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Dedicated to those who really know whisky"OLD PERTH", "MAC-TALLA"Scotch whisky international rookie double brand debut!

The weather is getting colder and the Mid-Autumn Festival has passed, and it is time for Taiwan's spirits season to start; this year, the whisky members who are ready to go on the starting line have two new brands full of confidence and charm! Nurtured by Morrison, a well-known whisky family that has been passed down to the fifth generation, it is a blended malt whisky "OLD PERTH" from Perth, an important Scotch whisky town, blended with 100% sherry barrel-aged original wine. The other is the high-quality single malt whisky "MAC-TALLA" selected from the whisky mecca of Islay. The common characteristics of the two brands are "natural wine color without caramel coloring" and "non-chill filtration to show original flavor". The natural and unadded flavor not only makes you feel at ease, but also emerges in the international spirits competition and attracts much attention! This year, it officially joined the fierce competition of Taiwan's whisky industry, and the first wave started with the spirit of "dedicated to those who really understand whisky"!

OLD PERTH"Obers" is a pioneer of sherry barrels, inheriting a century-old blending process to reproduce the classic flavor

"OLD PERTH" was launched in 1908 in Perth, the capital of blended whisky, where many well-known whisky companies and brands were founded. Founder Peter Thomson started as a grocery store and was good at distinguishing the quality of whisky. He collected a large amount of sherry cask whisky at all costs, used a very high proportion of malt whisky, and carefully blended it and sold it in his own grocery store. This move was very rare at the time, and it was different from other grocery stores that mostly focused on bourbon barrels and grain whisky, and it didn't take long to attract attention and lead the trend in the market. But around 1970, Perth became the forgotten whisky city because of its de-ruralization. Until 2014, the well-known Morrisons acquired "OLD PERTH" and built it into a purer premium sherry cask whisky brand. First, the blended whisky is advanced to blended malt (Blended Malt), and the liquor range is locked in the most famous Speyside producing area in Scotland, and only high-quality sherry aged whisky is used for blending, showing Classic flavor from a hundred years ago!

OLD PERTH"Obers" has won consecutive international awards, winning 4 golds and 2 silvers in total, which is highly praised! The advanced rebirth of "OLD PERTH", due to the abundant stock of sherry barrels, insists on using 100% of whisky aged in sherry barrels. It does not need to pass barrels or caramel coloring, and it can present a natural and charming look. Amber wine not only looks pleasing to the eye, but also has a natural and no-added flavor that is more reassuring to taste. In addition, the non-condensation filtration process is adopted to retain the original aromatic esters, alcohols and phenols of the wine, so that the flavor of each mouthful is richer. Since its launch, it has been recognized by international awards in 2021 and 2022, winning a total of 4 golds and 2 silvers, which is highly acclaimed. Taiwan has introduced three core wines this time, namely classic, original cask strength and 12 years old, which will bring consumers a 100% sherry cask whisky experience at an approachable price!

「MAC-SIZE MuttleIslay on the tip of the tongue The culmination of the island's flavor

Scotch whisky is popular all over the world. In recent years, in addition to the four major producing areas of the island, the surrounding islands such as Ellen, Skye, Gila, Maur, Orkney, etc. have also become famous. , but no production area can replace the status of Islay in the hearts of global drinkers, and some people even think that only what is produced here can be called orthodox peat whisky! In 2020, the "Morrison Family", which has been engaged in the whisky industry for five generations, officially launched the new Islay brand "MAC-TALLA". Its uniqueness comes from the relationship between the Morrison family and Islay. From the 1960s to the 1990s, the Morrison family jointly owned Islay's oldest winery, Bowmore (established in 1779), and has been closely linked to Islay ever since. Over the years, the Morrison family has used the good relationship with the wineries on Islay to purchase many high-quality oak barrels for continuous aging. MAC-TALLA means "echo" in Gaelic. The Morrison family hopes to use this brand to break the world's extreme impression of Islay whisky, so that consumers can taste the different flavors and characteristics of Islay , to get a nice sensory echo that echoes the brand name!

「MAC-SIZE MuttleAccumulated in the International Spirits Competition1Money4Silver affirmation, well-known "MAC-TALLA" is the spirit of the soul of the Islay of the Morrison family. They have used their rich cellars accumulated over decades to select the single malt whisky that they think can best express the characteristics of Islay. Listed; also adhere to the natural wine color, no caramel coloring is added, presenting the natural and healthy primary color of whisky, making people feel at ease; non-cold filtration process retains the original aromatic substances (esters, alcohols, phenols) of the wine, and the flavor is bright! Since its launch, it has won 1 gold and 4 silver awards in the international spirits competition, and it is well-known!

"The Queen of Whiskey" Rarely Attends the Platform, Kicks Off the Stage for Dual Brands

In order to make Taiwanese whisky advanced and media friends have a deep understanding of these two new brands, Taiwan's general agent Vitalu Group held a grand launch conference at the North American Fu Hotel, and invited the representative of this cooperation unit: Taiwan's first female double The holder of the ear glass "Keeper of The Quaich" has served as a judge of international spirits competitions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries. Ms. Julie Lee, who is known as the "Queen of Whisky", and Qiu Jianhua, Deputy General Manager of Vitalu Group Mr. Co-hosted the launching ceremony of the brand listing and took a group photo to commemorate this historic moment. Then, Mr. Ellis Liao, founder and chief consultant of Marco Polo Wine Tasting Institute, served as a lecturer, introducing the brand stories of "OLD PERTH" and "MAC-TALLA" to the guests, and led the experts to taste The guests were amazed by the excellent wine quality and delicious flavor of the two brands after drinking the excellent wines. They also look forward to using their influence to "dedicate the two brands to those who really understand whisky"!

