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"Drunken Michelin Awards" Monthly Draw the first prize to enjoy a 10,000-dollar Michelin feast! Enjoy the 3% low-alcohol feeling of drunkenness and savor the relaxing time for evening drinks.HOROYOI's slightly drunk "Mango Peach" and "Lychee Grapefruit" are new limited flavors!

HOROYOI Wei Zui specially launched the "Wei Zui Michelin Award" event, buy any 3 cans of Wei Zui's designated flavors, log in the invoice and you can get a good gift every month!

From Japan's most popular low-alcohol beverage brand "HOROYOI Weizu (Japanese brand name: ほろよい)"It is the favorite low-alcohol beverage of Taiwanese consumers, ranging from the refreshing and refreshing "White Shawar", the "Lactic Acid Shawar" with a charming lactic acid flavor, to the "White Peach Shawar" and "Grape Shawar" with a strong fruity aroma. ”, all of which are good choices for casual party time.In order to give back to the long-term support of Taiwanese fans, HOROYOI specially launched"Slightly Drunk Michelin Award"The event, from now until November 15th, buy any 3 cans of Weizui's designated flavors, log in the invoice, and you can get a good gift every month, and there is a chance to win prizes such as 10,000 yuan double seats in two Michelin-starred restaurants. The exquisite prizes are not to be missed! In addition, in order to allow Taiwanese consumers to experience a richer taste of slightly drunk, "HOROYOI Micro Drunk" has launched two new limited flavors, "Mango Peach" and "Lychee Grapefruit". Tropical fruit flavor and 3% low-alcohol refreshing bubbles, one sip is like coming to the southern country with a variety of styles, adding more new choices to the beautiful evening drinking time!

Enjoy a good evening drink! "The Drunken Michelin Awards" is limited to a limited period of time. Log in to the invoice and you can draw a gift of 10,000 yuan

"HOROYOI Micro Drunk" has rich flavors, a refreshing feeling of micro-bubbles with 3% low alcohol, and a colorful and lovely bottle. It has been the sales champion of low-alcohol beverages in Taiwan for many years, and has become the best drink for many people to relax at night. good companion.This autumn, "HOROYOI Wei Drunk" grandly launched a good health event"Slightly Drunk Michelin Award", so that slightly drunk fans can enjoy a better and relaxing feast of wine and food! From now until November 15th, anyone who purchases any 3 cans of the designated flavors (including White Shawar, Grape Shawar, Black Tea Shawar, Lactic Acid Shawar, White Peach, White Grape and Honey Lemon) can log in during the event period The invoice number of a valid invoice, fill in the personal information, you can participate in the event, and you will have the opportunity to win many beautiful gifts!

The "Drunken Michelin Awards" is rich in awards. The first prize is a two-person table at a two-star Michelin restaurant in Taiwan; the second prize is the "Drinking Glass Group" around the limited edition of the 2022 concert of the slightly drunk goddess Hebe Tian Fuzhen; the third prize is a micro Zui 2022 limited healing pillow (random style); the fourth prize is 6 classic flavors of Wei Zui (random flavor). In addition, if you purchase the classic flavor six and log in online, you will have the opportunity to draw an additional two Michelin-starred restaurant seats to enjoy a relaxing feast full of ritual. The number of event awards is limited, if you want to draw, you must act fast, don't miss it!

For more information, please visit the official website of the "Drunken Michelin Awards":

*For detailed event information, please refer to the announcement on the official website of the event. The organizer has the right to change the event awards and event regulations.

"HOROYOI Slightly Drunk" limited new flavor "Mango Peach" to create a pleasant and relaxing time in the southern country

"HOROYOI Drunk" Cocktail - Mango Peach_NT$49

The seasonally-limited flavors of "HOROYOI Drunk" are always full of expectations. This time, the rich fruit flavor is the protagonist, and the refreshing taste brought by the low alcohol concentration of 3% makes people enjoy just the right feeling of drunkenness. HOROYOI is slightly drunk with "Mango Peach", which blends two different flavors of juice, refreshing mango and sweet peach, with a golden ratio. The outer packaging is designed with a relaxing and healing southern resort style. In the early autumn, I took a drink in the evening, raised the cold HOROYOI in my hand and took a sip of the slightly drunk "Mango Peach", as if I was taken to the orange-red beach under the sunset. The rich mango fragrance is paired with the sweet and juicy peach, and the sweet but not greasy juice flavor is perfectly combined with the right 3% low alcohol, providing the unique limited pleasure of being slightly drunk!

"HOROYOI Slightly Drunk" Limited Flavor "Lychee Grapefruit" You can feel the charming and passionate taste with one sip

"HOROYOI Drunk" Cocktail - Lychee Grapefruit_NT$49

The pleasure you enjoy when you open the bottle is also the expectation of the new taste of Wei Drunk, and the limited flavor of "HOROYOI Wei Zui" "Lychee Grapefruit" will accompany everyone to enjoy the most relaxing time together! Lychee, one of the favorite fruits of Taiwanese, has a strong and unique fruity aroma. When paired with the sweet and refreshing grapefruit, the wine perfectly combines the dual flavors of the two fruits. After you enter the mouth, you can feel the milky sweetness with a hint of sweetness. Citrus aroma, followed by a slightly sweet and slightly sour bubble refreshing feeling, cleverly blending the taste of the cocktail with fruit juice, adding to the overall aroma, the sweet and sour taste makes people unforgettable. The dazzling blue, white and yellow colors, combined with the illustration design of sails, paragliders and surfing bottles raised in the sun, give people a hearty and enthusiastic feeling, just like after tasting HOROYOI's slightly drunk "Lychee Grapefruit". The sense of vitality that can be felt is average, and it is a brand-new island taste that cannot be missed!


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