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Diageo's 2022 limited edition original wine selection series"ELUSIVE EXPRESSIONS Endless Legend 2" Myth ReappearanceA new fantasy story to explore the history of rare flavors in legendary wineries

Diageo's 2022 limited original wine selection series "Elusive Expressions Endless Legend 2" mythology reappears.

Diageo, the world's largest spirits group, owns the most Scotch single malt whiskey distilleries. Therefore, since 2001, Diageo has selected the most distinctive distilleries from 29 distilleries each year through the precise vision of the chief bartender. The characteristic and highest quality winery, and launched the "Special Releases Annual Limited Selection Series" in a limited manner, bottled with non-chill-filtered and original barrel strength (Cask Strength), not only can retain The unique wine body characteristics of the distillery perfectly demonstrate Diageo's profound heritage in single malt whiskey. The wine has also become a rare and dreamy product that whiskey collectors are most looking forward to.

Continuing the mysterious theme of Endless Legend in 2021 and the special packaging design of the winery, this year, chief bartender Craig Wilson and well-known artist Ken Taylor jointly created a new chapter "Special Releases 2022 Limited Collection Series Endless Legend 2". Dr. Craig Wilson, through his familiarity with the historical process of each distillery and the barreling process of whiskey, selected 8 wines, ranging from the rare brews of legendary distilleries to the extraordinary and bold works of well-known distilleries, for collectors and connoisseurs It provides a great opportunity to taste rare wines. The composition of the eight wines includes Talisker, The Singleton Of Glen Ord, Mortlach, Lagavulin, Oban, Cardhu, Clynelish, and Cameronbridge, which was collected in the annual limited selection series for the first time, and cooperated with Ken Taylor again to endow the wines with artistic creation A brand new fantasy story, combined with mysterious wild animals, leads whiskey fans to explore the rare flavor map of the legendary distillery, creating an unprecedented visual and taste feast.

"Special Releases 2022 Limited Selection Series Endless Legend 2" will be launched in February next year. It will gather the highest quality and rare wines from top wineries, get a glimpse of the excellent taste of the chief bartender, and explore the secrets of the mysterious winery. Fantastic stories provide collectors and connoisseurs with a great opportunity to taste modern rare wines.If you want to know more about the brand and channel sales information, please contact the honorable service hotline 0800-005-188 or visit

TALISKERTesca11single malt whiskey limited original wine - deep sea light

The ocean tide struck with unnatural force, and a luminous divine creature emerged from the darkest depths, flooding the darkness of the deep sea with its enchanting radiance. As the stormy tide hits the Talisker distillery, it brings new color to the classic Talisker flavor, with bright spiced sweetness coming from lightly peated bourbon casks.

Cask Information: American Bourbon First Fill, Second Fill
Alcohol concentration: 55.1%
Suggested price: NT$3,700/ 700ml

Color: Full golden yellow color.
Aroma: Classic Talisker ocean flavor, with a hint of spicy flavor, the first impression is the beach campfire of dried seaweed, and the deeper layer is the salty ocean scent mixed in fresh dry linen, all the smells are perfectly integrated.
Body: Medium.
Taste: The texture is smooth and oily, the taste is sweet, and the smoky and spicy notes have obvious fruit tones, reminiscent of orchards filled with smoke and ocean. On the palate, a delicately balanced saltiness transforms the spice into a chili pepper with character. Add a drop of water to help the sweet fruity and salty aromas blend perfectly.
Finish: Long, persistent light smokiness with hints of warm spice.

THE SINGLETON OF GLEN ORDSugden15single malt whiskey limited original wine  - solstice witch

Legend has it that a powerful and charming witch lived deep in the emerald caves of the Alder River. When the winter solstice came, she would gaze at the river with diamond-like eyes and turn the water into rich ruby ​​wine. As it flows through the Scotchton Distillery, the magic of the water gives the distillery a sweet and charming character. After eight years of quenching in red wine barrels, the perfect fusion of sweet red fruit aroma and charming spices is full of seductive magic.

Barrel Information: Matured in refilled American and European oak barrels, and then re-aged in oak barrels of red wine barrels
Alcohol concentration: 54.2%
Suggested price: NT$4,000/ 700ml

Color: Calm bright amber color.
Aroma: Soft wine-like aroma at first impression, with spicy, woody notes of oak dust and beech. Red fruit aromas and seductive notes of creamy vanilla spread throughout, with a hint of wax. Adding a drop of water makes the aroma softer and more relaxing.
Body: Medium.
Taste: Creamy texture, melts in the mouth with a bright and rich palate; attractive malt sweetness mixed with savory sensuality, with gooseberry and crisp grape notes. When the taste of the wine fades away, the acidity also decreases, but the spicy flavor is still retained, and the accompanying sweetness still exists in the taste buds.
End rhyme: The end rhyme is long, the taste is not sweet, and the peppery smell is lingering. After adding water, the sweetness is more obvious, and the smell of fondant can be felt in the aftertaste.