■"OLD PERTH" wine information ■



Delicate and elegant sherry sweetness and a hint of spice characterize this classic malt whisky, with dried fruit and honey cloves on the finish.



Bottled at original cask strength, this whisky is full-bodied, delicate and full-bodied. In the mouth, you can feel the powerful ginger flavor and the multi-layered taste of cinnamon spice.



The smooth and smooth taste blends the flavors of candied fruit and marmalade, with a long-lasting sweetness and a long and mild finish.

■"MAC-TALLA" wine information ■

MAC-TALLA Terra Classic Islay Single Malt Whisky

46%ABV 700ml

Barrel: matured in American oak barrels

Wine color: light yellow.

Aroma: Citrus, smoky malt and fresh sea breeze.

Taste: Smoked, sea salt and a clean smoky finish. Definitely a classic of Islay classics and a favorite of all Islay lovers.

MAC-TALLA Mara Cask Strength Islay Single Malt Whisky

58.2%ABV 700ml

Barrel: matured in American oak barrels

Wine color: pale gold.

Aroma: Intense charcoal aroma with a hint of citrus peel.

Palate: Smoky roast, charred oak, long finish. Those who like strong smoky flavors can try it.

MAC-TALLA STRATA 15 YO Islay Single Malt Whisky

46%ABV 700ml

Barrels: Bourbon & Sherry

Wine color: dark golden.

Aroma: Rich aromas of smoky malt and candied fruit. Palate: Dried sherry and winter spice, with a soft aroma. With great balance and rich aromas full of depth, the wine surpasses his vintage.

  • About Morrison Scotch Whisky:

Morrison Scotch Whisky Distillers (MSWD) is run by the Morrisons family. The family's history in the whisky business dates back to the early 19th century and has been passed down for more than five generations. Initially started as a grocery store, and then extended its tentacles to various fields related to whisky, such as brokers, bartenders, bottlers and distillers, and has accumulated rich industry experience and deep industry contacts for a long time.

In 1930, Stanley P. Morrison, a third-generation important man, apprenticed to one of the most prominent whisky brokers of our time: T. William Walker, and married his daughter, Ellie Sabour, two whisky families were married.

In 1951, Stanley Morrison established Stanley P Morrison Ltd, taking over many years of resources accumulated by William Walker on the Isle of Islay, and has handled many important blended whisky transactions. And most importantly, in 1963, he led the group to buy the oldest winery on Islay – Bowmore (founded in 1779), and the Morrison family has been completely linked to Islay since then. In addition to Bowmore, there are Glen Garioch and Auchentoshan.

In 2017, the Morrison family built the "Aberargie Distillery" in the village of Aberargie, about seven kilometers south of Perth; at the end of 2019, the fifth-generation Jamie Moore Jamie Morrison as chairman of the group; in 2020, a new range of whiskies will be released under the name of "The Morrison Scotch Whisky Distilling Company", including "OLD PERTH" blended malt Scotch whisky, and a new Islay Single malt Scotch whisky "MAC-TALLA".

  • About Vitalu Group:

Started in 1956, since its establishment, it has adhered to the corporate philosophy of "excellence, leading innovation" and "contributing famous drinks to creating health", and has continuously launched healthy drinks suitable for reference by the whole people: the first domestic bottle of healthy concept vitamin soda "Vitamin" Lu P, the first can of sports drink "Shu Pao", the first bottle of sugar-free green tea "Royal Tea Garden", the first bottle of "Daily Healthy Green Tea" with 3 national certifications, and the first bottle of 100% Taiwan Four Seasons The aseptic cold-filled special bottle of spring tea leaves "Royal Tea Garden - Taiwan Four Seasons Spring", and developed a series of beverages from it, and thoroughly implemented the corporate philosophy.

At the same time, with the spirit of "taking from the society, and using it for the society", the Vitalu Foundation was established to promote various public welfare activities: the "10,000 People's Walk" and "Shu Run Cup Road Run" held every year to promote national sports. ; Activities of "Harmonious Society", "Protection of Women and Children" and "Decision to Be Happy" initiated by caring about social issues; "New Alkaline People Movement" that advocates the positive energy of the Internet; Actively contribute and give back to the society in response to domestic and foreign disaster relief operations .

In recent years, Vitalu has expanded the concept of "contributing famous drinks", as long as it is a drink that consumers love, it will do its best to meet the demand. Under the long-term focus on the spirits market, in 2022, it will obtain the Taiwan agency rights for the two brands "OLD PERTH" and "MAC-TALLA". "Natural wine color without adding caramel coloring" and "non-chill filtration to retain the original flavor" are consistent with Vitalu's concept of spirits. While pursuing beautiful flavors, it also takes into account the health benefits We hope to dedicate our products to those who truly understand whisky!


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