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Envious of competing cars? The Jimny refitting market is as hot as the new car market! Why?

table of contents
●The popular car model Jimny is quite popular even in the modification market!
●The classic modification is "improve the driving performance on unpaved roads"
●The reason why classic modification will become the mainstream?
●Options other than off-road modification have also been added

The popular car model Jimny is even very popular in the modification market!


The delivery date still has to wait for more than a year for the super popular models "Jimny" and "Jimny Sierra". It was originally launched for four years and will undergo a major facelift, but I don’t know if it is due to car owners who are still waiting for the delivery of the car. Up to now, the appearance and equipment specifications have hardly changed. Affected by this, the Jimny modification market is as prosperous as the new car sales market.

Recently, the second wave of camping has hit, and many car owners have modified Jimny to outdoor leisure specifications. In addition, there are modification plans such as off-road style, new retro style, and low chassis style.

On the other hand, "Hustler" and "Taft", which are called Jimny's competitors, are not so prosperous in modification.

After the launch of Hustler's first-generation model, many refitting companies launched services such as body modification, but such services are hardly seen on the market now. Taft has also released a high-body concept car, but there are currently no stores to follow up.

What is the difference between the Jimny and these two models?

The classic modification is "to improve driving performance on unpaved roads"

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Although the main purpose of Jimny modification is to change the appearance, most of the modification programs are to improve the driving performance of off-road roads.

The classic refitting items are "raising the suspension system", "increasing the size of tires and rims", "shortening the front and rear bumpers", "modifying the intake and exhaust systems", "replacing the water tank guard" and so on. Among them, raising the suspension system, increasing the size of tires and rims, and replacing the front and rear bumpers are standard items for Jimny modification.

Although ordinary Jimny models can also drive on uneven terrain, sometimes the minimum ground clearance and the three major off-road angles are still not enough.

Therefore, the suspension system and tires are used to increase the minimum ground clearance, and the height of the bumper is also increased, and the three off-road angles are also widened. In addition, due to the longer suspension system, the amount of actuation is increased (improved grip), and finally the driving performance on off-road roads can be improved.

The reason why classic modification will become the mainstream?


The reason these modifications for the Jimny became mainstream is because of the vehicle architecture.

Unlike ordinary vehicles, Jimny adopts the form of "trapezoidal chassis structure" and "fixed axle suspension system" that are not common now. This form of driving on unpaved roads will not cause damage to the car body, and it is also excellent in terms of firmness and durability.

That's one reason why the Jimny's wheel arches are larger than normal. This is to prevent the tires from lifting up and touching the wheel arches when the vehicle is driving on uneven roads. If the wheel arch space is designed too well, the muddy tires will rub against the car body, reducing the up and down swing of the tires.
Jimny's body structure is very good for large-size tires or modifications to increase the height of the car.

To improve the body, you only need to install coil springs and dampers that are longer than the standard specifications, and parts such as cross bars that correct the position of the axles. Although different correction parts need to be installed according to the height of the body, it is still easier to raise the body than a vehicle with a monocoque body structure or an independent suspension system.

jimny sierra

The trapezoidal chassis structure will not cause too many problems even if the body is raised.

Due to the fixed relationship between the suspension system and the position of the rotating shaft, there is still a limit for the monocoque body structure to rely on the suspension system to greatly increase the vehicle height. If you want to increase the height of the car anyway, you will use the method of "member down", but this will put a lot of burden on the car body and will accelerate the deterioration.

The reason why the Jimny does not have this problem is because the trapezoidal chassis is a different structure from the upper body. By the way, Jimny also puts spacers between the spring and the seat to raise the body. Since the free length of the spring remains unchanged, it will not affect the driving performance on unpaved roads.

Options other than off-road modification also increased


Recently, there are more and more Jimny modification activities, and many well-designed Jimnys gather at the activities.

In the past, off-road specification modification was the mainstream. In recent years, the scope of modification has become wider and wider. Manufacturers have also introduced many decorative parts mainly for female customers.

While the standard model Jimny is charming, it's also part of the fun to modify it to create a unique vehicle.

Original source:Are you jealous of rival cars? Jimny custom market is booming like new car sales! Reason?
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