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Enjoy high 0% interest rate and 5-year factory warranty when you own selected models of New Ford Kuga and Focus. Enjoy cash discounts on selected models of New Ford Ranger and New Ford Mustang. Test drive all Ford models every week with iPhone 15 Pro.

Ford Liuhe continues to listen to the voice of the market, is committed to providing a strong product line, and demonstrates strong product strength beyond its peers. In December, it received favorable reviews and launched a high-value 0-interest rate preferential plan. During the event, consumers will pay for it on December 1, 2023 Until December 29th, take possession of the New Ford KugaSpecified car modelInstantly enjoy an exclusive car purchase discount plan, including a maximum interest rate of RMB 1 million and a 5-year original factory warranty (3-year original factory warranty + 2-year value-added extended warranty).Give away a well-known brand wet mop cleaning robot(1); And buying a designated New Ford Focus model can enjoy the highest interest rate of RMB 800,000 and a five-year original factory warranty (3-year original factory warranty + 2-year value-added extended warranty), providing consumers with a good opportunity to easily buy high-quality cars. . The All-New Ford Ranger XLT, a new-generation technology-based authentic American pickup truck, also offers a car purchase discount of NT$1.299 million in cash, providing consumers with a great opportunity to own an authentic American-style sports pickup truck;Plus, own a classic American sports carNew Ford Mustang EcoBoost® Premium can enjoy a cash price of 1.799 million. Owning a classic performance sports car is no longer just a dream. And before December 31st, go to Ford’s Taiwan display center to test drive any model of the entire car series, and you will get iPhone 15 Pro(2)Lucky draw qualification (recommended selling price is NT$36,900) and a lucky winner will be drawn every week, allowing consumers to enjoy multiple discounts(3)

24year styleNew Ford KugaThe ultimate performance running and traveling dual power, enjoy the best driving pleasure in its class

Since its launch, the New Ford Kuga, a pure European sports car, has continued to successfully establish a place in Taiwan's mid-size leisure travel market with its rich and fully equipped technological equipment. The newly launched EcoBoost for 24 years®The 180 ST-Line Sport model is equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged gasoline engine, which adopts PFI manifold injection and GDI in-cylinder direct injection dual injection system technology and is paired with an eight-speed manual transmission gearbox, with the best horsepower of 180ps/6,000rpm. , 26.3kgm/3,000rpm peak torque output; at the same time, through the exclusive ST-Line sporty interior and exterior layout, advanced intelligent driving technology and other product advantages, it meets consumers' various needs for mid-size SUVs; as for the EcoBoost, which is known for its performance control®The 250 ST-Line Performance model uses a 2.0L twin-scroll turbocharged gasoline engine that integrates advanced technologies such as advanced twin-scroll and electronic pressure relief valves, creating the only maximum horsepower of 250hp/5,500rpm and 38.7kgm/3,000rpm in its class. Maximum torque, combined with SelectShiftTMThe eight-speed manual transmission perfectly combines strong kinetic energy with efficient and energy-saving traveling characteristics. And EcoBoost®The 250 AWD ST-Line Performance model adopts the only sporty tuning in its class and is equipped with an AWD detachable intelligent four-wheel drive system and a dynamic driving mode switching system. It can accurately judge all-terrain road conditions in milliseconds and intelligently switch between four-wheel drive or front The wheel drive can exert the best grip and escape ability on slippery, snowy, sandy and other road conditions, making the control more convenient. This creates the New Ford Kuga's new ST-Line ultimate performance running and traveling dual-wheel drive. power.

Same as Germany,New Ford FocusMeet consumers’ diverse car needs

New Ford Focus continues to be recognized by the market for its diversified models with advanced technological configurations, complete active and passive safety technologies, and rich driving performance. Among them, the Focus Wagon, a German-standard sports tourer, has a maximum rear trunk storage volume of 1,653L that exceeds that of a mid-size SUV. It is equipped with one-button quick tilting of the rear seat, elastic change function of the floor, dry and wet separation and kick-sensitive electric tailgate design. Greatly improve the overall space function and application convenience. At the same time, the 1.5L EcoBoost equipped in all New Ford Focus models®The 182 turbocharged gasoline engine has VDE cylinder intermittent technology, dual fuel injection system technology (PFI manifold injection/GDI cylinder direct injection) and crankshaft offset technology. It has the best maximum horsepower of 182ps in its class, and is equipped with a newly adjusted SelectShiftTM The eight-speed manual automatic transmission creates delicate and smooth shifting response, as well as efficient fuel consumption performance of up to 17.1km/L.

