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Electric WildcatBuick Wildcat EV concept Electric debut

A concrete presentation of Buick's vision for an all-electric future

●The name of the car is inherited from the first-generation Wildcat concept car in 1953

●2+2 streamlined rear RV setting

●Unique semi-lift roof door opening method is convenient for entry and exit

●Micro-LED lighting technology, headlights with thin beam projection lens, blade tail lights

In order to illustrate the brand's new design direction and creative vision during the transition to an all-electric future, Detroit-based veteran American automaker Buick has launched a new plug-in concept sports car, the Buick Wildcat EV, which was developed to convey a new design vocabulary. Not only the styling indicators of future mass-produced models, Buick also announced that all new cars in the car series in 2023 will adopt the new three-shield factory emblem that debuted on the front of the Wildcat EV. Wildcat EV represents the most authentic future design trend of the Buick brand, and embraces infinity. Possibly optimistic about the future of electricity.

Inheriting the name of the classic concept car but with a more avant-garde design

The naming tradition of taking Wildcat as a concept car can be traced back to the first-generation Wildcat concept car released in 1953. The purpose of development at that time was to preview the styling design style of Buick's next-generation car in advance. Wildcat, also supervised by legendary chief designer Harley Earl The II and III concepts were introduced in 1954 and 1955, respectively, while the Wildcat concept in 1985 was a mid-engined AWD supercar to showcase new engine technology.

This Wildcat EV concept car outlines a new, dynamic and tense front shape for future Buick models. The most obvious feature is the bold, forward-leaning front bumper shape, canceling the front water tank cover and lowering the heat dissipation grille. Moving, with the large-area headlight trim panel designed like the blade, makes the Wildcat EV concept car look more dynamic and avant-garde. In fact, the blade-shaped headlight only has a daytime running light bar on the lower edge, and the front lighting capability of the car is reduced from the end of the light bar downwards. Taking over the area, the Wildcat EV headlights project choreographed graphics as the driver approaches the vehicle, thanks to Micro-LED lighting technology and a thin beam projection lens.

Looking to the future as an EV sports car

The Buick Wildcat EV concept car is based on a 2+2-seat sports car. The appearance is smooth and beautiful. The window and the height of the vehicle form a perfect ratio. The narrow A-pillar makes the front gear and the window glass almost integrated. With the chrome plating The trim strip extends down to the side shoulders of the car, and the roof line also sinks into the rear of the car with a smooth arc, and the four wheels are quite close to the corners of the body, which means that the interior space must not be underestimated. In addition, the Buick Wildcat EV concept car has semi-lift doors for easy entry and exit, aluminum alloy seat trim that is integrated with the structure, blade taillights embedded in the tailgate glass, brake lights, plus a visible exterior tailgate glass. The "state of charge" indicator and the 18-spoke turbofan-like aluminum rims are derived from the jet engine, which is what a production car should look like.

The Buick Wildcat EV concept car is built in the setting of a 2+2 sports car, and its appearance is smooth and beautiful, and it has the level of a quasi-production car.
The unique semi-lift roof opening method is convenient for getting in and out of the car, which is an avant-garde design that takes into account both shape and practicality.

In terms of interior decoration, the cabin of the Wildcat EV concept car exudes a comfortable and charming atmosphere. The center console replaces all monitoring instruments with a large LCD screen embedded in an irregular frame. The air-conditioning small screen base extends to the rear seat area, with graphics and colors. Contrast to create a floating element visual to highlight the lightness and spaciousness of the cabin, and the interior Legato Green lighting brings more warmth and comfort, and the orange seat belts are a reminder visual effect.

The electronic rear-view mirror with screen display on the inner door panel can reduce the distance of the driver's line of sight, thereby reducing the burden and reducing the pressure.

Becoming a platform for future features such as artificial intelligence, biometrics, and aromatherapy is also one of the goals of the Wildcat EV concept car, which can automatically adjust the on-board settings to calm down when the driving heart rate is too high. It will automatically dim the lights in the car and release a soothing fragrance to open the massage seat. The Wildcat EV concept car is all set to communicate design ideas, introduce new technologies and find out more possibilities for the electric vehicle riding experience.

The cabin is designed to provide passengers with an inviting atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, while also incorporating features such as artificial intelligence, biometrics and aromatherapy.


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