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Crossovers, hatchbacks and station wagons all comeSmall facelift Ford Focus shows off its power at Lihpao Circuit (Part 2)

The small facelift Focus Active is also replaced with a more slender and sharper LED headlight group, but the interior of the octagonal water tank shield adopts a different straight grille design, and the shape of the front bumper is also gentler and more elegant.

Both Focus ST manual/automatic are imported

In addition to domestic models such as Focus Active, Hatchback and Wagon, a small performance version of the Focus ST five-door hatchback manual model was also displayed at the event site, but it is understood that there are also automatic models for the five-door hatchback For selection, at the same time, ST Wagon automatic transmission models will also be imported together. The small facelift Focus ST also has a brand-new octagonal water tank shield, but on the right side of the honeycomb mesh inner net, there is a red "ST" nameplate inlaid to show its pedigree identity; in addition, the lower air intake dam also The honeycomb grid design is also adopted to make the entire front shape more performance-oriented. In addition, the headlight group is also compared with the general version of the top-spec Vignale model, equipped with high-end Matrix LED matrix headlights, and comes standard with 19-inch 10-spoke gun-gray aluminum rings, red brake calipers and 235/35R19 Pirelli P Zero high-performance Running tire. As for the rear of the car, the LED taillights with blackened lamp housings are also replaced, and they are equipped with large-caliber left and right double exhaust tailpipes to show extraordinary performance.

The slightly facelifted Focus ST performance version will also be introduced simultaneously, and in addition to the manual and automatic models of the Hatchback, the automatic models of the Wagon are also on the list of introductions.
Focus ST not only has an aggressive front shape, but the rear of the car is even more extraordinary with the combination of blackened LED taillights and large-caliber left and right double exhaust tailpipes.
It comes standard with 19-inch 10-spoke gunmetal gray aluminum rims, red brake calipers and 235/35R19 Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires.

As for the layout of the interior, the design has been modified in the same way as the general version, and it is equipped with 12.3-inch full-size digital instrument, 13.2-inch entertainment and communication integration system, original Chinese satellite navigation system, ST exclusive sports flat-bottomed steering wheel, and HUD type. Head-up display, Qi wireless charging stand, left and right constant temperature air-conditioning systems, and B&O subwoofer surround sound system, etc. In addition, the original Recaro racing seats were also cancelled, and instead equipped with new performance sports car electric seats produced by Ford Performance (the double front seats have 14-way electric adjustment and heating functions), which are made of leather and suede. The sports car seat made of leather materials is not only passionate in appearance and performance, but the original factory also emphasizes that it has obtained the certification of the German AGR Back Health Association, which can effectively protect the driver's spine from injury during intense cornering.

The interior design of the Focus Active still has its exclusive blue trim, and the top-spec Vignale model is also equipped with a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument and a 13.2-inch central control touch screen host as standard.
With the ST exclusive interior kit and the lining of red stitching and carbon fiber trim, the cabin is filled with a strong sporty atmosphere and passionate performance atmosphere.
The sports seats with full running style are produced by the Ford Performance department. They are made of a mix of leather and suede materials, and have 14-way electric adjustment and heating functions for the dual front seats.

As for the power part, the slightly facelifted Focus ST model is still equipped with the original 2.3-liter EcoBoost twin-scroll turbocharged engine, and the 5-door hatchback model is equipped with a 6-speed manual or 7-speed manual transmission, while the ST Wagon only There is a 7-speed automatic manual gearbox to choose from. The maximum horsepower and torque output are 280hp and 42.3kgm. The 0-100km/h acceleration time of the 5-door hatchback model is only 5.7 seconds (Wagon is 5.8 seconds). In addition, according to the domestic energy bureau's average fuel consumption test data, the 5-door hatchback automatic and manual models are 13.84km/L and 13.23km/L respectively, and the ST Wagon automatic model is 13.73km/L. In addition, the performance version of Focus ST is still equipped with ST exclusive track-level suspension and braking system, and comes standard with eLSD electronic limited-slip differential and CCD active suspension adjustment system (5D exclusive).

The slightly facelifted Focus ST is still equipped with the original 2.3-liter EcoBoost twin-scroll turbocharged engine, which has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 280hp and 42.3kgm.