New Ford Focus adheres to the product concept of "Same as German" and introduces a new generation of German-standard shock absorbers, EPAS electronic steering assist system and electronic brake boost assist system into the original suspension hardware structure, bringing more Clear driving feel, more precise steering and stable body dynamics driving characteristics. Among them, the ST-Line models of Hatchback and Wagon, in addition to lowering the body by 10mm, are equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 high-performance running tires. The ST-Line Vignale model is also equipped with 18-inch ST Edition spun lightweight performance aluminum rims, bringing overall stability. The high degree of road holding and advanced driving confidence corresponds to the standard, energy-saving, and sporty new-generation dynamic driving mode built into the entire vehicle series (Active models add anti-skid and non-paved road modes), creating New Ford Focus's excellent driving pleasure. and multi-terrain handling capabilities.

American technology pickup truckThe All-New Ford Rangerwith classic sports carNew Ford Mustang

The All-New Ford Ranger, an authentic American pickup truck, has stronger off-road and terrain-conquering capabilities, fully evolved digital cockpit technology, and the most complete active safety technology and passive safety protection in its class. It comes standard with 9 SRS auxiliary airbags and Ford Co - Pilot360TMIt is the most advanced new-generation smart driving dual-purpose pickup truck in its class with a full range of intelligent driving technology assistance systems. Among them, the XLT model stands out for its excellent commercial multi-tasking application performance and driving comfort. It is equipped with a 2.0L inline four-cylinder diesel turbine. Engine (170ps/41kg-m) and SelectShiftTMThe six-speed manual transmission has an excellent towing capacity of 3,500kg. It inherits the excellent cargo loading advantages of the past and creates multiple space storage functions, providing consumers with new choices whether for commercial use or daily driving. . At the same time, it opens the door for consumers to buy high-quality pickup trucks at very competitive prices.

Since the introduction of the fifth-generation Ford Liuhe in 2012, the classic American sports car New Ford Mustang has set off a pony car trend in Taiwan with its free and unrestrained unique American style, allowing many car fans to realize their dreams of a two-door sports car. Among them, the EcoBoost® Premium comes with the ultimate performance 2.3L EcoBoost®The twin-scroll turbocharged engine fully optimizes the throttle response through the Overboost function, and the peak torque reaches a new peak of 45.0kg/m. It creates a maximum horsepower of 290ps with a smaller displacement, bringing both performance and energy saving. Perfectly balanced.

FordDecember car model discount plan:

car model Promotion content
All Ford models From December 1 to December 31, 2023, if you experience test driving any car model at Ford dealerships across Taiwan, you will be eligible for the iPhone 15 pro lottery, and one lucky winner will be drawn every week.
New Ford Focus From December 1 to December 29, 2023, owners of designated models (Hatchback/Active/Wagon) will enjoy the highest interest rate of RMB 800,000 and a 5-year original factory warranty (3-year original factory warranty + 2-year value-added extended warranty) ).
New Ford Kuga From December 1 to December 29, 2023, the New Ford Kuga designated model (EcoBoost®180 Flagship/EcoBoost®180 ST-Line Sport/EcoBoost®250 AWD ST-Line Performance) enjoys a maximum interest rate of RMB 1 million and a 5-year original factory warranty (3-year original factory warranty + 2-year value-added extended warranty).LG CordZero R3 Wet mop cleaning robot」。
The All-New Ford Ranger From December 1 to December 29, 2023, the cash price of the XLT model is 1.299 million yuan
New Ford Mustang EcoBoost from December 1 to December 29, 2023® Cash price of Premium model is 1.799 million yuan

(1) The above offers cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

(2) Refers to the iPhone 15 Pro 128GB model, with a recommended price of 36,900 yuan.

(3) For detailed promotional activity methods and specifications, please refer to the announcement on Ford’s official website.

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