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Every early adopter has bought an EV and now car brands are getting stressed -

Car brands must do their best to convince motorists to drive electrically, because the early adopters have already been provided. The target group that comes next does not switch so easily …

The news that the early adopter era of electric cars is coming to an end comes from Axios. The American news site naturally bases itself on car sales in the United States, but car brands worldwide are feeling the consequences.

Moreover, we recognize the reservations of car buyers that Axios points out. For example, the next people who stand in the imaginary queue to switch to electric driving are more price-conscious. They are not at all eager to pay the higher additional cost of an electric car compared to a regular petrol car. They also find charging a hassle and think that better EVs will soon be on the market.

Sounds very recognizable. We would also wait until 2025 for the flow of cheap electric cars gets underway.

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Price reductions and adjustments

The fact that the next generation of EV drivers is still hesitant to make the switch does not mean that car brands should throw in the towel and the charging cord. According to Axios, the transition will simply take a little longer. And the process is less smooth than experts first thought. Car brands simply need to be more flexible: implement a price reduction here, adjust their strategy slightly there.

Ford know all about that. The brand planned to build 600,000 electric cars this year, but that target has been pushed back to 2024. Ford's CEO signaled that EV adoption is slower than expected and gave it a positive spin. Roughly translated: EV buyers want to see the cat out of the tree and that gives Ford the time it needs to get things on track.

Volkswagenboss Thomas Schäfer makes no bones about it: the brand is in big trouble because there is far too little demand for electric cars. There's more to it than just early adopter saturation, such as cutting government subsidies for business and private buyers.

followers of it Toyotafaith are using this news to justify the slow switch to electric models of their brand. Although Toyota itself also recognizes that they will not make it with hybrid cars alone. That is why everything is now being pulled out of the closet to turn the electrical backlog into a head start.

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