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Explore the future of pure electric high performanceNissan Ariya Single Seater Concept

●Single-seater design high-performance pure electric concept car
●The exterior design elements from the formula car
●Based on the pure electric power of commercially available mass-produced cars

Not long ago, Nissan announced the brand new pure electric crossover travel Ariya, announcing that pure electric products will leap forward to another generation on the foundation laid by Leaf. If Ariya is a mass-market-oriented key pure electric new car, then the Ariya Single Seater Concept released now is an experimental high-performance pure electric concept car.

In order to explore the future of pure electric performance and pursue the various possibilities of mass production power systems, Nissan created the Ariya Single Seater Concept as an example of the first attempt. To put it simply, Nissan wants to know whether the pursuit of excellent driving pleasure in electric vehicles can only be achieved through large-capacity batteries and high-output motors. If the power system of a general mass-produced electric vehicle is used, what extent can it be achieved?

Ariya Single Seater Concept may not give the answer directly, but it is enough to present the question more specifically to all car fans who are concerned about this topic. In the end, what Nissan brings is a single-seater high-performance supercar concept car that has a sense of future beyond the contemporary era and is extremely functional.

Nissan launched the Ariya Single Seater Concept as an experimental example to explore the future development of the high-performance field.

As if a formula car descended on the road

If you look closely, you can actually see that Ariya Single Seater Concept uses many design elements from formula racing cars. Whether it’s an ultra-low flat body, a front nose, a rear wing, a single-seater setting without a roof, exposed tires, and a suspension structure, etc., if the concept car removes the body panel decoration and emphasizes the aerodynamic design, Even if this is a Formula E car that will be competing in two years, there are probably not many people who doubt it.

From the appearance, Ariya Single Seater Concept looks like a road version of a formula car.

Especially the Halo protection equipment on the driver's seat simply moved the formula car set to the Ariya Single Seater Concept. Of course, after all, there is no roof structure. For a pure electric supercar with high performance as the goal, the support behind the seat may not be enough. Going straight to Halo will be a more ideal and safe choice.

The concept car appeared at the Nissan Futures event and was announced by Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President of Nissan Design Department, and Juan Manuel Hoyos, President of Global Marketing. Hoyos said that he is very pleased to introduce Ariya Single Seater Concept in this event, because Nissan is willing to do challenges that other car manufacturers dare not try.

Application of commercially available power system

Ariya Single Seater Concept is also a reflection on the high-performance field. In fact, it is a bit like something that several niche brands such as Morgan have done. Exciting and powerful performance, is large power output necessarily a necessary condition? Nissan doesn't think so.

Hoyos further added that the Ariya Single Seater Concept not only shows the appearance design of road cars inspired by thoroughbred racing cars, but also wants to demonstrate a more efficient new pure electric performance language. Although the Ariya Single Seater Concept does not have much in common with Ariya in terms of styling, there is one thing that makes the two inseparable and closely related, that is, the power system of the concept car comes from the Ariya production car.

Nissan has made a bold attempt on concept cars. Instead of interpreting high performance in the traditional way of large power settings, Nissan uses the power system of the Ariya production car to see to what extent.

Some people may wonder how much driving pleasure the pure electric power system of a production car can bring? Nissan wants to use more future technological innovations to maximize the dual-motor output of only 389 horsepower. Nissan will continue to try to introduce track technology to road vehicles, rather than simply exchange for the so-called excitement through the simplest power increase.

Ariya's top-profile model is equipped with dual motors and can output 398 horsepower.

10 years of ambition officially launched

In addition to the recent launch of the Ariya Single Seater Concept concept car, Nissan also announced a 10-year mid-to-long-term plan called "2030 Ambition". In addition to continuing to apply the "Timeless Japanese Futurism" timeless Japanese Futurism, it will also invest Up to 2 trillion yen to accelerate the launch of pure electric new cars, it is estimated that by 2030, at least half of the brand's new car sales will be pure electric vehicles.

Part of the funds will also be invested in the research and development of solid-state batteries. It is expected that the first mass-produced car equipped with solid-state batteries will be launched within 10 years. At the same time, the cost of the battery will be greatly reduced, and the charging speed will be significantly increased. This makes the cost of electric vehicles comparable to that of fuel vehicles, and makes 2030 a golden year for electric vehicles and fuel vehicles.

Nissan recently announced the Ambition 2030 transformation plan, which will invest 2 trillion yen to accelerate the transformation.

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