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Dare to be different on the road to success STARIA CEO's future flagship business travel 2.098 million new debut

Dare to be different on the road to success, STARIA CEO's future flagship business travel 2.098 million debuts

On the way to success, the future stars who dare to make different choices. HYUNDAI's brand-new future flagship - STARIA, with its futuristic starship shape, high-standard, comfortable and luxurious riding space, and the most abundant intelligent safety technology in its class, as well as its strong product strength, has cast a shocking bomb on the MPV business travel market around the world. General distributor Nanyang Industrial announced today (19th) that STARIA was officially launched in Taiwan. The luxury seven-seater CEO model is priced at $1.988 million for CEO-A and $2.098 million for CEO-B. The nine-seater and eight-seater models are priced at $1.498 million for the nine-seater GLD-A, $1.618 million for the GLD-B, and $1.778 million for the eight-seater GLD-C.

The new generation of future flagship MPV with unique innovative and eye-catching design

HYUNDAI STARIA and its innovative design give a new look to luxury MPV business travel, just like the name is a combination of STAR (star) and RIA (wave). The large-area side window of the line breaks the traditional impression of business travel. The cabin design is based on the perspective of the driver and passengers, creating a 360-degree perspective of the world. The LED daytime running light across the center is designed like a rising star and moon, leading the way. A different path to success. In order to highlight the luxurious texture of the flagship details of the CEO model, the exclusive rose gold honeycomb water tank guard is cleverly combined with the matrix LED headlights. Bright beam-shaped pixel LED taillights. The cabin integrates the concept of flying first class, comfortable sitting and lying, panoramic view, excellent material touch and functional storage. The innovation, dignity and boldness conveyed by HYUNDAI's new generation design vocabulary are exactly the luxury that shows the unique vision of future stars. MPV business travel options.

The exclusive rose gold honeycomb water tank cover is cleverly combined with the matrix LED headlights to perfectly demonstrate the luxurious texture of the flagship of the CEO model.
For the first time in its class, the 10.25-inch digital instrument of SBW electronic transmission and gear shift and the Qi wireless charging stand that is standard on the whole car series create the convenience of passenger driving.

Luxurious design pattern, courtesy and comfortable space for people from all walks of life

The new STARIA luxury business travel space, MPV's compact mechanical structure engine room, maximizes the cabin space for passengers, front-drive chassis design with front MacPherson independent suspension with anti-roll bar, rear multi-link independent suspension with attached The anti-roll bar not only greatly improves the comfort of all occupants, but also makes the rear seat and trunk space more spacious. Breaking through the old business travel framework, STARIA's high-grade driver's seat has a 12-way power seat, the first SBW electronic transmission transmission in its class, an advanced 8AT manual automatic transmission system, a 10.25-inch digital instrument, and Qi wireless charging base, Drive Mode Multiple driving modes, creating the convenience of passenger driving. The equipment of the exclusive courtesy for the peak people in the rear seat is more honorable. The intelligent induction electric sliding doors on both sides, the technology induction automatic opening and closing, the luxurious second row is equipped with dual independent RELAXION zero-gravity electric seats, NAPPA extreme leather covering, with ventilation, The ultimate pressure relief function of heating, four-way leg rest and one-button lying on your back, and equipped with two or three rows of independent constant temperature air conditioners, large double sunroofs, you can enjoy the extreme enjoyment when moving; pragmatically taking into account the needs of commercial multi-person riding and transportation, smart electric The tailgate and the third-row seat long rails are designed to maximize the use of space.

Equipped with dual independent RELAXION zero-gravity electric seats, NAPPA extreme leather upholstery highlights the sense of honor of people in the back seat

A number of leading advanced intelligent security technologies to construct comprehensive mobile protection

Satisfying the importance of safety awareness of the peak people, STARIA luxury business travel is ahead of its peers. The car body is made of high-proportion AHSS advanced high-rigidity steel to create a solid structure, and the brand's advanced technology Hyundai SmartSense is introduced, reaching Level 2 intelligent safety equipment, including SCC intelligent Active distance maintenance system, LFA full speed zone lane keeping assist, LKA lane departure assist system, LDW lane departure warning system, FCA-JT oncoming vehicle collision avoidance assist, FCA forward collision warning and active braking assist, FCW forward collision Warning system, BCA Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist, RCCA Rear Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist, ROA Rear Seat Occupant No Exit Alert and SEA Safe Exit Assist.

In addition, it is equipped with VSM integrated body dynamic management system, RVM reversing development system, SVM surround view image assistance, BVM blind spot image assistance (instrument integration), Auto Hold automatic parking, HAC uphill start, MCB secondary collision pre-brake system, many advanced The same level of safety equipment, giving the most complete peace of mind.

The new HYUNDAI STARIA future flagship is on the market. It combines innovative design, luxury comfort and safety technology advantages. You are invited to visit the designated HYUNDAI bases across the country to appreciate the new STARIA and experience the highly respected new generation of luxury MPV business travel.

number of passengers nine seater nine seater eight-seater seven seater seven seater
official price 1.498 million yuan 1.618 million yuan 1.778 million yuan 1.988 million 2.098 million yuan


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