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Equipped with upgrades and additional 9-seater Kombi models 22-year-old Ford Tourneo Custom pre-sale starts

●Upgraded 8-inch full-color LCD touch screen (8-person/9-person prestige type)

●The 9-seater premium model is upgraded with Co-Pilot360 Technology

9-seater Kombi comes standard with a 4.5-inch multimedia screen (built-in SYNC 3)

Equipped with a 2.0-liter EcoBlue turbo diesel engine

●Domestic pre-sale price: 8-seater luxury model / 1.669 million yuan, 8-seater luxury model (made to order) / 1.469 million yuan

9-seater Prestige / 1.469 million yuan, 9-seater Kombi / 1.299 million yuan

After Ford Liuhe released the official pre-order information for the 22-year-old Ford Tourneo Custom on May 12, a media preview meeting was finally held on June 21, so that everyone could see the style of this car first. As for the official listing presentation, it is expected to be held in mid-to-late July.

The 22-year-old Tourneo Custom Ford Traveler, in addition to the existing 8-seat/9-seat Prestige and 8-seat luxury, also added an entry-level 9-seat Kombi model for the first time. The pre-sale price is 1.299 million yuan. The introduction of entry-level models can not only lower the threshold for new car owners, but also provide consumers with more diverse product choices. In particular, the models displayed this time are based on the New Year-style 9-seater Kombi model. The converted welfare car is equipped with auxiliary equipment such as an electric wheelchair lifting platform in the rear luggage compartment to demonstrate the multi-functional use of the 9-seat Kombi model to respond to the market of corporate use, short-distance acceptance and long-term care welfare vehicles. diverse needs.

The newly added entry-level 9-seater Kombi model has a shield-shaped water tank guard that is different from that of the mid-to-high-end models. The interior is a sturdy three-bar grille design.
In order to meet the diverse needs of the market for corporate use, short-distance acceptance, and long-term care welfare vehicles, the 9-seat Kombi model can be customized for customers. The picture shown is the welfare vehicle with an electric wheelchair lifting platform.

Mid-level upgraded 8-inch LCD touch screen

The new entry-level 9-seater Kombi model has a body length/width/height size of 5339/2030/2024mm and a wheelbase of 3300mm; in appearance, it has a rather domineering shield-shaped black water tank guard, and the interior adopts four The design of the horizontal grille; in addition, the equally huge headlight group is also surrounded by LED daytime running light strips, and the function of light-sensing headlights is added. In addition, the fixed window (the second row window) and the unilateral right sliding door are also changed, and it has an exclusive right foot pedal setting, but the wheel rim adopts a 16-inch iron ring configuration.

The entry-level 9-seater Kombi model is not as well equipped as the high-end prestige or luxury models, but it also has a leather-covered, four-way adjustable three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and built-in SYNC 3 entertainment. The 4.5-inch multimedia screen (including Bluetooth/USB function) of the communication integrated system, the reversing development assist system, the dual front seat heating function, the raindrop-sensing wipers and the 6 speakers are equipped. As for the 22-year-old 8-seater and 9-seater Prestige models, both upgraded 8-inch floating full-color LCD touch screen, not only built-in SYNC 3 entertainment communication integration system, but also supports Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phones link function. In addition, the 9-seater Prestige model has been upgraded with Ford Co-Pilot360 all-round intelligent driving technology, including ACC active cruise control, PCA forward collision warning (with AEB full-speed area auxiliary braking), LDW lane offset Warning/LKA Lane Departure Assist, BLIS Visual Blind Spot Detection (with CTA Reversing Traffic Alert) and Driving Fatigue Warning System, etc., the safety protection specifications have reached a new level.

The interior layout design of the entry-level 9-seater Kombi model is the same as that of other mid-to-high-profile models, and only the "practicality" adjustment is made in the equipment items.
The 22-year-old 8-seat and 9-seat Prestige models are simultaneously upgraded with an 8-inch floating LCD touch screen, built-in SYNC 3 system, and support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connectivity.
The nine-seater Kombi model comes standard with a leather-covered three-spoke multifunction steering wheel that can be adjusted in four directions.
The 9-seater Prestige also introduces Co-Pilot360 Technology, including ACC/PCA/AEB/LDW/LKA/BLIS/CTA and driving fatigue warning system.

The second and third row seats of the 9-seater Kombi model are both 1+2 and benefit from the green-style flat chassis, so it has a fairly flat and spacious cabin space, plus elastic seats The design can be used for changing functions such as forward tilt, foldover and disassembly, so it can fully meet various loading needs. In addition, the cabin also has a number of thoughtful designs and storage spaces such as 12V sockets and USB slots, which greatly improves the practicability of the 9-seater Kombi model.

The standard version of the 9-seat Kombi model has three rows of 3+3+3 seats, and the second and third rows of seats are both set to 1+2, and can be tilted forward, folded, and removed. Function.

Single power, two output specifications

The Tourneo Custom is powered by a 2.0-liter EcoBlue inline four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine mated to a SelectShiftTM 6-speed manual transmission. By reducing the friction coefficient of the key components of the engine body, and improving the fuel supply pressure of the fuel injector and the optimization of the turbo air intake, the 22-year-old Ford Traveller has 130hp/36.7kgm and 170hp/42.3 depending on the model. The maximum power output in kgm. As for the 9-seater Kombi model, it provides a power output of 130hp/36.7kgm and an average fuel consumption of 14.8km/L, which meets the domestic first-class energy efficiency level and the EU 6.2 emission standard.


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