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Do men and women really have "pure friendship"? Netizens think that the key is "this point"!

"He's my best friend", "She's just my godsister"... These dialogues not only appear in TV dramas, but also the personal experience of many people. Relationships are usually established through mutual appreciation, but can this appreciation be sustained as pure friendship, or will it inevitably develop into an ambiguous relationship?

"Social Lab Community Lab" uses the "OpView Community Word-of-Mouth Database" to track the online performance of the topic of "pure friendship between men and women" in the past three months. Anti-hot focus, discussion volume and opinions.

maintain"Pure friendship" is difficult because relationships are easily driven by "favorable feelings"

Observing netizens' opinions on whether there is pure friendship between men and women, it can be found that netizens who "believe in pure friendship" advocate that "as long as the other party is not their ideal type, pure friendship is possible", such as netizens sharing "both sides must have each other." A trait that can never be accepted in mate selection", "I think there is a pure friendship, if the other person's appearance is not the type he likes, it will be a pure friendship." This means that in the face of external conditions and personality traits that do not meet the standard of mate selection, It is possible to develop pure friendship.

In addition, some netizens believe that "to know each other too well will be pure friendship", such as "friends are very handsome, but they are too familiar so they have no idea", "to me, each other is really more like brothers and sisters, I can't imagine it. The relationship looks like", with the increase of understanding time, the relationship between each other becomes more and more familiar, but the sense of mystery is less, and the possibility of ambiguity is reduced.

On the other hand, looking at the arguments of netizens who "do not believe in pure friendship", it can be found that many people think that "pure friendship is impossible, at least one party must have a good impression", and that the beginning of every friendship relationship must be due to one party's contribution. Netizens also pointed out "Many people love to say that they believe in pure friendship, but in fact the other person obviously has a good impression and is clearly a tool person!" Those who often say "believe in pure friendship" are mostly secretly in love, pursued without knowing it, or deliberately Play stupid.

On the other hand, some netizens believe that "love over time" is the key to the impossibility of pure friendship. For example, netizens who tend to associate with acquaintances said, "You must know this person for more than a year, and if you feel you know him well, you may have a good impression." He added, "So pure friendship may become ambiguous later." Because they want to keep in touch with friends Usually has excellent characteristics, and may become emotional with him if you are not careful. In contrast, it is more difficult to maintain pure friendship.

Do you think it is possible to have pure friendship between a man and a woman? Both viewpoints are actually justified, regardless of whether they are good or bad. No matter which point of view you believe, don’t forget to grasp the moment and cherish the people in front of you!


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