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Equipped with the all-new CVOTM, the most powerful 121 engine in history, a new generation of American behemoth appears.

Harley-Davidson's general agent in Taiwan, Taikoo Dinghan, launched the global limited edition Fast Johnnie Enthusiast Collection and Electra Glide in June.TM After Highway King, this month, at the annual Taiwan Harley event: BIKERTOPIA Rider Utopia, witnessed by more than two thousand Harley riders and friends who love American motorcycles, the new 2023 CVO flagship cruiser model was grandly launched, making history Classics combined with new generation technology redefine American heavy machinery. New CVO in 2023TMWhether it is in terms of power performance, body appearance, or even systems, it has been comprehensively upgraded to provide riders with a sharper and more powerful Harley flagship model.

brand newMilwaukee-Eight VVT 121engine Power and efficiency upgrades

New CVO in 2023TM Equipped with the new Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 engine (1,977 CC), its VVT technology (Variable Valve Timing) will change the valve timing according to the speed and engine conditions, optimizing the delivery of air and fuel, allowing The power output is more powerful, including increased engine horsepower and torque, with a maximum horsepower of 115 HP at 5,020 rpm and a maximum torque of 18.6 kg-m at 3,500 rpm. In addition, the new Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 engine not only increases power, but also reduces fuel consumption and improves fuel economy; coupled with the lightweight vehicle weight, it allows riders to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable ride. Ride experience.

Body design and appearance upgrade Setting a new comfort standard

The new CVO in 2023 is mainly designed to improve the all-round riding experience, and has undergone various upgrades and optimizations in the body and appearance. First of all, in order to optimize the rider's riding vision, the direction lights are changed to LED lighting bars and the headlight design is integrated to enhance the sense of modern technology. It can also highlight the appearance of obvious muscle lines and create a unique, avant-garde and dynamic body streamline. Secondly, the new fairing and windshield design not only makes the car look very stylish, but also has more powerful performance, which helps to reduce wind impact and rider fatigue. The vibration of the front of the car is also significantly reduced by 60%, making the rider more comfortable. The ride is smoother and more comfortable. Next, the new CVO in 2023 is equipped with a new top-level seat design, which is ergonomic, coupled with wider and flatter handlebars and new adjustable shock absorbers, which help optimize the rider's triangle area, improve comfort and reduce long-distance riding. The fatigue of walking. Finally, the new 2023 CVO comes standard with heated handlebars to improve the comfort of riding in cold weather.

System Upgrade Innovation driven

The new CVO in 2023 fully upgrades the function and appearance of the instrument panel, subverting the previous framework of using traditional analog screens. It is equipped with a 12.3-inch TFT full-color display screen and anti-reflective mirror, providing good visibility; the performance of the touch screen can Use it in any weather condition, whether it's rainy or with gloves, it can meet any of your needs. The system part adopts the Skyline OS system. Riders can switch between various display contents according to needs, and can customize three display options on the dashboard. It also provides three riding modes that can be adjusted at will, adapting to road conditions and switching at any time. The riding feeling and experience you want. In addition, the new 2023 CVO is equipped with wireless Apple Carplay / Android Auto functions, allowing riders to obtain navigation guidance, music playback and other smart functions more safely and attentively. It is also equipped with the Rockford Fosgate Stage ll top-notch sound system to lead the way. The owner is immersed in the world of Harley.

Make an appointment now pinnacle work

The new CVO in 2023 is in a silver-grey color with a deep technological feel, highlighting the neat and tangible muscle lines, and showing Harley-Davidson’s dedication to detailed aesthetics. In order to meet the expectations of fans in the Taiwanese market, Harley-Davidson Taiwan general agent Taikoo Dinghan specially obtained a small amount of quota from the original factory to introduce the 2023 new CVOTM Street GlideTMwith a recommended price of NT$2,899,000. Friends who are fans of Harley-Davidson, don’t miss it. You are invited to make an appointment to enjoy the car at the Harley flagship exhibition center in Taiwan immediately, and witness the unprecedented pinnacle together.

*The above specifications will be based on information announced after the actual vehicle enters Taiwan for vehicle-by-vehicle testing.

*Information about Harley’s flagship display centers in Taiwan:

Harley Taipei Flagship Exhibition Center No. 189, Section 2, Jiuzong Road, Taipei City (02)2798-9869

Harley Taoyuan Flagship Exhibition Center No. 120, Taoda 1st Street, Datanli, Guanyin District, Taoyuan City (03)473-7778

Harley Taichung Flagship Exhibition Center No. 535, Section 4, Longfu Road, Nantun District, Taichung City (04)2221-8188

Harley Kaohsiung Flagship Exhibition Center No. 88, Boai 4th Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City (07)348-1968

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