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Early Access PreviewBMW 7 Series

●A new seven-generation model, codenamed G70

●Lay a new generation of Luxury Class design style

●Introduce three models of 735i, 740i and pure electric i7

●Domestic listing time: 2022.Q4

The new 7th generation 7 Series, which premiered online on April 20 this year, was originally expected to be launched in various markets from November. Fande strived for the original car to appear on the stage ahead of schedule at the end of June. At the same time, it was also confirmed that the imported model will provide three power options: 735i, 740i and pure electric i7. Currently, it is planned to officially start receiving orders from September and release it before the end of the year. , but the industry also revealed that since the original factory announced the new car information, the distribution channel has received about 200 orders one after another, showing the extraordinary charm of the new car.

more honorable

The new seventh-generation 7 Series abandons the previous long and short axle configurations, and adopts a 3215mm long wheelbase setting. The body outline continues the square and thick proportion similar to the previous model, but the length of the car is stretched to 5391mm, but the most impressive thing is of course. The new double-layer headlight design, the upper daytime running lights and the unique crystal sparkling effect created in cooperation with Swarosvki, bring extra delicate and delicate lighting performance when the vehicle is on/unlocked, while the huge one-piece kidney-shaped water tank The outer frame of the hood also integrates LED light strips and a new style of LED welcome light blankets, which will give people a far better visual experience of technology than before when driving in the basement or at night.

The new seventh-generation 7 Series adopts a new double-layer headlight design, the upper layer of daytime running lights and a unique crystal sparkling effect in cooperation with Swarosvki.
The new car adopts a long wheelbase setting, the body contour continues the square and thick proportion similar to the previous model, and provides two-color body painting.

The vehicles on display are equipped with the M Sport sports appearance kit. It can be seen that the front part of the car adopts a V-shaped front air dam to create a richer sense of hierarchy, while the rear part adopts the exposed bilateral exhaust tailpipe setting. The matching two-color body painting also adds an independent waistline decoration at the junction of colors. Although it is painted by machine rather than manually, it still reminds people of its own ultra-luxury brand Rolls-Royce. In addition, the same triangular plaid pattern is added to the small window part of the rear door as on both sides of the taillights, which not only embellishes the visual sophistication, but also provides better privacy for the rear seat passengers.

Flexible luxury cockpit

Compared with the appearance, the new seventh-generation 7 Series can bring a gorgeous cockpit atmosphere that exclaims "Wow!" in the interior design. The first is the rational and square layout of the console. It adopts a minimalist design style with an integrated curved screen and a hidden air conditioner outlet. At the same time, the central part combines the crystal material and lighting effects that have gradually become the representative elements of BMW flagship models. The vivid and changeable interactive atmosphere lights create a particularly sensual and delicate cockpit atmosphere. As for the central saddle and door trim panels, more high-profile and conspicuous matching methods are used to emphasize the use of high-end materials, just to show the car. It is still in the trial assembly stage, and some materials and assembly levels are not yet in the final mass production state.

It adopts the minimalist design style of the integrated curved screen and the hidden air-conditioning outlet, and the interactive atmosphere light and various decorative panels present a gorgeous visual experience.
The crystal material combined with the vivid and changeable lighting effects looks more dreamy and dazzling, and the large-area audio metal trim panel also adds a luxurious texture.
The seat design adopts the same fully-covered home style as the iX, and when the right rear seat is adjusted to the stretch mode, it can fully highlight the sense of unity.

As a courtesy to rear seat buyers, the new car introduces induction-type electric doors that can be opened and closed with one button. The detachable control panel placed on the center armrest of the previous generation has been replaced by a touch panel integrated in the door armrests on both sides. In addition, the seat surface is designed Adopting the same full-coverage home style as iX, when the right rear seat boss is adjusted to the stretch mode with the lower legs raised, the sense of unity can be fully highlighted. Last but not least, the 31 used exclusively in the automotive market. 2.5-inch ultra-wide scale theater screen, integrating video and audio streaming services will provide an unprecedented mobile audio-visual experience. Unfortunately, the multimedia system on the display car is also in the development version, and the full functions cannot be experienced on site. The actual effect still needs to wait until mass production is launched. Just to find out during a test drive.

The detachable control panel of the previous generation has been replaced by a touch panel on the door armrest, which can adjust the interior atmosphere style, seats and air conditioning settings.
The 31-inch ultra-wide aspect ratio theater screen, which has attracted much attention as soon as it was released, is quite shocking in actual visual experience, and it can also integrate popular video and audio streaming services.


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