MORTLACH Moore single malt whiskey limited original wine - Blood Moon Night Owl

The legend is unraveled in Fateful Night, when the moon turns blood red in the sky and mysterious alchemy begins. Under the blood-red light, the beast of Dufftown transformed into the night sky and flew towards the blood-red moon. After barreling in new oak barrels, tawny port wine barrels and red muscat wine barrels, the deep amber liquor exudes ruby-like light. Intense wine and sweet grape aroma intertwined with Muhe's unique meaty taste. Intense, bright and sweet fruit aromas combined with delicious ginger, deep and rich.

Cask Info: Refill American Oak, New Oak, Tawny Port, and Muscat Casks
Alcohol concentration: 57.8%

Suggested price: NT$8,400/ 700ml

Colour: Ruby-yellow gold.
Aroma: Intensely savory, with a rich aroma reminiscent of Cassoulet, a French dish of white beans, tomato, pepperoni and crispy pork belly. Fascinating aromas of grape and red wine intertwined with meaty, mineral flavors that develop over time. Adding a little water can reduce the spicy aroma and bring out a more mellow fruity aroma like the sweetness of red wine.
Body: Medium to full-bodied.
Taste: Full-bodied and smooth, the deep and intense taste comes from sweet fruit rather than fat, and new oak barrels give the wine a spicy flavor. Majestic, rich in layers, ginger brings out the spicy flavor. A little water creates a deliciously harmonious and intense combination of fruit and black pepper spice.
Final rhyme: long and impressive, full of power, fruity and perfect harmony of black pepper, you can gradually feel the spicy aroma as if the warm light spreads in the palate. Adding a drop of water adds some acidity.

LAGAVULIN 12 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey Limited Original Wine- Phoenix Fire

A ray of sunlight fell from the sky and ignited the earth. After the fire died down, the scorched earth was shrouded in thick smoke. Suddenly, honey-gold and crimson feathers gleaming from the ashes, a regal phoenix soars on wings of fire, imbuing Lagavulin with mystical power. The most intense wine from new oak barrels and the most smoky flavors. Starting with a smooth and oily feeling, it exudes a sweet and rich aroma, then lemon citrus and sea salt add a touch of freshness, and then the spicy aroma sweeps in, and the smoky intensity continues to increase. It is definitely the representative of Lagavulin's peat smoke.
Barrel Information: Heavy Peat Secondary American Oak Barrels and New Oak Barrels
Alcohol concentration: 57.3%

Suggested price: NT$4,500/ 700ml

Colour: Shiny golden yellow.
Aroma: At first, you can feel the strong smoky flavor that is not sweet. The first flavor is the obvious charcoal flavor and peaty aroma, followed by the clean and fresh base tone, bringing out the ocean flavor and mineral flavor.
Body: Medium.
Taste: Smooth and slightly oily, so sweet and full-bodied. Starting with sweetness, followed by gradually obvious citric acidity and a little sea salt to bring out a sense of freshness. In the middle, you can feel a stronger sense of salty smoke. Adding a small amount of water will make it more mellow and sweet, but the protagonist is still smoky.
Finish: Long with strong peaty smoke, spice and strong smoke echo beautifully in the aftertaste.

CAMERONBRIDGECameron Bridge 26single grain whiskey limited original wine - triumphant knight

The valiant knights were victorious in a fierce battle that lasted 26 years. Raise the flag high, and return triumphantly across the Ore River, where flowing azure ribbons dissolve, turning the water a luscious silky gold. The majestic Cameron Bridge Winery was born. According to legend, every 26 years, the golden river water will inject mysterious light into the wine barrels. The noble and delicate wine glistens in the sun and is as smooth as satin. The wonderful aroma exudes a hint of spicy, salty aroma mixed with toffee and fine oak aroma, which symbolizes the royal spirit of nobility and wealth.

Cask Information: Refill American Oak Barrels
Alcohol concentration: 56.2%
Suggested price: NT$9,200/ 700ml

Colour: Amber with golden shimmers.
Aroma: Grainy and sweet, reminiscent of ripe tropical mango, papaya and peas. Then you can feel a little spice with toffee and a touch of oak. Adding a drop of water brings out the cinnamon bun and sea salt caramel flavors, which fade to a tantalizing beeswax aroma.
Body: Medium.
Taste: The texture is silky and smooth, with a rich butterscotch sweetness, mixed with a mellow toffee aroma. The middle palate presents harmoniously balanced spicy, oaky notes. Adding water softens the honey-like sweetness into a creamy smooth Swiss milk chocolate with a hint of salt. You can feel the sweetness in the mild and spicy fragrance.
Finish: Short but intense, with a rather warm chilli spice. Adding water makes it sweet and less spicy.

