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Exclusive in Taiwan! Minimalism reinterprets adult-oriented light travel fashionLOJEL's new-size golden ratio debuts

Calm and extreme black, minimalist wear is more stylish
Calm and extreme black, minimalism easily interprets the sense of adulthood

Minimalism has been a spiritual indicator respected by many fashion brands since the 1960s. Compared with additional decorations, it focuses more on its outline and shape. The design inspiration of LOJEL CUBO FIT is based on minimalism. The redundant design, with a simple and clean appearance as the main appeal, and cleverly matched with the orderly horizontal texture, gives the original plain shape a vivid design sense. Compared with the ordinary suitcase, the CUBO FIT is taller and thinner. The box type, 16:9 aspect ratio, makes the visual sense without expansion effect, but shows its minimalist and fashionable golden ratio!

LOJEL CUBO FIT brand new 24-inch suitcase, the world’s only exclusive sale in Taiwan, the size and size suitable for a 7-day personal trip, dedicated to you who love to travel, abandon the suffocating daily life, weave a section of your own adventure , Calm down and listen to the truest voice in your heart, carefully examine and understand your needs, CUBO FIT will take you on a mature and stable journey for adults, and in-depth exploration of the hidden charm of each city.

The CUBO FIT 24-inch suitcase features a tall and thin box shape, which is lightweight and space-saving; the 90-degree front open lid storage design makes it easy to organize and take up supplies without taking up space. The upper and lower lids are 1:9 ratio. Snacks and shoe boxes are not afraid of being covered. It is crushed, and the depth can be expanded to 30 cm. The bottom of the handle is designed to increase the force point and save effort. In addition, the double gear anti-theft zipper design, built-in multi-compartment design, storage and organization are very good Convenient, whether it is a fashion trip or a business trip, it is stylish, practical and functional.

Diverse and colorful colors, 16:9 golden size ratio, play with personal characteristics, individuality extreme black, bright mustard yellow, sweet tender pink rose, easy to match as you like

Meet all your travel needs, only in TaiwanCUBO FITbrand new24Inches,

CUBO FIT 24-inch minimalist appearance design, its 16:9 high-width golden ratio makes the visual effect more slim and fashionable. The 24-inch size is light and easy to carry. It is easy to carry for personal 7 days of deep travel or family 3 days of warm travel. , Are the best first choice, with the ultimate black of individuality, low-key but not heavy, easy to shuttle through the alleys of the city, whether it is with leather items or suit dresses, it can definitely highlight your simple and straightforward Style! Pull on the bright mustard yellow, run free and chic on the prairie, let the sun shine on your face, show your outgoing and confident self, all-match bright yellow with tannin single product, come to Europe and the United States to travel to the west Right! Sweet and tender pink rose, less saturated and pinkish light pink, comes with a sense of Japanese filter, with an elegant white dress and straw hat, looks dreamy but with a strong sense of pink, now take the southerly Train, start a slow-paced journey of lazy adults.

Just the right size and capacity

Due to the impact of the epidemic, international travel has become the best choice for Chinese tourists. Taiwan exclusively limited the brand new LOJEL CUBO FIT 24-inch suitcase, which is just the right size, whether it is a cultural stroll in the city or a place in the city. Lazy camping in the mountains, the 24-inch CUBO FIT is definitely the best companion to embellish three-four-day light travel

  1. Appearingly lightweight, with a thicker bottom of the box and expansion settings, the depth can be expanded to 30 cm. The super large capacity can be stored and organized as you want.
  2. The golden ratio aspect ratio is smart and space saving
  3. 90-degree front opening and storage design, easy to organize and stand upright without taking up space
  4. The ratio of the upper and lower covers is 1:9, so luggage and gifts are not afraid of being crushed
  5. Increase the handle design at the bottom, easy to hold and place to increase the force point and save effort
  6. Double-gear anti-theft zipper design improves luggage protection and is not easily damaged by external forces
  7. Built-in multi-layer design, small items are very convenient for storage and storage
  8. Japanese-designed high-quality aircraft wheels, 360 smoothly rotating and sliding

Fashionable, practical, functional, and easy to take care of domestic light travel!

LOJEL-CUBO-FIT gold size 24 inches exclusive to Taiwan

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