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Deja vu Urus! Lotus Eletre opens a new chapter in super leisure travel

Lotus Eletre

●Pure electric Hyper-SUV

100kWh battery, front and rear dual motors, 600 horsepower

●Quick charge can run 400km in 20 minutes, and the maximum battery life is 600km

●Made in China, delivery will begin in 2023

The contour lines that seem to be similar, the SUV style that goes with the flow, the new energy issue of pure electric power, and the status of being made in China...However these elements look, they all look like a copycat car and its origin, but this time it takes a lot of time to report I don't intend to carry a sedan chair for a low-level second-generation work, but the above conditions are actually compatible with Dapo Dali's first electric-powered leisure travel Lotus Eletre!

Yes, this car really does look a bit like a Urus

The sharp side profile of the car uses the design technique of blackening the A, B and C pillars, and the suspended roof immediately makes the overall line light and neat.

It will give people such an association, and the root cause still has to be attributed to the design of Lotus Eletre. When I first saw the original photo, I intuitively felt that this outline is too Lamborghini Urus to see it, right? In fact, from the angle of the low, flat and sloping front of the car, you can feel the strong sense of homage. No matter the slender and sharp headlights or the wide and flat central air intake dam, there are also "seems to be seen somewhere." Fortunately, I turned to Lotus Eletre on the side of the car and began to produce its own taste. Using the design method of blackening the A, B, and C pillars, the suspended roof suddenly made the overall lines light and neat. The integrated LED horizontal bar taillights and the rear layout that optimizes the aerodynamic effect are indeed designed to be attractive and delicious. As for the controversial topic of tribute, it can only be said that the competition is like this, not you. Whatever he does.

However, in order to conform to the Hyper-SUV, which is the identity of the super SUV set by the original factory, the body size of 5103 x 2231 (the electronic mirror model is 2,135mm) x 1630mm is deducted, and the body size is 5103 x 2231 (the electronic mirror model is 2,135mm) x 1630mm. Lotus synchronously designed the most advanced active aerodynamics kit in the history of mass-produced recreational vehicles for Eletre, allowing it to freely change the aerodynamic effect of the body like a Hypercar to meet the needs of various types of driving environments, coupled with electronic exterior mirrors, Bringing avant-garde visual sensitivity pointing to the future.

The integrated LED bar taillights and the rear layout that optimizes the aerodynamic effect are still quite attractive and delicious.
The active front air intake dam grille is presented in a triangular combination, with an extremely unique and delicate design.
Electronic exterior mirrors are also one of the reasons for optimizing the aerodynamic effect as much as possible. Conventional exterior mirrors can also be configured according to different market regulations.
The charging hole interface on the right rear fender can also be seen from this picture that the design of the Lotus Eletre's aerodynamic kit is quite complicated and ingenious.

Lightweight spiritual transformation

As we all know, the concept of Lotus' founding is to create a sense of excellent driving control with lightness. Regarding this part, although the current Lotus has been acquired by China's Geely Automobile, the heavy electric SUV pattern makes it impossible for Eletre to be light, but the brand gene cannot be Therefore, in addition to a large number of aluminum alloy body parts, the cockpit also uses a number of stealth methods to deduce the competitive flavor of Hyper-SUV, for example, four independent sports car bucket seats within the 3019mm wheelbase The chair (a five-seat version is also available), which is covered with a wool-blend material that is at least half lighter than traditional leather, plus a center console trim made of recycled carbon fiber material and a man-made fiber fabric on some components. It not only maintains the sporty style of Lotus in the past, but also effectively reduces the weight of components.

In the interface part, Lotus Eletre has not forgotten the mission of the sports car family. Following the road of the brand electric supercar Evija, the driver-oriented settings and the slightly improved center console allow the driver and the car to get better. At the same time, the central 15.1-inch screen has naturally become the source of information entertainment, and there is also a head-up display with AR augmented reality function in front of it to provide driving information. In addition, such as high-end in-vehicle systems, wireless charging cradles, 15 or 23-channel KEF audio systems, and full ADAS advanced driving assistance systems are readily available, such a high-end premium SUV should have, of course, in Lotus Eletre Cannot be absent.

The main design point of the cockpit is driver-oriented, and the slightly raised center console makes the car interface more friendly, and there is no need to excessively divert the line of sight to ensure driving safety.

600 hp pure electric SUV

As the brand and even the world's first electric super SUV, Lotus Eletre uses a battery pack of more than 100kWh and a powerful motor on the front and rear axles to create a powerful output of up to 600 horses. By 3 seconds, through the four-wheel drive system, it not only obtains a more evolved grip effect, but also utilizes the rear axle steering system, active anti-roll bars, active limited-slip differential with pneumatic active suspension and driving. Mode options (a total of four modes: Range, Tour, Sport, Off-Road and Individual) make the Lotus Eletre unparalleled in cornering dynamics. In the energy supplement part, the original factory claims that if the 350kW fast charging mechanism can add 400km of driving distance in just 20 minutes, under the fully charged state, the total cruising range of the WLTP specification can reach 600km, which corresponds to the current electric vehicle performance. class level.

Loaded with 285/35 size 23-inch giant running tires, the Lotus Eletre is filled with a strong fighting atmosphere.

After the integration into the Geely Automobile Group, with the successive discontinuation of Elise, Exige and Evara, there was indeed a time when even the author could not help but feel a cold sweat for the future of Lotus, but from the electric supercar Evija to the mid-mounted pure car After Emira's subsequent publication, we began to feel the parent group's concern for this British sports car family. Compared with the previous public, the current state is actually better for Lotus. Once the electric super recreational vehicle Eletre is published again , the positioning of the top sports car brand in the group has been established since then. Although the new factory in Wuhan, China will be put into production and the car will be officially delivered later in 2023, for the sake of still being designed by the British team, it will be a brand restarting and spreading its wings. The origin is not surprising at all.

Lotus Eletre will be manufactured in Wuhan, China, and will be delivered to global car owners in 2023. As for Taiwan, it should not be able to be introduced due to regulations.

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