the courage and rare localization of the Wagon station wagon to replace the original and vacant four-door RV market.

The appearance of the small facelift Focus includes the Wagon, Hatchback and ST models, all of which have undergone major changes, and different models have different decorations and styles in the details, but basically they have changed to a larger area. The large octagonal water tank guard and the slender and sharp LED headlights, and the factory emblem is moved to the inside of the water tank guard. As for the top-spec Wagon/Hatchback ST-Line X Vignale, in addition to the exclusive ST-Line aerodynamic kit, the internal mesh of the water tank shield adopts a functional honeycomb design, and is equipped with a domineering through-type front In addition to the bumper air intake dam, it also has the details of Vignale, including the exclusive chrome forged surface shape of the lower air intake dam, and is equipped with high-end Matrix LED matrix headlights and 18-inch ST Edition lightweight spinning aluminum ring Matched with Michelin 235/40R18 PS4 tires. As for the shape of the rear of the car, the changes are relatively small, only the lamps in the LED taillights are modified, and the blackened taillight housings are replaced.

The Focus Wagon has a very dynamic and graceful body shape and lines. The body length/width/height and wheelbase dimensions are 4672/1825/1493mm and 2700mm respectively. It has a very good cabin load space performance.
Both Wagon and Hatchback are available in 3 sales levels. The top-spec ST-Line X Vignale model comes standard with a black painted honeycomb grille and high-end Matrix LED matrix headlights.
18-inch ST Edition light-weight spinning aluminum rings and red brake calipers are standard configurations on top-spec ST-Line X Vignale models.
The appearance of the Focus Hatchback five-door hatchback, with the exclusive ST-Line aerodynamic kit and Vignale details, is both dynamic and high-end.
The rear shape of the Hatchback five-door hatchback has not changed much, only the lamps in the LED taillights have been modified, and a more personalized blackened taillight housing has been replaced.

Upgraded 13.2-inch central control touch screen

In terms of interior design, the overall layout has not changed much. Except for the more complex texture design on the door trim and other details, the most conspicuous change is the upgrade to the 13.2-inch central control touch screen. In addition to the original satellite navigation system, it is also equipped with the latest SYNC 4 entertainment and communication integration system (supporting wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto). In addition, in response to the introduction of large-sized central control screens, including the buttons for constant temperature and air conditioning, switching of driving modes, and audio system control and adjustment functions, etc., are all integrated in the main unit of the screen, so that the number of physical buttons on the central console is greatly reduced. Come to a more concise and refreshing cabin atmosphere. In addition, the top-spec Vignale model also has an exclusive Vignale design layout, including a center console with exclusive soft covering and Ford Sensico sports seats made of high-grade fine leather with a touch of touch.

Both Focus Wagon and Hatchback have the same interior layout design, especially the top-spec ST-Line X Vignale model, which combines passionate performance with exquisite and high-quality atmosphere.
The biggest change in the interior design after the facelift is the upgrade of the 13.2-inch central control touch screen host with the built-in SYNC 4 entertainment and communication integration system (supporting wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto).
The number of physical buttons on the center console has been greatly reduced. The original air-conditioning control interface has been integrated into the main screen, and the remaining positions are equipped with buttons such as engine start, Start-Stop, and driving mode switching.
All cabin seats of the top-spec ST-Line X Vignale models are made of Ford Sensico sports seats made of high-grade fine leather.

In terms of equipment, it includes 12.3-inch full-size digital instrument, 13.2-inch entertainment and communication integration system, original Chinese satellite navigation system, ST-Line exclusive sports flat-bottom steering wheel, steering wheel shift paddles, HUD smart head-up display, Qi wireless Charging stand, E-Shifter electronic knob gear shifting system, B&O subwoofer surround sound system, kick sensor electric tailgate and other equipment, all appeared on the Wagon /Hatchback ST-Line X Vignale displayed on the spot, especially this time A complete set of Ford Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving technology assistance system (Level 2) is also listed as the standard equipment of the whole car series. Therefore, compared with before the minor facelift, the overall equipment combat capability can be said to be upgraded much more abundantly.

It is currently known that the top-spec ST-Line X Vignale models of Wagon and Hatchback are equipped with 12.3-inch fully digital instruments as standard.

As for the performance of the luggage compartment space of the Wagon model, according to the data given by the original factory, in the standard 5-seater mode, the luggage compartment volume can reach 635 liters, and it can be expanded to 1635 liters after the rear seats are folded flat. Liters, the load capacity is comparable to that of a medium-sized SUV. In addition, the rear luggage compartment floor also has functional modes such as vertical fixing and double-layer adjustable height, and the original factory also provides luggage compartment waterproof pads, metal grilles and mesh grids and other accessories for buyers to purchase. .

The rear seat space of the Focus Wagon is quite spacious. For a 175cm adult, there is about 1.5 fist spaces between the knees and the front seat back, and about 1 fist distance between the head and the canopy.

All 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbo engines

The minor facelift model of the foreign European-standard Focus is equipped with a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged engine with an additional 48V light oil-electric system, and is matched with a PowerShift 7-speed dual-clutch automatic manual transmission, and has 125hp and 155hp. In addition, there is a 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel engine paired with an 8-speed manual transmission. However, this time Ford Liuhe is all domestically-made facelifts such as the Focus Active, Wagon and Hatchback, all of which are equipped with the current 1.5-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engine, and are paired with a Select Shift 8-speed manual transmission. 182hp, 24.5kgm maximum horsepower and torque output; as for the combination of the entry-level 1.5-liter three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine and 6-speed automatic gearbox used before the facelift, it has been confirmed to be cancelled. According to the latest fuel consumption data released by the Energy Bureau,

The average fuel consumption values ​​of the three top models Active Vignale, Hatchack ST-Line X Vignale and Wagon ST-Line X Vignale are 16.8km/L, 16.2km/L and 15.4km/L respectively.

Models including Active, Wagon and Hatchback are equipped with E-Shifter electronic knob shifting system (Select Shift 8-speed manual transmission).
After the facelift, the Focus is all equipped with a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engine with 182hp, 24.5kgm maximum horsepower and torque output.

All models are equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving technology assistance system (Level 2) as standard

iACC intelligent cruise control system
ACC Stop & Go full-speed cruise control system (with low-speed follow-up)
LCA lane guidance assist system
ISA Intelligent Speed ​​Limit Assist System
TSR Road Sign Recognition Assist System
PCA forward collision warning system
AEB full-speed auxiliary braking system (including vehicle/pedestrian/cyclist detection)
DI forward distance detection system
DA vehicle distance warning system
LDW Lane Departure Warning System
LKA Lane Departure Assist
ESA evasive steering assist system
BSA visual blind spot detection and assistance system
driver fatigue warning system
CTA Back Traffic Alert System
Assisted braking system with oncoming traffic


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