OBAN 10 Years Old Single Malt Whiskey Limited Original Wine - Aurora Angel

A mysterious light appeared in the night sky in Oban. A spiritual hare roams among the stars and turns into an aurora to illuminate the night sky. Vivid hues like plums and blackberries infuse Auburn with a rare and extraordinary sweetness. Matured in secondary casks and new American oak casks, then re-aged in sherry casks and Amontillado sherry casks, bringing out mild sea salt and ocean flavors. A creamy texture with sweet plums and plums, perfectly balanced with vibrant sea salt and spices, finished with a paprika finish. The rich and mellow sweetness flows in the light smoke and salt, the otherworldly Auburn flavor.

Cask information: Secondary aging in new American oak barrels, then secondary aging in Amontillado sherry barrels
Alcohol concentration: 57.1%
Suggested price: NT$3,500/ 700ml

Shade: Ethereal pale gold.
Aroma: It smells mild. The initial top notes are faint, but gradually become clear, full of salt crystals, seaweed and fresh ocean notes. What follows is a fairly faint smokiness, with cotton wool and a touch of olive oil, and a hint of lemon citrus fruit.
Body: Medium.
Palate: The texture is creamy and smooth, while the nose of maraschino fruit is bright, with hints of sweet violets and plums. The mid-palate begins with a salty aroma, while the fruity aroma is perfectly balanced by the spicy aroma, followed by the fiery chili. Adding a little water softens the flavor and moderates the spiciness without changing the overall balance.
Finish: A rather long and surprising peppery aroma, leaving a smooth peppery spicy aroma in the ocean.

cardhu Kadu 16single malt whiskey limited original wine - Yaoyan Wonderland

According to legend, the ancient black rocks of Kadu gave out earth-shattering cracks, and a huge warm current gushed out, transforming into a tropical paradise. Aromas of passionflower and pineapple dance in the breeze, making Kadu uniquely exotic. Finished with Jamaican rum casks, a vibrant tropical sweetness is revived. Intriguing sweetness of grapefruit and ripe mango aromas, smooth rum toffee, refreshing tropical pineapple and green banana. Exudes a strong aroma, as if in a fairyland.

Barrel information: Matured in double and reburned American oak barrels, moistened by Jamaican pot distillation rum barrels
Alcohol concentration: 58%
Suggested price: NT$5,400/ 700ml

Color: Clear golden yellow.
Aroma: It smells mild. The initial top notes are faint, but gradually become clear, full of salt crystals, seaweed and fresh ocean notes. What follows is a fairly faint smokiness, with cotton wool and a touch of olive oil, and a hint of lemon citrus fruit.
Body: Refreshing to medium.
Taste: Sweet and creamy smooth and full-bodied. Underneath the fruity and malty sweetness is rum toffee, exotic spiced pineapple and green banana, alluring spicy, crisp, clean oak. A small amount of water brings out a more pleasing and smooth texture, and maintains a strong peppery aroma.

CLYNELISHCryny niche12single malt whiskey limited original wine - Golden Eyed Leopard Cat

Legend has it that an epic blizzard once hit Kriniliki, and rare wine barrels were jeopardized by the cold. Until the sacred wild cat appeared, through the golden eyes full of magic, wrapped the wine barrel with a magical warm cocoon, and the reborn oak was endowed with a rare and spicy fragrance. Like magical golden eyes, this original wine reveals a spicy side amid bright fruity aromas and a waxy texture. Full-bodied with layers of complex fruit, vanilla and deep oak spice. Long re-aged in Pedro Ximenez/Oloroso sherry casks, this is a smooth, intensely aromatic wine with peppery spice that is as rare and elusive as its mysterious keeper.

Barrel information: Second-fill American oak barrels, second-aged in PX/Oloroso sherry barrels
Alcohol concentration: 58.5%

Suggested price: NT$5,800/ 700ml

Colour: Sunny bright golden yellow.
Aroma: Creamy top notes disappear quickly, followed by refreshing but complex fruity and herbaceous aromas; hints of fruit filling, pear, even heather nectar. A deeper layer is the spicy aroma of oak, which can be felt gradually obvious on the taste buds. Adding a drop of water adds an herbaceous note while also bringing out the familiar waxy note.
Body: Medium.
Taste: The palate is quite smooth, with a bright and full-bodied, wine-like sweetness, strong pepper and oak spices complement each other. Adding a little water adds sweetness, turns the smooth texture to waxy, and rounds out the flavor, but quickly returns to spicy.
Finish: Long, chili-spicy and lingering peppery notes. Adding a little water intensifies the creamy smooth texture and adds a spicy flavor.


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