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Elektrikhana - Ken Block drifts into the future in electric Audi S1 ​​Hoonitron

Rally fans will immediately see that Block's new drift weapon is inspired by the well-known Audi Sport Quattro S1, with which the Germans stormed the famous hill climb Pikes Peak in the 1980s. The Hoonitron's short wheelbase, huge rear spoiler and thick lower lip: everything refers to the rally legend of yesteryear. Except for the power source, which is radically different. The shrill five-cylinder engine has been replaced by two powerful electric motors, which unleash power on all four wheels. Audi, however, does not reveal much about the exact amount of horsepower. The Germans only speak promisingly about 'an overkill of power'. Furthermore, it is clear that the car has a carbon fiber chassis and that it - of course - meets all the safety standards of the FIA.

Get used to it

According to Audi, developing this electric interpretation of the S1 Pikes Peak was quite a challenge. Certainly in the short time that was reserved for it. It was striking that Block also did not have it easy. “This was completely new to me,” he says of the electric powertrain. “Drifting a donut straight from standstill at 150 km/h – just with my right foot – is a whole new experience.”

The American has been familiar with combustion engines and manual transmissions for years. In the early Gymkhana videos, Block was behind the wheel of a souped-up Subaru Impreza. He then made the switch to Ford. In his latest videos, a 1,400-horsepower Ford Mustang – called Hoonicorn – and a 'slightly more modest' Ford Escort Cosworth starred. Not surprising that the electric Hoonitron takes some getting used to.


Still, Block is happy with the switch, just like the Audi itself. The tear-nose calls the collaboration with Audi a very special one: “The brand's passion for motorsport motivated me to get into rallying a long time ago. That Audi has now developed this car for me and my team and joined our next project has made a dream come true for me.” The new video, with the working title Elektrikhana, is currently being made. However, it is not yet clear when it will be shown.

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