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Enjoy limited benefits with the number "8" on your ID cardSuntory calls for a referendum to appeal to the loving dad family first, third and second, no

Have you figured out how to spend Father's Day this year? Why don't you have a "friendship" drink party with your dad! Taiwan's Suntory's Japanese sales champion canned bartender brand "-196°C Qiang Lie" will hold a grand pop-up referendum tasting event of "Strong Lie Best Friends" from August 6th to August 7th. On the weekend of Father's Day, I would like to call on the local loving fathers to invite fathers to have a toast together. On the spot, you can get 8 bottles of strong liquor for free by presenting the number "8" in your ID card, and enjoy the most "friends" with your father. !

Taiwan's Suntory's Japanese sales champion canned bartender brand "-196°C Qianglie" is about to hold a pop-up referendum tasting event on August 6th.

Three last two no! Agree with Qianglie's most "friend" feeling!Suntory strong referendum good health lazy bag
-196°C held a pop-up tasting referendum from August 6th to August 7th, adhering to the spirit of "three bests": "the most refreshing" drink, "the most refreshing" drinkable, and 9% friendly "the most refreshing" "Happy, zero-sugar and zero-purin, consumers are invited to taste the drink on site with their family and friends, and cast a key vote, agreeing with the most "friend" feeling! In addition to tasting on the spot, you can also enjoy more goodies by showing the -196°C strong jelly fan special and like the picture and participating in the live interactive game challenge, and bring more strong jelly home!

The activity day of "Strongest Friendship" is on the eve of Father's Day. Are you still worried about sending belts and shirts to Dad? Qianglie heard the voice of the local father and prepared the most "friend" Father's Day gift for the father-loving family! During the trial drinking period of the Strong Lie Referendum (8/6~8/7), you can get 8 bottles of strong Lien canned bartender for free with the number "8" in your ID card. During the activity period (8/6-8/7), the limit is 88 Group, welcome friends who like strong and strong to bring Dad to the scene to spend a parent-child time with a drink.

At the pop-up referendum tasting event of "The Most "Friendly" Feeling of Strong Lie, 8 bottles of Strong Lie will be given away by presenting the number "8" in the ID card.

-196°C Strongly uses an exclusive patented production method to instantly freeze the whole carefully selected fruit at minus 196°C, and then crush the fruit, turn it into powder, and then immerse it in the wine, so that the original flavor and aroma of the fruit are completely preserved. The no-burden wines of Zero Sugar and Zero Purin feature a pleasant feeling of 9% high alcohol concentration. Since their launch, they have been welcomed by men who love a refreshing taste. They are strong enough to satisfy fathers who are also friends. Good! From August 6th to August 7th, at the South Gate of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11, the most "friend" Father's Day gifts and more healthy activities are waiting for you to participate!

【Event related information】

  • Venue: Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11 South Gate
  • Event Date: August 6, 2022 (Saturday) – August 7 (Sunday)
  • Activity time: 14:00-21:00
  • Activities method
     Gifts for ID card numbers: For those who are over 18 years old, if there are 8 in the ID card number, they will get 8 cans (double lemons and double grapefruits each), limited to 88 groups in two days
     Lucky 196: For every 196 voters who accumulate, they will receive a full box of strong lees (limited to 5 boxes per day, with random flavors); the top 500 people who vote on stage will receive a branded mask.
     Choose 1 from 2 roulette gifts: show the -196°C strong FB fans and click the like screen to participate, and have a chance to win the brand gifts "A bottle or brand storage fan" and the participation award "Come on! Great".
     Linked Lemon Slices PK: Participate in the Linked Lemon Slices interactive challenge at 19:06 for a limited time period to have a chance to get -196°C strong canned bartender (6 bottles).


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