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Deyi Flash strongly calls on lightning fans to support! 2022 OPEL MOKKA & MOKKA-e All-Taiwan Tour Preview Show will be held all over Taiwan

  • Opel's first large-scale tour preview event in Taiwan is about to start in November.
  • Mokka / Mokka-e debuted for the first time in close contact with Taiwanese consumers.
  • Opel official website and Opel official Facebook fan page for inquiries and reservations

OPEL Taiwan's general agent, Ogi Motors, has launched a series of highly anticipated marketing plans since its official brand presentation on October 6 to announce its return to the Taiwanese auto market, and today announced the Opel brand's first large-scale event in Taiwan."2022 OPEL Deyi MOKKA & MOKKA-e Tour Preview", will continue to run hot on weekends and holidays from 11/12! The first preview event will be held on 11/12-11/13 Taipei Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Park, and will be moved to Taichung (11/19-11/20), Tainan, Kaohsiung (12/03-12/ 04) and Taoyuan (12/10-12/11) to meet the long-awaited car fans in central and southern China, and this whole Taiwan tour preview event is expected to be the first wave of heavyweight cars that will be introduced to Taiwan by the end of the year – brand new Generations of Mokka / Mokka-e leaders are in close contact with Taiwanese consumers. Oji Motors, the general agent of OPEL Taiwan, invites iron fans who love German Lightning not to miss it!

2022 OpelDeyi shines MOKKA & MOKKA-e Tour Preview"At the event site, this time, it will be constructed with three elements, such as light, neon and color, to create a young and cool image and confident attitude that the Opel brand emphasizes, allowing consumers to feel the momentum of Opel's strong return, and through the large-scale colorful The visual, sound and light effects of colors create a dynamic, charming and vibrant atmosphere for the new generation of Mokka / Mokka-e, presenting a bold and pure product positioning.

Due to the large number of people who appreciate cars on weekends, which may cause queues to wait, car fans and friends who love the Opel brand are welcome to make an appointment on the official website of Opel Taiwan. Enjoy a comfortable car viewing experience and a chance to receive limited-edition Opel brand gifts.

Wang Tenghan, chairman of OPEL Taiwan's general agent Ouji Motors, said: "We attach great importance to this tour preview, because Opel is like a familiar old friend who reunites with Taiwanese consumers after many years of delinquency; We hope that through this unique preview event, we will bring you a brand-new brand concept of "Opel German Energy." experience!"

Opel launched a new design car Mokka in 2020, and Mokka has been loved by consumers so far, and won the 2021 "Best Design Car of the Year" issued by Top Gear in 2021; Opel Mokka-e passed through Germany in 2021 It was selected as the best entry-level car model under the strict review standards of the media, and won the highest award, the Golden Steering Wheel Award.

OPELLightning Iron Powder Stand Out limitedVIPPre-reward qualifications are being recruitedIn order to let the fans who love the Opel brand get a sneak peek, OPEL Taiwan's general agent, Oji Motors, specially held the lucky draw event "Opel Fans Stand Limited VIP Pre-reward Qualifications" on the Facebook community platform. Consumers only need to complete the Opel The designated task of the Facebook official fan group's exclusive event post is to have the opportunity to get an invitation letter for the Opel Mokka & Mokka-e VIP preview event that will debut at the Huashan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei on 11/11 (Fri), and be the first to experience the new generation of Opel in Taiwan. Germany's bold and pure charm! For more details of the event, please refer to the Opel Taiwan FB fan page: and the official Opel website:

2022 OPELDeyi shines MOKKA & MOKKA-e Tour preview"Event Schedule

date Place time
11/11(Fri) VIP Preview Session Taipei (Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Park) 10:30-18:30
11/12(Sat) – 11/13(Sun) Taipei (Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Park) 10:30-18:30
11/19(Sat) – 11/20(Sun) Taichung (Lihpao Outlet) 10:30-18:30
12/03(Sat) – 12/04(Sun) Tainan (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology) 09:00-17:00
12/03(Sat) – 12/04(Sun) Kaohsiung (Han God Arena) 10:30-18:30
12/10(Sat) – 12/11(Sun) Taoyuan (Taimao Shopping Center) 11:00-18:30


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