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Entered Ford's domestic car series in August, with a market value of 37,500 yuan, Taichung Guguan "Hong Xi Nuoya Luxury Double Tour"Best running tour New Ford Kuga strongly assists the best international tourNew car license plus first-year B Type car body insurance and 800,000 yuan high 0 interest rate

Entering the summer vacation in August, in response to the increasing demand for self-driving travel, the international travel fever continued to heat up. Ford Liuhe offered the "Best International Travel" limited-time car purchase discount.During the event period from August 1st to August 31st, 2022, consumers who complete the license for any new Ford domestic vehicle series at Ford dealerships in Taiwan can enjoy Taichung Guguan "Hoshinoya Luxury Tour for Two" ” (market value NT$ 37,500) 20 groups of lucky draw qualifications[1]and at the same time enjoy multiple discounts for another million imported car modelsThe New Ford Kuga, the best running brigade in the SUV market, also strongly assisted China National Travel Service, launching a new car with a license to get the first year of Type B car body insurance.[2]And 800,000 high 0 interest rate[3]is bound to let consumers feel Ford's full sincerity in the hot summer!

The first choice of high-quality international travel "pure sports running brigade" New Ford Kuga, 900,000-class range enjoys Level 2 intelligent driving assistance technology and full equipment

Enjoying a high-quality self-driving tour can be easier and more honorable! New Ford Kuga with EcoBoost®180/EcoBoost®The 250 dual appearance and dual power dual main models carry the "efficient and fuel-efficient EcoBoost.®Turbo Power", "Level 2 Ford Co-Pilot360TMMany product advantages such as "Driving Assistance System" and "Orthodox Leisure Travel Space" allow consumers who are interested in SUV models to replace the old with a subsidy of 889,000. vacation.

Driven by the strong drive of the New Ford Kuga, Ford's domestic car series has launched the "Best China Travel" limited-time car purchase discount. During the event period from August 1st to August 31st, 2022, as long as consumers complete the license for any new Ford domestic vehicle series at Ford dealerships in Taiwan, they can enjoy Taichung Guguan "Hoshinoya Luxury Tour for Two" (market value of 37,500 yuan) lucky draw qualifications, in one fell swoop, the top luxury resort hotels that everyone admires and celebrities are competing for pilgrimage to. The New Ford Kuga, the best running brigade, is full of sincerity in assisting the best China brigade and giving back to consumers. In addition, the first-year Type B car body insurance and a high zero-interest rate discount of 800,000 yuan are added, so that prospective SUV owners can be attracted to the market without any suspense. .

[1]During the event period, from July 30, 2022 to August 31, 2022, order and complete the license FOCUS / FOCUS ACTIVE / KUGA car series (except imported FOCUS) at each FORD dealer, that is, HOSHINOYA Valley Pass two There are a total of 20 groups for the lucky draw for the day and night luxury tour for two (market price NT$ 37,500). The market price of this tour cannot be exchanged for cash. Please refer to the event description page for details of the project activities.

[2]During the event period, from July 30, 2022 to August 31, 2022, car owners who have ordered and completed the KUGA car license at each FORD dealer will enjoy the first year of "Car Purchase Subsidy Type B Body Insurance" and enjoy the highest loan 800,000 interest rate discount, this program is provided by the dealer, and the dealer and the designated loan company reserve the right to review, and cannot be used in conjunction with other preferential programs.

[3]The suggested retail price of the instalment payment of the zero-interest car purchase discount plan is the same as the cash payment. The actual transaction price, the maximum loan amount and the number of instalments shall be negotiated and negotiated by the buyer and the seller according to the transaction conditions.

In addition to entering the benchmark top-level hotels, consumers who signed up for any new car in the Ford domestic car series in August also enjoy multiple discounts for millions of imported cars.[4]so that car owners who love Ford have the opportunity to have a lot of driving fun.

Ford's August car model discount plan:

car model 8Monthly promotions
Ford domestic car series From August 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022, if you have completed the acquisition of any new vehicle of the Ford domestic car series at all Ford dealerships in Taiwan, you will be eligible for the following lucky draws: Have Taichung Guguan "Hoshinoya Luxury Tour for Two" (market value of RMB 37,500) is eligible for the lucky draw of “New Ford Mondeo Hybrid Wagon imported from Europe”
New Ford Kuga From August 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022, complete the license for any new model of New Ford Kuga at each Ford dealership, and enjoy the following discounts: The first year Type B body insurance and 800,000 high zero interest rates are available in Taichung Guguan "Hoshinoya Luxury Tour for Two" and "European Imported Fuel-Electric Running Tour New Ford Mondeo Hybrid Wagon" lucky draw qualification


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