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E-sports track Kia EV6 GT Track Day

Although we are also driving vigorously on the track, the driving skills and driving experience of electric vehicles are completely different from those of traditional fuel vehicles, especially when driving the EV6 GT with a power of 585hp and 75.5kgm to compete on the track. It’s even more exciting, and you can even perform a gorgeous drifting flick... It turns out that the EV6 GT, a pure electric performance sports car, can be so fun, interesting and enjoyable on the track, once again subverting the definition and imagination of electric vehicles.

As the brand's representative model heading into a new era of electric vehicles, the EV6 series has been deeply loved by consumers since it was launched in China in April 2022. Cumulative sales have so far exceeded 1,300 units, especially the addition of the high-end and high-performance EV6 GT version. After its launch, the EV6 pure electric crossover sports car has reached its peak. In order to allow the media to directly experience the powerful performance of the EV6 GT, which can accelerate to 100 mph in 3.5 seconds, as well as the charm and fun of pure electric driving, the general agent Sime Darby Kia Taiwan specially held the "EV6 GT" event at the Pingtung Dapeng Bay Circuit. Track Day" allows everyone to have a deep understanding of the excellence and charm of EV6 GT through level experiences such as cones, drifts, straight-line acceleration and full track.

585hp, 0-100km/h electric acceleration in 3.5 seconds

The climax of this "EV6 GT Track Day" event was that the well-known driver coach Wang Shangyuan drove the EV6 GT to challenge the fastest lap time of an electric vehicle on the Dapeng Bay Circuit and set the fastest lap record with a time of 1 minute 58.7 seconds. In addition, the media can drive the EV6 GT for 2 laps on the entire Dapeng Bay track and actually experience the ultimate performance of this pure electric performance sports car in terms of power performance and dynamic control.

But first, let everyone understand the differences between the EV6 GT and the regular EV6 and the related specifications. Currently, there is only one GT specification configuration available in China, which adopts front and rear dual electric motors and e-AWD four-wheel drive configuration, and is equipped with an E-GMP 800V high-voltage 77.4kWh lithium battery pack, which can release a maximum horsepower of 585hp, 75.5kgm and of torque, it only takes 3.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, and the top speed can reach 260km/h. The performance can be said to be very powerful. In addition, in addition to the existing Eco/Normal/Sport mode, the driving mode also provides an exclusive GT mode (e-GT/My Drive Mode) and a unique "Drift Mode" drift mode that can be switched. In addition, the original manufacturer has also strengthened the rigidity of its body, including a reinforced front support ring, a rear sports tie rod, etc., and is equipped with an exclusive VGR variable gear ratio steering system and a rear axle e-LSD electronic limited slip differential. These are the unique differences between the EV6 GT and the ECS sports car electronic suspension system and other control tools.

More performance-oriented interior and exterior decoration

In addition to more powerful performance output, EV6 GT also has a more sporty appearance in appearance and interior design. Although the design of the Digital Nose digital tiger nose and Tianxiang Wings digital daytime running lights at the front of the car, as well as the double moon blade penetrating the taillight group at the rear of the car are no different from the generally powered GT-Line models, they include the front air dam and The air guide holes on both sides and the reflective panels on both sides of the rear bumper have been modified from the horizontal arrangement of the GT-Line model to a vertical design. There are even five straight grilles in the center of the lower edge of the rear bumper. style rear fog lights, these are the differences in the styling details of the EV6 GT. Of course, the most obvious difference is the 21-inch GT-exclusive two-color cutting aluminum rims equipped with neon red and green sports calipers, which is also the main source of the EV6 GT’s performance blood.

The appearance of the front of the EV6 GT is also slightly different from that of the generally powered GT-Line models, including the front air dam and the air guide holes on both sides, which have been modified from horizontal to vertical shapes.
The rear of the EV6 GT still has the eye-catching double-moon blades running through the taillights, but there is a five-bar rear foglight design in the center of the lower edge of the rear bumper.
Inside the 21-inch GT-exclusive two-color cutting aluminum rims, there are sports calipers painted in neon red and green, which are full of dazzling performance.

The interior layout design of EV6 GT is almost the same as that of ordinary EV6 GT-Line. The connected 12.3-inch instrument panel and central control 12.3-inch multimedia audio and video system and the central saddle design are also the same. It is decorated with neon green stitching and painted with neon green GT mode buttons, and is matched with GT-exclusive textures, nameplates, suede door trims, black headliners and other designs to create a rich and rich atmosphere in the cabin. It has a performance racing feel, especially the two GT-exclusive bucket racing seats in the front, which are made of suede and leather materials, supplemented by neon green stitching and the GT aluminum alloy nameplate under the center of the headrest. It adds a strong performance character to the room.

The interior of the EV6 GT is decorated with neon green stitching on the steering wheel, seats, etc., and is paired with GT-exclusive textured nameplates and suede door trims, giving it a strong performance atmosphere.
The lower right side of the double-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel is equipped with an eye-catching neon green GT mode button, showing full performance.
The two front GT-exclusive bucket-shaped racing seats are made of a mix of suede and leather, supplemented by neon green stitching and a GT aluminum alloy nameplate under the headrest, creating a strong performance and competitive atmosphere.

Time Trial Cone Level

This experience level is divided into dynamic experience around cones, Drift Mode drift demonstration and 0~160km/h straight acceleration in the morning, and full track driving experience in the afternoon. The first thing to come on stage is the dynamic experience of going around a cone. In this level, there are sections such as going around a cone, emergency braking, and an S-type cone formation. Although it is only a small distance driving experience, you can use it to feel the power of the EV6 GT. The flexibility of steering in continuous narrow curves and the characteristics of electric acceleration and braking, especially S-shaped continuous curves, severely test the vehicle's chassis rigidity and suspension support.

