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European Land Cruiser Prado Adds "Matte Black Edition Specification"! Japan Release Date Confirmed

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●European Land Cruiser Prado launches matte black specification
●The interior is also unified in black
● Japan is expected to be released in August

European Land Cruiser Prado launches matte black specification

On July 7, 2022, Toyota in Europe announced that the Land Cruiser Prado (local car name: Land Cruiser) has added a matte black "Matte Black Edition".

Matte Black Edition's water tank cover, trim strip above the headlights, and around the fog lights are all treated with matte black.

The side steps, luggage rack, door mirrors, 18-inch wheels, and tailgate trim above the license plate are also designed in matt black.

The interior is also unified in black

There is no obvious change in the interior, and the whole is unified into a black tone.

Matte Black Edition Seat Leather Left: Black/Grey; Right: Black/Light Brown

The seat backs and headrests are black, and the seat side leather is available in grey or light brown.

Japan is expected to release in August

Japan will also add the Matte Black Edition to the Land Cruiser Prado. It is expected to be released on August 2, 2022, and sales stores will start quoting in early June of the same year.

Original source:"Matte black specification" added to Land Cruiser Prado in Europe!Release date in Japan confirmed
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