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Deyi's flagship is coming again, 280ps powerful kinetic energy stimulates Mercedes-Benz's desire The Arteon 430 TSI R-Line Performance beautiful real car arrives in Hong Kong

  • The 2022-style The Arteon 430 TSI R-Line Performance dual model officially arrived in Taiwan this month, equipped with the new 2.0-liter EA888 evo4 power core, with a maximum horsepower of 280ps and a peak torque of 40.8kg/m, with 4MOTION active intelligent four-wheel drive system , showing the extraordinary charm of the flagship running style, which is close to the ultimate performance car of the R series.
  • Taiwan Volkswagen continues to provide a variety of car purchase plans for the entire car series. For The Arteon 330 TSI models licensed this month, they can enjoy the 2022 license tax/fuel tax preferential car purchase plan. At the same time, depending on the car model, you can enjoy a maximum of NT$5 10,000 yuan replacement car subsidy.

The 2022-style The Arteon 430 TSI R-Line Performance two models have officially arrived in Hong Kong, including the four-door coupe Fastback and the five-door Shooting Brake, with a new 2.0-liter EA888 evo4 power system, the maximum horsepower can reach 280ps, and the maximum torque has evolved to 40.8kg/m, showing the perfect strength of 0-100km/h acceleration in only 5.5 seconds, and its excellent performance is almost the ultimate R performance car. In addition, Volkswagen Taiwan continues to provide a variety of car purchase solutions for the entire car series. The Arteon 330 TSI model licensed this month can enjoy the license tax/fuel tax reduction in 2022. At the same time, according to different models, Volkswagen owners can get up to 50,000 yuan. Yuan's old-for-new subsidy discount.

The Arteon 430 TSI model brings abundant power. It adopts a 2.0-liter EA888 evo4 power system, an inline four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine, and a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission with a maximum horsepower of 280ps. Compared with the 380 TSI model, the maximum torque has increased by 14%, from 35.7kg/m to 40.8kg/m, and the 0-100km/h acceleration takes only 5.5 seconds. The strong power performance is no less than that of the R performance model. In addition, the standard 4MOTION active intelligent four-wheel drive system, and the DCC active chassis control system configured on top models, also provide 15 individual damping settings, supplemented by the Progressive Steering dynamic gear ratio steering assist system, to accurately car body Dynamic, stable driving quality and neat driving experience perfectly interpret the top driving experience.

The Arteon 430 TSI model's 3D grille-style water tank guard is centered on the Volkswagen emblem, extending two chrome trim strips, and integrated with high-quality LED dual headlights, and the standard IQ. LIGHT smart light group can be seen through The DLA dynamic headlight automatic switching function allows the high beams to be partially dynamically shielded, avoiding the glare of the preceding vehicle and the oncoming vehicle, and providing the best lighting sight distance for driving. In addition, it is equipped with R-Line exclusive appearance package, which provides excellent driving visibility and abundant light through the large-sized electric glass sunroof.

Taiwan Volkswagen is committed to providing intuitive driving pleasure. The Arteon 430 TSI model has a modern digital cockpit design, with a new-generation touch-sensitive steering wheel, leather gear lever and 30-color cabin ambient lighting, which perfectly creates a refined texture. In the interior, The Arteon 430 TSI model is equipped with exclusive Black Carbon trim, R-Line exclusive sports black roof, Nappa Carbon carbon fiber grain leather sports car seats and touch-sensitive rear seat electronic climate control panel, taste and comfort The combined cockpit brings a great enjoyment to driving. In addition, the cabin comes standard with Harman Kardon surround sound, 12 high-fidelity speakers with a total output of up to 700 watts, immersing all passengers in the audio feast of The Arteon 430 TSI model.

In July, the preferential purchase plan for various car models of Taiwan Volkswagen is being implemented simultaneously. The Arteon 330 TSI model licensed this month will be exempted from the license tax/fuel tax in 2022. In addition, according to different models, Volkswagen owners can enjoy up to 50,000 yuan subsidy for the purchase of a new car, please contact the authorized dealers in Taiwan for relevant details.

2022 The Arteon 430 TSI R-Line Performance Official Price

car model Suggested selling price in New Taiwan Dollars
22 年式 The Arteon Fastback 430 TSI R-Line Performance $2,058,000
22 年式 The Arteon Shooting Brake 430 TSI R-Line Performance $2,138,000

(**Delivery date varies by model, please contact Taiwan Volkswagen authorized dealer for details)


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