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Diageo's pinnacle of the year, the third chapter of the PRIMA & ULTIMA ultra-luxury original wine seriesA Moment in TimeI would like to present 8 rare wines Brora and Port Ellen debut together for the first time The brand's top collectors and masters gather Share the extravagant feast

Taiwan is the world's most iconic whisky consumption market. With the increase in the number of whisky drinkers, Taiwanese people's taste of single malt whisky is no longer just a display of the taste and personality of successful people, but also developed a rare and rare whisky. Whiskey is regarded as an art-like collection trend, and among them, Diageo’s rare vintage wines, which have long been regarded as a must-have list by the world’s top collectors, have been attracting attention. Following the launch of the global limited edition Prima & Ultima original wine series in 2020 and 2021, which have won the favor of global whisky connoisseurs, Diageo will launch the third chapter of the Prima & Ultima original wine series again this year. There are only 317 sets in the world, and it includes The rare wines of two of Diageo's most famous legendary wineries, Brora and Port Ellen, have caused heated discussions and expectations of collectors around the world before their launch. The always low-key Diageo Rare & Exceptional team invited the brand’s top collectors to gather with whisky masters – Lin Yifeng and Ravenel’s Vice President Tang Weiyi, at the launch of the third chapter of Prima & Ultima’s extravagant original wine series. The first extremely luxurious original wine tasting feast in Taiwan.

The head bartender, Craig Wilson, took over and continued the persistence of the craftsmanship spirit of the two well-known bartenders, Maureen Robinson and Jim Beveridge, and selected 8 rare high-age whiskies to show the luxury bartending craftsmanship, Prima & Ultima extremely luxurious The third chapter of the original wine series, with the theme of "A Moment in Time," celebrates the most significant moments of each winery. With Head Bartender Craig Wilson's familiarity with Diageo's distilleries, you can learn from popular distilleries: Talisker, The Singleton of Glen Ord, Lagavulin, Port Ellen and Brora, as well as a selection of three first-timers Featured distilleries: A selection of top whiskies from Cragganmore, Royal Lochnagar and Mannochmore, offering collectors the opportunity to explore the 'first' and 'last' luxury limited-edition creations.

"Buy a bottle of whisky you don't drink"! ?Rare whisky becomes the fastest growing luxury investment target

Recently, the whisky drinking culture from Taiwan to the world has gradually become more refined. Brands have successively launched limited-edition high-age or rare whisky, so that whisky is no longer a pure alcoholic drink, but a top luxury with collection and investment value. According to the data of the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) report in the fourth quarter of 2021 conducted by the well-known British consulting firm Knight Frank, the overall increase of 428% in the past ten years is the fastest in the past ten years. of luxury.

This time, the Diageo Rare & Exceptional team specially arranged whisky masters – Lin Yifeng, and Tang Weiyi, deputy general manager of the Liquor Collection Department of Ravenel Art Group, to participate in the first extremely luxurious original wine tasting feast together with the whisky connoisseurs. Through tasting and communication, we can get a glimpse of what is worth paying attention to in whisky collection and investment selection. During the conversation, Lin Yifeng said: "The rare whisky that constitutes the investment target must meet the two elements of 'extreme volume' and 'high age', and Diageo Prima & Ultima are extremely luxurious original wines, regardless of the choice of distillery and vintage. It is the perfect choice to choose one out of ten million, and it is definitely the most unique target in the investment market.” Tang Weiyi said: “In recent years, the price of whisky auctions has increased significantly, especially rare or even disappeared. The spirits produced by the distillery of the brand will add to the dreaminess of the whisky auction. This time, the third chapter of Prima & Ultima ultra-luxury original wine, Port Ellen and Brora appear at the same time, I believe it will arouse a huge response in the whisky investment market.”

(From left) Tang Weiyi, Vice President of Ravenel Liquor Department, Whisky Master Lin Yifeng, and Diageo Brand Ambassador Alex Huang Yuli tasting the third chapter of the Prima & Ultima series

The Diageo Prima & Ultima range of ultra-luxurious original wines is more exciting from generation to generation, attracting many collectors to snap up, just to see the ultimate charm of the limited-edition top wines. With the opening of the third chapter of this year, many world-class collectors are eager to try and inquire about the global listing information, and at the Sotheby's auction in London in June this year, Port Ellen and Brora appeared together, Diageo two barrels of Brora 1982 As well as the rare wine barrels of Port Ellen 1979, it attracted a lot of attention. Finally, it was auctioned at a price of 850,000 pounds and nearly NT$30 million, which immediately caused heated discussions in the market.

head bartenderCraig WilsonGrand work!Featured1980yearPort EllenThe Queen's Last Blessing

Head bartender Craig Wilson has been the driving force behind the re-creation of wines from two of the group's legendary wineries, Brora and Port Ellen in recent years, drawing on the rich experience of the first two well-known bartenders, Maureen Robinson and Jim Beveridge, to understand the history of each winery The process, familiar with the whisky flavor and barrel selection process, and brought an amazing series of works. In the third chapter of this Prima&Ultima ultra-luxury original wine series, rare 1981 Brora single malt whisky and 1980 Port Ellen single malt whisky are added for the first time. This rare 1981 Brora single malt is the last cask of the vintage and showcases the rarest Brora whisky ever produced by the bartender; the equally prized 1980 Port Ellen single malt, Craig Wilson said: "For the sake of To congratulate the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee, I have selected the last cask of Port Ellen, 1980, which was cask the year the Queen visited the distillery.” However, with the death of the Queen of England, this barrel of Port Ellen will be even more sound.

Diageo presents the third chapter in its Prima & Ultima collection in October, offering whisky connoisseurs and collectors every single malt whisky of great flavour and meaning. Anyone who purchases Prima & Ultima's ultra-luxurious original wine series can become Diageo Rare & Exceptional's exceptional and rare VIP. Not only can they enjoy the services of whisky experts, but also the right to purchase top-limited whisky. The third chapter of Prima & Ultima's extravagant original wine series is limited to 317 sets worldwide, and 45 sets are released in Taiwan, each priced at NT$1.24 million. To learn about Chapter 3 of the Prima & Ultima Collection, please contact the Prestige Service Line at 0800-030-588.


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