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DAMIANI Breeze Square fashion concept store opensThe new Belle Époque Reel series is launched ahead of scheduleWang Yinping leads Yilin's supermodel dynamic display of new luxury jewelry

DAMIANI Breeze Plaza fashion concept store.

Italy's top jewelry brand DAMIANI is making every effort to develop the Taiwan market. After the official establishment of a subsidiary in Taiwan, it will be fully managed by Italy. After entering Regent Boutique, it will hold the opening of the brand's fashion concept store at Fuxing Pavilion in Breeze Plaza on December 12. For this reason, not only Jérôme Favier, Global Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of DAMIANI, came to Taiwan to attend the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in person, but the brand will also release a new generation of Belle Époque Reel extended from its prestigious Belle Époque Collection in advance. Jewelry works through a more modern and intuitive creative concept. Reflecting the contemporary spirit of the digital film, it injects endless vitality into this new fashion concept store. This series will be released in stores around the world in January 2023, and Taiwan will take the lead to celebrate the opening.

DAMIANI, a world-renowned top jewelry brand emphasizing 100% Italian handmade, is actively expanding its influence in Taiwan, and opened a fashion concept store in Breeze Plaza, a prestigious boutique town in Taipei. Breeze Plaza has the most famous boutique brands in the world. It is one of the famous high-end shopping malls in Taipei City. It is favored by young people and boutique lovers. The new DAMIANI store is located at the main entrance. This area specializes in providing various luxury products. Brand honor sales and after-sales service. In the carefully crafted space of the brand's new boutique, jewelry lovers and collectors can experience the brand's must-have styles, such as the stylish D.Icon series, the iconic Belle Époque series, the modern Margherita series, and The soft and timeless Mimosa series, as well as various classic design works such as D. Side, Metropolitan, and the timeless and beautiful Luce and Minou wedding series are all hot works of the brand.

Jérôme Favier, Global Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of DAMIANI.

Jérôme Favier, who came to Taiwan this time, was appointed as the international vice president and chief executive officer of DAMIANI Group in early 2018, and led the 6 outstanding brands of this Italian jewelry group, aiming to promote its management, financial and commercial growth, In order to consolidate its position in the international market, in addition to DAMIANI, it also includes SALVINI, BLISS, CALDERONI, ROCCA and other jewelry brands of different styles, as well as VENINI-MURANO art glass company. Jérôme Favier has more than 20 years of experience in jewelry and fine watchmaking. His tasks at this stage include the formulation of strategic plans, corporate organization, sales and marketing, construction of product lines, and development of retail networks.

The future plan for Taiwan is: to provide a diversified series of handmade Italian jewelry masterpieces, to show customers original and high-quality craft creations, and to provide customers with better after-sales service, and to present more jewelry from The exquisite top artworks in the city of Valenza show DAMIANI's exquisite goldsmith skills, which is definitely a representative of the world-renowned Italian top jewelry with a long history!

A full range of jewelry works settled in Yilin supermodel Wang Yinping led the show

DAMIANI Breeze Plaza fashion concept store.

The Breeze DAIMIANI fashion concept store adopts square partitions, which appear elegantly like an exquisite jewelry box. The well-designed facade and display cabinets echo the warm tone of precious metals such as 18K gold and 18K rose gold used by the brand. Combined with the D-shaped hollow totem and The semi-transparent window decoration with a circular texture allows the jewelry works on display to be seen at a glance. The showcases in the store include the latest jewelry series Must Have, which symbolizes the brand’s advancement with the times, and the absolute high-end jewelry series Special that represents the brand’s honorable value. Classic classic and legendary works, as well as diversified works such as classic jewelry and wedding jewelry that can be worn daily or can be used as eternal collections, let every magnificent masterpiece of DAMIANI continue to sing its beautiful value in the East District of Taipei City.

Supermodel Wang Yinping presented DAMIANI's new Belle Époque Reel series.

At the opening press conference, Yilin supermodel led by Wang Yinping fully demonstrated the charming value of these different types of jewelry. DAMIANI Belle Époque Reel's new jewelry masterpiece, which was carefully interpreted by the former, included fashion-forward rings and necklaces, as well as bracelets and earrings in the new series And other works, with iconic designs and jewelry with a new design structure, are dedicated to the new generation who lead the trend, people full of energy, and boutique lovers who are compatible with new philosophies.

Yilin supermodel Li Wanqi and Guo Xianchang performed DAMIANI jewelry masterpieces.

Male model Guo Xianchang interprets a variety of classic jewelry series of DAMIANI, including the Metropolitan series Apple Watch 18K white gold full diamond case worn on the wrist, 18K rose gold diamond bracelet, and the brand’s most acclaimed Belle Époque Cross sapphire necklace, The Belle Époque sapphire ring and the D.Side 18K white gold ring fully convey the brand concept and design spirit, and once again demonstrate the perfect encounter between Asian men and Italian-style jewelry.

