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Europe's largest SUVŠKODA KAROQ, the all-new IN power is launched

  • Best family SUV for four consecutive years from 2018 to 2021
  • The only one in its class to include Matrix LED smart compound-eye headlights and dynamic sequential LED directional taillights as standard equipment
  • Comprehensive upgrade of driving assistance technology
  • New SportLine new mountain version added
  • Worldwide sales of over 500,000 vehicles from 2017 to 2021

ŠKODA Taiwan officially released the new KAROQ facelift today, in addition to the more streamlined appearance
In addition to the style, the lighting technology and the Level 2 driving assistance technology that consumers are most concerned about are more comprehensively improved (smart EYE intelligent driving assistance).
technology), fully demonstrate all-round IN strength, and become the best choice for family SUV!
As the backbone of ŠKODA's SUV family, KAROQ is more popular among family groups than the seven-seater KODIAQ and KAMIQ.
favorite, whether British What Car? magazine or Auto Express magazine listed this as Best Family SUV (Best Family SUV).
family SUV). KAROQ has a body length of 4389mm (SportLine 4384mm), thanks to the streamlined short head design, this
The interior space of the model is not inferior to that of its competitors in the market, and it also has a luggage compartment storage space of up to 521 liters.
ŠKODA's most acclaimed Simply Clever's ingenuity and ingenuity deserves the title of the most SUV in Europe!

Appearance Technology IN Strength

Compared with the previous model, the facelift of the redesigned KAROQ is the most eye-catching part of the new tank guard and equipped with Matrix.
The new headlamp shape of the LED smart compound eye headlamp.The more extended, solid hexagonal shape of the tank guard is not only aerodynamic
Refinement, while making the facelifted KAROQ look more domineering, and the new layered headlight design can be divided into upper and lower layers: the upper layer dominates
High beam, low beam and corner lighting; the lower layer is Matrix smart compound eye headlights with 24 LEDs on each side, as well as auxiliary lights for bad weather
As for the daytime walking lights, the LEDs in the middle stepped strip are responsible. And the rear taillights have also been upgraded to full LED dynamic sequence type.
The shape of the taillights after the model has also been modified to be more solid: the upper and lower taillights are covered with white light strips, which are the sequential direction lights, and the taillights at the rear are covered with white light strips.
Below the lights, ŠKODA subtly incorporates the shape of the Czech flag into the fold line of the rear bumper, in order to highlight its European heritage.
The Matrix smart compound eye headlights, which are the only standard SUVs in the same class, can be said to be the biggest selling point of the new KAROQ.
With the assistance of light sources, it can actively provide the driver with a clear and bright view of the road in response to changes in the surrounding environment, and at the same time, the oncoming traffic will not be disturbed.
It is one of the most popular driver assistance equipment at present.
In addition to having a more sophisticated design vocabulary, although KAROQ is an SUV model, the Johor Bahru SportLine model can have a Cd value
The wind resistance coefficient of 0.30, which is all thanks to the front air intake bumper, the newly designed aluminum ring with aerodynamics, the longer spoiler, and the rear windshield
Thanks to optimization factors such as glass side fins and a flat chassis, KAROQ is not only more stable, but also more fuel-efficient.

Interior texture IN solid

The interior is another eye-catching focus of the new KAROQ facelift: 10.25-inch full Chinese and full-color digital instrument with 9.2-inch CNS 3.0 infotainment
The music system makes the cockpit of this SUV both stylish and technological, and the overall style is differentiated according to different types: the new snow mountain version adopts the
It is a bright silver hairline trim panel with comfortable cloth textured seats and a multi-function steering wheel with a suspended shuttle wheel; the advanced Xinshan version
SportLine has the Carbon running sport black trim with running-style cloth seats, and the steering wheel is equipped with shift paddles, audio and electric.
A three-spoke running-style multi-function steering wheel with telephone control functions.In addition, the mobile phone wireless charging pad and wireless Apple Carplay are in the new
KAROQ is already standard equipment. ŠKODA also offers a limited edition of 400 free upgrade chairs for the master: the new snow mountain version upgrades to black
Suedia/Real Seat, Xinshan version upgrades black real seat, and enjoys dual front seat eight-way electric adjustment and three sets of memory functions.
It is particularly worth mentioning that KAROQ is not only more refined in terms of interior texture, but also for this most SUV in Europe, the original factory has designed the seats.
The above is also quite ingenious: the front seats are specially lowered by about 4 cm to create a theater-like stepped seat, so that the rear seat occupants can enjoy the most
The best front view is more soothing for young children at home.

Control performance IN strength

The new KAROQ is also equipped with a 1.5 TSI EVO turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 150hp and a maximum torque of 25.5kgm.
The speed range is 1500~3500rpm, which fully expresses the characteristics of this engine with low speed and high torque.mated to the seven-speed DSG dual clutch
The time required to accelerate from a standstill to a speed of 100km/h is 8.9 seconds, and the top speed is 210km/h.
The fuel consumption is 17.6km/L, which is quite good.
Driving assistance technology is also a highlight of KAROQ: Driver Alert fatigue driving warning, Emergency Assist emergency assistance system
system, Lane Assist lane maintenance and drift warning systems have become standard equipment on the whole system; the new version of the SportLine model is additionally added
Park Assist semi-autonomous parking assist system and Area View panoramic view warning all the driving
Assistive technologies such as: full-speed ACC active cruise control system, AEB emergency braking system while driving, Front Assist front assist system
system, Side Assist side blind spot warning system, RTA rear traffic warning system, etc., can be described as the most advanced SUV driving assistance technology in its class.
Complete range.Coupled with the standard nine airbags, MKB secondary collision pre-brake system, and hot-formed steel up to 26.4%, this model
The KAROQ, which has received five stars in the NCAP European crash test, can be said to be the highest safety indicator among SUVs in its class!
The new KAROQ is planned to have two types: the new snow mountain version and the new mountain version of the SportLine.To highlight the sporty character of the SportLine
The new version has a number of exclusive accessories in appearance, including: front and rear bumpers with high-gloss black trim strips, extended rear spoiler,
SportLine type nameplate, 18-inch aluminum ring, dark glass rear window; the interior part is Carbon running trim with three gear shift paddles
Wide running style multifunction steering wheel. In terms of comfortable driving equipment, the advanced SportLine Xinshan Edition still has Area View with four-zone surrounding scenery.
Overlooking the development warning system, Park Assist semi-automatic parking assist, dual-zone constant temperature air conditioning system, both in appearance and equipment
Flagship level.
Since ŠKODA KAROQ was launched in Europe in 2017, global sales have exceeded 500,000 units by 2021; from 2018 to 2021
It has won the title of the best family SUV in Europe for four consecutive years. This time, it introduced a new model to be launched in Taiwan, and also added a number of unique technical equipment in its class, showing
Full of IN strength to see, "Europe's most SUV" can be called the true name!In addition, in order to deepen Taiwan consumers' interest in black bear conservation
Attention, ŠKODA Taiwan specially subscribed for the organic rice paddies that Xiao Xiong visited in Fuyu Mountains before, and provided 400 groups for free for free.
Lord KAROQ, we will do our best to protect black bears.


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