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Dalmore Tsukumitsu Master Series No.1Rare 48 Year Old Single Malt Scotch WhiskyWorld's First!Morgan Stanley and architect Kengo Kuma reach new heights

The "Old Wine Bank" Dalmore Distillery, the world's rarest whisky cellar, has been working closely with V&A Dundee, Scotland's first design museum, in recent years, facilitating the collaboration between contemporary architects and whisky masters, and launching a new wine series in 2022."Damo Zhuguang Master Series". The name "Zhuguang" comes from the collaboration between Dalmore Chief Winemaker Richard Paterson and outstanding creators."Damo Zhuguang Master Series"It is expected to launch three editions in three years, and the first edition will be released in 2022."Damo Zhuguang Master Series No.1including two rare wines, including"Damo Zhuguang Master Series No.1 rare48Year-old single malt whiskyGoing to auction in November 2022, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the V&A Dundee Design Museum. And another rare wine,"Damo Zhuguang Master Series No. 1 _ 2022limited edition_single malt scotch whiskyIt is expected to be listed in Taiwan in early November.

Kengo Kuma is the only architect to be included in the 2021 TIME Top 100. Richard Paterson OBE won the OBE honor for his profound contributions to whisky. In the same year, Kengo Kuma and Richard Paterson Join hands to perform a short documentary produced by V&A Dundee, rewinding the road of masters over the decades. In 2022, the two masters will collaborate again to create the "Damo Zhuguang Master Series No.1", which will tell the story of visionary creators pursuing excellence in craftsmanship through a combination of breathtaking art and sculpture."Damo Zhuguang Master Series No.1 rare48Aged single malt whisky”, a rare 48-year-old whisky hand-bred by Distiller Master Richard Paterson The oak and polished metal sculptural distinguished wine bar, from design to connotation, echoes the complex and gorgeous flavor of Dalmore, such as architectural art.

builtThe light of woodlet the art of architecture on the whisky auction

Kengo Kuma's signature is the extensive use of natural materials, especially wood, which is also reflected in his architecture in the V&A Dundee Design Museum; Richard Paterson is good at using local terroir and wood elements in his half-century winemaking experience. The subtle flavours of whisky. Kengo Kuma and Richard Paterson have established a poetic link between design and whisky – prominent and complementary materials, drawing inspiration from local forces and natural environments, in honour of the V&A Dundee Design Museum that led to the project.

"My relationship with Dalmore and Scotland stems from a shared love of natural materials, and I am impressed that a master such as Richard Paterson is humble and respectful of the environment, and my work responds to that sensibility. ” Kengo Kuma has created a distinguished wine seat with 48 pieces of Scottish oak, Japanese oak and polished metal pieces gleaming like diamonds. V&A Dundee's creative inspiration inspires tangible things with the invisible forces of nature.

Richard Paterson also shared: "It is a great honor to work with Kengo Kuma again, drawing inspiration from his rich architectural experience, and turning this new bottle of Dalmore into reality. 'Domo Takumi Master Series No.1 Rare '48 Year Old Single Malt Whisky is the epitome of cultural heritage, beautiful and rare, and I couldn't be more proud of it."

The partnership between Dalmore and V&A Dundee will last for four years from 2021, with the aim of curating and advocating exceptional whisky works to support the Design Museum, not long after Sotheby's Hong Kong auctioned the extremely rare "Dalmore Gilt Age No. 6" Decades No.6 and donated £100,000 to V&A Dundee; the 2022 "Dalmore Master Zhuguang Series No.1 Rare 48 Year Old Single Malt Whisky" will also appear at auction in November, and everyone is looking forward to it.

"Damo Zhuguang Master Series No.1 rare48Year-old single malt whisky

"Domo Chikumitsu Master Series No.1 Rare 48 Year Old Single Malt Whisky"Limited edition of three bottles worldwide, housed in a unique sculpture designed by Kengo Kuma, composed of 48 wood pieces, handcrafted from Japanese oak, Scottish oak and gleaming metal. The whisky has been cultivated in the hands of Richard Paterson for 48 years, and has undergone secondary aging in Oloroso sherry casks, Apostoles sherry casks, vintage port casks and American white oak casks, infused with Scotch oak casks and Japanese Mizunara casks for many years. The first of the three bottles, along with the sculpture, will go on display at the V&A Dundee Design Museum, the second at Sotheby's in London, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the V&A Dundee Design Museum, and the third will return to the heights of the Dalmore Distillery s home.

Oak barrels: Oloroso sherry barrels, Apostoles sherry barrels, vintage porter barrels, American white oak barrels, Scottish oak barrels (Tay Oak), Japanese water barrels

Alcohol concentration: 40.8% non-chill filtered | natural wine color

Aroma: Harmonious fusion of various exotic flavors, black cherry, roasted coffee beans, port, honeysuckle and melon.

Palate: Vibrant Black Forest fruit, maple syrup, crushed Pontefract licorice cookies and chunky chocolate cake.

Finish: English demerara, Seville marmalade and apricots.

【aboutThe Dalmore

Since 1839, Dalmore has distinguished itself in the whisky world with a spirit of bravery and excellence, challenging convention to create unique and adventurous single malts. The history of the Dalmore brand can be traced back to 1263, when the leader of Clan Mackenzie bravely rescued King Alexander III of Scotland. In 1867, the Mackenzie family started the business history of the Dalmore Distillery. Since then, every bottle of Dalmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky has proudly carried the "Royal Emblem with 12 Antlers" as a brand totem that will be inherited forever. The tradition of glory is not only presented in the 12 golden forks of the deer head, but this spirit is engraved in the soul of the Dalmore Winery. With courageous and innovative fantasies, we started the Scotch whisky industry's pursuit of vintage whisky, and insisted on the control of old wine inventory with an extraordinary vision. To this day, Dalmore continues to release extremely rare and ultra-aged Scotch whisky with its precious old wines that dwarf the crowd, making the Dalmore distillery's "Old Wine Bank" an immortal legend.

【aboutV&A Dundee

The Dundee branch of the Victoria and Albert Museum is the only V&A branch outside London and the first design museum in Scotland, the UK's only UNESCO City of Design. V&A Dundee was designed by renowned architect Kengo Kuma, who was also the architect of the new National Stadium, the main venue for the Tokyo Olympics. Since its opening in 2018, the V&A Dundee has welcomed more than one million visitors and is globally recognized as an iconic, ambitious and sustainable museum that attracts world-class talent and exhibitions.


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