Jewelery works worth tens of millions Demonstrate goldsmith craftsmanship and Italian passion

Supermodel Li Wanqi wears DAMIANI’s absolute high-end jewelry Absolute series Special Classic classic and legendary works. This series of high-end jewelry fully demonstrates the brand’s superb goldsmith skills, very special emerald shapes, marquise shapes, pear shapes, and even rare hearts. Shaped diamond cutting method, emphasizing the brilliance and color of precious diamonds, transforming the pure lines and unique characteristics of jewelry into eternal boutiques. The Absolute High Jewelry series includes a 45.28-carat full-diamond necklace worth NT$15.4 million, and a matching set worth NT$1790. Wan’s diamond bracelet, with a total weight of 64.33 carats, and a classic legendary diamond ring of 9.89 carats, a heart-shaped ring, earrings and yellow diamond bracelet with stylish yellow diamonds combined with classic white diamonds, fully feel the emotion and history that DAMIANI conveys through each piece of jewelry creation and enthusiasm.

From the birth of film art Belle Epoque Collection

The prestigious Belle Époque Collection under DAMIANI, the top Italian jewelry brand, originated from the great inspiration of a golden age. Because of the outstanding artistic and cultural innovation, coupled with the passionate joy of life, it is hard to resist its uniqueness Historical charm. The Belle Époque meant a new world in which everything was filled with delightful creativity. In Paris at the end of the 19th century, a new form of artistic expression "film" was born. This modern art was ignited like a sparkling firework. At that time, people enjoyed such a gorgeous atmosphere. His studio, drawing such profound imagery into concrete drafts, has since given birth to this glorious and evocative jewelry series.

Because of such inexhaustible creativity, the Belle Époque series is like an assembly of a pair of paintings, praising this vibrant world with continuous pictures. This series uses innovative geometric totems, like the presentation of "moving" art , symbolizing the beauty of early film, the interlaced use of sapphires, rubies or emeralds and diamonds outlines beautiful lines and outlines. Whether it is rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces, all are carefully crafted by experienced goldsmiths in Valenza, Italy, showing their attention to every detail with exquisite craftsmanship. The most special is Belle Époque's best-selling cross necklace, which dynamically shows the preciousness of the Belle Époque. It is composed of two crosses, one of which is cleverly hidden in the other. When the wearer moves, the two The elements of the cross oscillate with it, creating a brilliant interplay that adds to the gem's brilliance.

Based on the classic extension Belle Epoque Reelseries

DAMIANI Belle Epoque Reel。

This series extends the new generation of Belle Époque Reel, which echoes the bright colors of the jewelry series in the early years. At the same time, it is constantly evolving from traditional film and mobile art concepts to design a more modern and intuitive creative concept. The new series reflects the contemporary vitality and spirit of digital film, so the name Reel is based on the inspiration born from traditional film and visual art. The new rings and necklaces are made of 18K white gold, 18K gold and 18K rose gold, and inlaid with the most gorgeous diamonds. Touch the inner ring, and the precious metal ring will rotate like a scroll. The "0" and "1" codes of the era are like YouTube and other social media videos when they rotate, representing the continuous advancement of a new generation. Including rings and necklaces, the new series also includes bracelets and earrings. Such iconic jewelry is especially dedicated to the new generation of trendsetters, energetic people, and boutique lovers who are compatible with new philosophies. The new Belle Époque Reel The collection, a symbol of tradition, craftsmanship, passion and creativity, embodies the finest art of goldsmithing.

When mentioning DAMIANI, people can't help but think of Made in Italy, which is a jewelry brand with 100% Italian pure blood. This belief has also become the focus of brand marketing and publicity recently. The image and text concept come from two Italian traditions. Including the top Italian craftsmanship and the Italian cuisine that is popular all over the world, the image photos convey the ultimate joyful atmosphere through carefully selected exquisite delicacies. DAMIANI invites all consumers who love Italian products to taste Italian Excellence (Taste Italian Excellence). The purpose of such a slogan and copywriting message is to invite distinguished guests to enjoy the extraordinary and excellent style of Italy.

DAMIANI A Taste of Italian ExcellenceTaste Italian Excellence

Breeze Opens New Belle Époque Reel Jewelry Appreciation Event

Date: From December 15th to January 5th Dec. 15, 2022 – Jan. 05, 2023

Location: DAMIANI Breeze Plaza Fuxing 1st Floor - No. 39, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Taipei City

Time: 11:00-21:00

Reservation hotline: 02- 8772-9210


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