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Dreamy Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

●Co-designed and developed with the movie "Avatar"

●Emphasis on the perfect three-way interaction of car, driving and environment

●Using graphene organic chemical battery technology, with a range of 700 kilometers

●Domestic appearance time: February 19, 2022

In order to emphasize the brand vision that Mercedes-Benz, as the inventor of the automobile, has been leading the development of the automobile industry with innovative technology for more than 135 years, and will vigorously move towards electrification in the future, Taiwan Mercedes-Benz specially strives for the original manufacturer IAA Mobility (original name) last year. The heavyweight electric concept car Vision AVTR unveiled for the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held in Munich in 2021) was airlifted to Taiwan for display. At the same time, to echo the design inspiration of the concept car from the movie "Avatar", the industry will be located in the Mercedes of Bellavita Polaroid Plaza B1. -Benz Space extends upward to the atrium on the first floor, creating a beautiful and high indoor artificial waterfall, and is open for appointments from February 19th to March 6th, allowing more people to experience the brand's imagination of the future.

Create a new species

Different from the general concept cars that mostly focus on the future design style or technological development direction, the Vision AVTR electric concept car jointly designed by Mercedes-Benz and the movie "Avatar" is inspired by the design inspiration of growing up on the planet Pandora, attaching importance to and nature. Harmonious coexistence of Na'vi people, the whole car design concept is locked in the concept of sustainability and bionics. In addition to the overall transparent and smooth appearance, the car door is also made of a whole piece of glass material. Combined with the pulsating light source lighting of LED lights covering the body, it can be more easily to interact with the external environment. In addition, there are 33 bionic scales with solar panel function on the rear of the car, which is a major feature of the Vision AVTR's appearance. Through dynamic changes such as lights of different colors and intensities, or opening and closing like a breathing hole, it can be clearly seen. Convey vehicle status changes and bring a very vibrant visual experience.

The Vision AVTR has a transparent and sleek appearance and is illuminated by a pulsating light source covered with LED lights. It looks like a futuristic technology vehicle that travels through time and space.

Under the very eye-catching exterior appearance, the innovative tire design like a sphere is also worthy of attention. This design can not only meet the driving needs of current vehicles such as straight driving and turning, but also achieve "crab-style" lateral driving with a side shift of nearly 30 degrees. At the same time, the driving interface completely breaks the traditional thinking of steering wheel and accelerator/brake pedal. The circular control center of the center armrest connects the driver and the vehicle, and the vehicle can be directly controlled to move freely through the control center. Various designs make the concept car break away from a simple mobile tool and become more like a partner traveling with the driver, just like Gorden Wagener, chief design officer of Mercedes-Benz, said that the Vision AVTR is not about creating a car, but a new species with vitality.

The rear of the car adopts an extremely eye-catching design of 33 bionic scales. In addition to the function of solar panels, it can also interact with the outside world through various dynamic changes.

Luxury Sustainability Concept

The driving interface is constructed in 3D in the interior of the car, and the T-shaped console, which is almost entirely displayed on a large screen, can also create a more complete immersive experience. When the driver puts his hand on the circular control center of the center armrest, the biometric identification After the human-machine connection, the heartbeat sound synchronized with the driver will be emitted through the sound and seat vibration, realizing the true integration of human and vehicle. In order to demonstrate the spirit of environmental sustainability, the seats in the car are made of Dinamica vegan leather, the floor is made from Karuun (a fast-growing Indonesian rattan), the cabin is covered with fabric recycled from marine waste, and various other parts are also used. They try to use recyclable materials as much as possible, echoing the design concept of coexistence with the environment.

The circular control center located in the center armrest is not only a bridge for communication between people and vehicles, but also can replace the steering wheel to control the direction of the vehicle.
The cockpit adopts a 2+2 independent four-seater configuration, and uses a lot of sustainable materials such as Dinamica vegan leather, Karuun Indonesian rattan and fabrics recycled from marine waste.
The T-type console is almost entirely used as a digital display, and the occupants can operate various functions through the projection menu only by raising their hands.

In addition, in the power part, the Vision AVTR electric concept car uses 100% recyclable graphene organic chemical battery technology for the first time, no longer depends on oil, and completely eliminates the use of toxic or rare metals. In addition, the bionic scales at the rear of the car can convert solar energy into electricity. Coupled with the 110kWh battery capacity in the car, it can not only be fully charged within 15 minutes, but also has a cruising range of 700 kilometers, fully demonstrating the efficient application development of Mercedes-EQ electric vehicles. direction.

The T-type console is almost entirely used as a digital display, and the occupants can operate various functions through the projection menu only by raising their hands.

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