The EV6 GT can maintain flexible steering and body stability even when negotiating a cone at high speeds. It only needs to be combined with the delicate control of the switch to retract and retract, and it can easily and smoothly complete the cone level.

Furthermore, since it is a pure electric vehicle, the entire throttle acceleration response is completely different from the throttle acceleration response of a traditional fuel vehicle, so you have to be very careful with your right foot and refrain from stepping on and off the throttle, otherwise it will be both fast and powerful. The direct power output can easily make people suffer when continuously winding the cone. However, as long as you can understand and adapt to the output characteristics of throttle acceleration, coupled with the blessing of the ECS sports car electronic suspension system and e-LSD electronic limited slip differential configured in the EV6 GT, it can be completed quite easily, flexibly and smoothly. This level is tested. Of course, during the entire driving experience, you can clearly feel the performance of the EV6 GT in terms of the directionality of the front of the car, the steering response of the steering wheel, the smoothness and tracking of high-speed cones, and the braking force, and even the "old-fashioned" performance of the rear of the car. The agility and dynamics of "Liu" are even better than those of the EV6 or GT-Line that have been tested before. It has very flexible and agile driving capabilities, which can give the driver a high level of driving confidence.

Although the rear axle has a very "old-fashioned" flexible dynamic, it is very controlled, showing excellent chassis and suspension tuning and setting skills.

Exciting and gorgeous tail drifting

The next level is to ride and experience the "drift" driving mode demonstrated by the instructor. Prior to this, as long as you go through a few steps of setting, the words "Drift Mode" will appear on the lower right side of the instrument, allowing the EV6 GT car to drift around corners. According to the instructor, after turning on the drift mode, the vehicle will automatically switch to pure rear-wheel drive mode and cause the drive wheels to slip earlier, so the driver can easily drift the vehicle. At this time, I was sitting in the passenger seat and saw that after entering the corner, the instructor just turned the steering wheel backwards, steadily applied the switch and slightly corrected the steering, and he was able to perform a drifting and tail-flicking action in the corner. What was very surprising was that , during the entire tire burning drift process, the entire car is quite stable without excessive shaking, so the passengers in the car can fully experience this gorgeous tire burning drift in a smooth and exciting way.

In the "Drift Mode", the EV6 GT will automatically switch to pure rear-wheel drive mode and cause the rear-wheel drive to slip earlier, making it easier for the vehicle to drift.
Although the tire burnout drifting in the corner is exciting and thrilling, it is smooth and less shaking in the car. You can witness the solid stability of the EV6 GT chassis and the excellent support performance of the suspension.

Actual test: acceleration to 100km/h in 3.87 seconds

The third level is an acceleration experience on a large straight road. However, the coaching team considered that the EV6 GT’s acceleration from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers was too fast to satisfy the appetite of the media, so the tail speed was increased to 160km/h so that everyone can enjoy the experience. The thrill of straight-line acceleration from 0 to 160km/h, and you can also experience the feeling of kinetic energy recharging after releasing the switch. The vehicle was directly switched to GT sports mode, the big switch was turned on, and the vehicle immediately sprinted forward. Not only was it full of back-to-back feeling, but the first beep sounded by the test instrument when it reached a speed of 100km/h was instantly heard. At this time, continue to press the switch deeply, and the acceleration in the middle and rear sections is also very powerful and linear. Until the rear section, under the setting of dual inverters, the motor speed can climb to a maximum of 21,000 rpm, so you can still feel the electric power. The motor's abundant and full thrust enabled the final measured result of 0~100km/h to be completed in 3.87 seconds, while the acceleration from 0~160km/h was 8.045 seconds, which is not far from the original factory's 3.5 seconds, which shows that the 585hp Horsepower is definitely not for show. Finally, after releasing the switch, the equipped "RBM kinetic energy regenerative braking system" can generate up to 0.6G of electrical energy braking capacity to assist braking. In particular, the entire recharging process is quite linear and unobtrusive. With this system It also has a recharging power of 300kW, so it can effectively reduce power loss on the track.

The power of 585hp is really impressive. The powerful, fast and direct power output can be said to be very close to the back. The final measured acceleration from 0 to 100km/h was 3.87 seconds, and the time from 0 to 160km/h was 8.045 seconds.

Flexible, stable and fun

The event ended with a full track experience. Although it was only a short 2 laps, it also gave us a basic understanding of the EV6 GT’s performance in terms of power and handling. But as mentioned before, Since the power output characteristics of pure electric vehicles are completely different from traditional fuel vehicles, and the braking effect of kinetic energy recharging after releasing the switch, the switch control, braking point and cornering point on the track must be re-adapted. , in order to drive fast and smoothly on the track. Fortunately, the EV6's overall power and chassis suspension settings and adjustments are quite excellent, whether it is steering flexibility, or the dynamic support and stability of the body, plus it is equipped with ECS With the assistance of control tools such as sports car electronic suspension and e-LSD electronic limited slip differential, basically as long as you don’t make too extraordinary movements on the track, focus on the timing of retracting and releasing the switch and entering the braking point, and then match The steering correction of the steering wheel when entering and exiting corners makes it easy to adjust on the track, and can even complete the full track driving experience very fun.

Paying attention to the unique electric acceleration characteristics of electric vehicles and the braking point before entering a corner, you can drive the EV6 GT fast and smooth on the track, and even have the fun of driving with a small drift.

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