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DTAT won the highest honor of the 2021 Ministry of Transport Golden Safety Award.

Taiwan Daimler Asia Commercial Vehicle won the "Golden An Award" corporate group from the Ministry of Transport this year (2021)

Commercial vehicle leader FUSO general agent Taiwan Daimler Asia Commercial Vehicles (DTAT) has long been concerned about the safety of commercial vehicle driving and pedestrians. In October this year (2021), under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport, it invested a lot of manpower and resources to hold "FUSO Safety Month" The road safety series of activities have achieved great results! Including a traffic safety experience camp for children below elementary school level-"FUSO, together, share the future, children’s traffic safety advocacy", through a professional simulation experience, with children in the game to understand the potential dangers of large cars, through the apartment Education and joy let the awareness of traffic safety take root down; also organized for commercial vehicle driving, and once again cooperated with the Zhushan Training Center of the Fire Department of the Ministry of the Interior to launch the 4th "FUSO Commercial Vehicle Driving Training Camp" to cultivate safety and safety for commercial vehicle driving. Correct driving concept.

Starting from caring for life, DTAT has exerted its corporate influence over the years, calling on all car owners and all sectors of society to actively participate in public welfare affairs, promoting various traffic promotion activities and donating vehicles to disaster relief, which has been unanimously affirmed by all walks of life. In October of this year (2021), he won the "Golden An Award"-Enterprise Group Contribution Award, which was actively nominated by the Ministry of Transportation, and won the highest honor representing the transportation industry for the first time. DTAT CEO Wang Lishan said: "Thank you very much for the affirmation of the Ministers of Transportation for allowing DTAT to have a bigger dream, expand the level of public welfare activities, and bring more positive energy to Taiwan’s Daoan issues. I also look forward to safety advocacy. , To convey correct and practical road safety concepts to more people.”

Taiwan Daimler Asia Commercial Vehicle won the highest honor of the "Golden An Award" Corporate Contribution Award by the Ministry of Transport this year (2021). CEO Wang Lishan visited the site to award the award

Don't hide and seek with the cart!Recognize blind spots and inner wheel gaps in the game, and consolidate the concept of traffic safety from an early age

In order to allow children to develop correct and safe road use concepts from an early age, a simple and easy-to-understand Daoan lecture was tailored for elementary and elementary school children, and a 5-ton truck was driven into the Huashan Theater, led by the host, to play hide-and-seek with the cart! The children take turns to board the car and experience the small driving situation, while the other children hide in the dead corners of the truck, switch between driving and using the role of passers-by, and guide the children to deeply understand the dangers that may occur on the road and learn how to ride on the road. Protect yourself at intersections. In addition to teaching children how to avoid road risks, a FUSO CARE mobile dining car was also arranged during the event, allowing children to DIY cute fondant cakes. The rich experience adds to the fun of the event.

In order to help children cultivate correct and safe road use concepts from an early age, FUSO held a "FUSO Integrity, Sharing the Future, Children's Traffic Safety Advocacy" in October, and students tailor-made simple and easy-to-understand Daoan lectures
FUSO uses a professional simulation experience to take children to understand the potential dangers of large cars in the game, and let the awareness of traffic safety prevention take root since childhood through entertaining and learning

Critically acclaimedMELTEDCommercial vehicle camping has been opened for the fourth time

As the leading brand of commercial vehicles, FUSO not only hopes to bring a deep-rooted concept of driving safety to commercial vehicle drivers, but also pays attention to the life safety and family happiness of passers-by. Although Taiwan is still fighting the epidemic, FUSO has overcome all difficulties and once again cooperated with the Fire Department Training Center of the Ministry of the Interior to organize the 4th "Commercial Vehicle Driving Training Camp", attracting more than 50 car owners to experience the industry's only large-scale car safety driving Training courses.

FUSO once again cooperated with the Fire Department Training Center of the Ministry of the Interior to organize the 4th "Commercial Vehicle Safety Driving Training Camp", attracting more than 50 car owners to experience the industry's only large car safety driving training course

The two-day camp is divided into subject courses and technical training. In the morning, Li Anjing, the leader of the traffic team of the Nantou County Police Department with 20 years of lecture experience, will teach "defensive driving", supplemented by actual truck cases; in the afternoon, Professional coaches guide the trainees one-on-one to conduct real-car drills. Five major barriers are set up on site, including wet ground braking, curved lane turning, blind spot drills, emergency rescue, narrow bridge driving and other real situations, so that trainees can apply what they have learned and practice driving. Improve resilience. After the event, each trainee was awarded a training certificate, a hero badge, a defensive driving manual and various commemorative gifts. Thank you to all the safe driving heroes who have carefully studied defensive driving! At the event, senior sisters from previous years took the initiative to re-establish their knowledge of safe driving and affirmed the content of this year’s experience: "Every year the courses are updated with new ones! Besides driving skills, the correct concept of safe driving is also an important skill to protect yourself. I highly recommend it. Car driving friends sign up!"

"FUSO Commercial Vehicle Safety Driving Training Camp" through subject and technical training, with actual large vehicle cases, so that trainees can conduct real vehicle drills and have a better understanding of the importance of road safety

FUSO has been deeply rooted in Taiwan for more than 60 years. Upholding the brand promise of "Working Together, Cultivating Taiwan", FUSO has been actively engaged in various charity activities for a long time, and responded to the government's joint promotion of Daoan activities, and continued to protect the lives of all craftsmen and passers-by Safe property. This year, it is the first time to promote the community of schoolchildren. The purpose is to make driving safety rooted in the foundation. In the future, more lives can be guaranteed, and they can go out and return home safely.

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