The real chapter of exciting driving on the track

In addition to the static display of products this time, Ford Liuhe specially arranged a 3.5-kilometer test drive experience on Lihpao’s entire track in order to let everyone experience and feel the power performance and handling of the facelifted Focus. Through the experience levels including "high-speed lane change", "curve control" and "continuous cone winding", you can feel the steering flexibility and precision of the facelifted Focus in detail, as well as the chassis stability and tracking performance when cornering at high speed. As well as the acceleration performance and power connection response when entering and exiting corners.

Although the three test levels arranged were carried out first, and the full track experience was listed as the finale, but because of the full driving experience in the full track experience, not only can you fully feel the entire dynamics of the vehicle The reaction can force out its extreme ability in chassis control, so the "full track experience" is listed as the main focus of this test drive experience. And this time, the vehicle that will be used for the full-track experience is the highly anticipated Focus Wagon, equipped with a 1.5-liter EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engine and a Select Shift 8-speed manual transmission, with a maximum power output of 182hp and 24.5kgm, front and rear suspension It is set for front MacPherson and rear multi-link, and the bead configuration is 18-inch ST Edition lightweight spinning aluminum ring and Michelin 235/40R18 PS4 performance tires.

The maximum horsepower and torque of 182hp and 24.5kgm should not be underestimated. Not only does the acceleration at the start be brisk, but the re-acceleration in the middle and rear stages is also quite full, full and linear, and even the increase in tail speed is also very fast and crisp.
Under the hard-tuned and tough suspension setting, it not only has excellent support in corners, but also the independent multi-link rear suspension design brings full rear wheel tracking and stable rear dynamics .
The rear stability and cornering limit are higher when cornering, and because of the multi-link structural design, it can bring more ride comfort to the rear seat occupants.

Because there are only 2 laps of the full track experience, so after getting off the track, we will start driving with all our strength. After leaving the Pit area and driving on the track, we will immediately fill up the accelerator. The first thing we feel is the very brisk start acceleration response of the 1.5-liter turbo engine. And the acceleration thrust in the middle and rear sections is quite abundant and vigorous. Although it does not give people the kind of acceleration passion and blood performance, the power of this 3-cylinder is enough to meet the needs of most vehicles, and the engine runs smoothly, so there is nothing to be picky about. And after the speed of 100km/h, facing the first high-speed sharp corner, step on the brakes heavily at the braking point, the Wagon brakes and PS4 tires match quite well, giving the deceleration force that meets expectations, and the C2 chassis has solid rigidity And the suspension support is sufficient, so that the vehicle can cope with the drastic shift of the center of gravity with ease. At this time, with a small amount of roll, the front of the car will immediately enter the curve, even if the steering wheel steering angle is deliberately increased to roll along the track However, the tough suspension has excellent vibration suppression performance, so that the tires can still be firmly attached to the road, and the stability of the rear axle is also admirable, without excessive bouncing and instability, allowing the driver Build a high level of driving confidence.

Under the solid C2 chassis, tough body rigidity and tough suspension settings, Focus Wagon has a stable, flexible and neat driving experience.

After a few corners, the dynamic response of the whole body can be mastered more and more, so that people can face various corners on the track more boldly, although the speed of entering the corner is misjudged because of the inability to accurately grasp the braking point, which leads to The phenomenon of pushing the head, but at this time the electronic tracking system immediately intervenes, and with the correction of the steering wheel, the vehicle can return to the right track and continue to make up the accelerator to enter the next curve. After entering the second lap, I was ready to explore its limit in the corner and cut into the corner at a faster speed. Although the phenomenon of pushing the head continued to occur, the steering wheel was slightly corrected, so that the slightly slipping rear of the car returned to control The route, plus the throttle to exit the corner smoothly, is completed in one go. The cornering limit of Focus Wagon is quite high, and the stability of the chassis is even better. Especially when facing continuous left and right corners under aggressive driving, it is not due to the rapid shift of the center of gravity. However, due to insufficient suspension support and insufficient tire grip, it can be said to be very smooth and fun to drive.

Three levels of side dishes

As for the three test levels I have experienced before, whether it is the "high-speed lane change" with a speed of 80km/h without brakes, or the "curve control" where you can experience the stability of the vehicle suspension and the follow-up of the rear axle in continuous tight curves. ", or through the compact cone winding at a speed of 60km/h, the "continuous cone winding" and other levels that can feel the steering accuracy and the feedback of the suspension chassis can be completed easily and neatly, and its excellent handling can be seen. In short, whether it is a Wagon or Hatchback model, they perform very well in terms of pointing accuracy, rigidity of the body chassis, flexibility and stability of the rear axle, etc., allowing drivers to have a high degree of confidence when facing these test levels.


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