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Exploring the Octane Tipping PointHonda Civic Type R

●The last Honda Soul performance car with pure internal combustion engine

●Suzuka Circuit lap 2:23.120

●Introduced the Honda Log R system for the first time

2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine

●More details to be announced in Japan in September

The reason why a performance car can be popular all over the world is not the unattainable rarity or the speed that breaks the law, but it allows more people to indulge in the pleasure of driving. Among those steel gun models, the most popular Toyo star among car fans is the Honda Civic Type R. Seeing that the 11th-generation Civic has entered the global market one after another, what is the reason why Honda can not keep such a brand spirit faithfully?

So we are looking forward to the 11th generation Civic Type R

As we all know, the major car manufacturers have long since said that, fast or slow, everyone has already set the end of the internal combustion engine products, so it is embarrassing to point out that the newly released Civic Type R may be the last pure internal combustion engine in history. Honda Soul performance car. You must know that the reason why the Honda Express in the past is fascinating, sought after by players from all over the world and became a belief, in addition to its powerful driving performance and unfathomable physical limits, the most important thing is the stupidity that squeezes the internal combustion engine to the limit, no matter the early years. The naturally aspirated engine, or the recently switched to turbocharged but still intriguing output power, watching the speed pointer jump up and down quickly with the throttle and gear changes, and then listening to the high-pitched and sweet sounds of nature from the engine room, It has always been a distinctive feature of the Honda performance powerhouses of all dynasties. Now, if I tell you that everything will come to an abrupt end before the 11th generation Civic Type R, it is so compatible with longing and longing, but it is also very sad. The entanglement is probably only a fever car. I can understand as much as you are.

destined to become a phenomenal steel cannon

Returning to the topic, so the 11th generation Civic Type R was born in front of everyone from this time and space background, as if it was not dramatic enough. It coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Civic car series, and the Type R performance family also released the 30th anniversary. At the moment, according to the usual practice, Honda must claim that it is the strongest Civic Type R in history. In fact, the 11th generation Civic Type R really deserves such a title, because it is only still in the testing stage, and the new car has already been tested at the home Suzuka Suzuka Circuit. The lap time of 2 minutes 23 seconds 120 was nearly a full second faster than the previous model. At the same time, they are also in full swing at the Nürburgring Nordschleife trying to recreate the fastest speed record for front-wheel drive cars. Since the new car debuted , a blockbuster is certainly imperative.

More refined, but the same spirit

And how to achieve such a goal, Honda used almost all the housekeeping skills. From the outside, the new car naturally continues the basic outline and structure of the 11th generation Civic Hatchback, and then adds many performance elements to effectively improve the aerodynamic effect and simultaneously strengthen the fighting atmosphere of the whole vehicle. Interestingly, it is different from the previous generation FK8. In a different direction, the new Civic Type R no longer looks like a stunner who wants to give all the modified parts to the car according to the photos. Instead, it presents the world with a more mature design method of washing the chain, so you will no longer have that kind of "splendid". The patchwork visual experience of "Duoweiyu" is more similar to the harmonious beauty of the European performance cars in the past. Of course, you can still understand the ingenious thinking of the design team, such as the slightly raised front and rear wheel arches, the enlarged and extended front air dam and The cooling opening, the honeycomb grille design, the large-scale rear wing that is the fundamental spiritual symbol, the central three-outlet tailpipe and the most important bright red big H factory emblem, the new Civic Type R is still not allowed to be mistaken by any car fans. Recognize the highest identity.

Different from the previous generation FK8, the new Civic Type R is presented to the world with a more mature design method.
The large-scale rear wing, which can be called a spiritual symbol, is still an unrecognizable visual totem of the new Civic Type R.
Since the FK8, the center-mounted three-outlet tailpipe, which is the key recognition point of the car series, includes an electronic valve adjustable design.

Retro sports style, Honda Log R injects new ideas

In the cockpit, the all-new Civic Type R obviously intends to fascinate hardcore car fans again. We know that the new design of the 11th-generation Civic cabin is a perfect combination of retro taste and new-generation technology. However, the Civic Type R can add more blood factors in such a spirit. The sum is an indescribable tribute to the wonderful shock of the 1980s. Look at the design from the bucket seat to the red carpet. It is not only in line with the predecessors of Type R, but also with the air-conditioning grille design that runs through the central control, you can still feel the ancient feelings, and at the same time Leading the driver to explore the true meaning of performance.

The cockpit of the 11th-generation Civic Type R perfectly combines retro styling with next-generation technology, delivering a style that fans will love.
The exclusive bucket-type sports car seat with a bright red slightly suede texture not only looks beautiful, but also strengthens the seat coverage and anti-slip properties.

Of course, as a human-vehicle interface, how to assist the driver to make the car run faster and drive more fun is also the mission of the new Civic Type R design team. Therefore, the new car is designed with exclusive performance-oriented instruments, such as speed lights or gear indicators, so that drivers can more quickly obtain a lot of relevant information when driving with passion. Interestingly, this facelift also introduced the Honda Log R system for the first time, which can display many functions including G value, temperature, air pressure, tire condition, lap time, driving score, and speed limit release on the track on the central control display. You can even upload relevant information to compare and rank with riders. Simply put, this is like a Honda version of a sports car timing kit. At best, it has more functions and is more fun to play.

For the first time, the new car has introduced the Honda Log R system, which can display many information including G value, temperature, air pressure, tire condition, lap time, driving score and track speed limit on the central control display.

Details to be announced in September

It's just that although the new Civic Type R has made many car fans drool inside and out, Honda still hasn't planned to reveal all the details at once. Like the most important power part for a performance car, it is only known that it will still adopt a 2.0-liter inline-four. Cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine, and by updating peripheral configurations such as turbochargers, it brings powerful power that surpasses the 310 horsepower and 40.8 kg meters of the previous model. , a six-speed manual transmission system with aluminum alloy gear shift heads, together with 19-inch running tires enlarged from 235mm to 265mm, reinforced brake calipers and discs from Brembo, and a sports car with active valve design that can take into account sound and exhaust smoothness The exhaust system, as well as the chassis and suspension settings that are still undisclosed, make it possible to attack the world's major circuits with such confidence.

At present, Honda is still tight-lipped about the power data of the 11th-generation Civic Type R. At present, it is only known that the 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine architecture is still continued.
A six-speed manual transmission is still standard on the 11th-generation Civic Type R, and it will definitely be the ultimate salvation for fans of manual transmission.
The rim size has been enlarged to 265/30 R19, and there are reinforced brake calipers and discs from Brembo hidden in it.

More detailed data about the 11th-generation Civic Type R will not be revealed until it is officially launched in Japan in September this year, but the more important issue is that since the news that the Civic e:HEV is about to be introduced to Taiwan is raging, the new generation Will the Civic Type R begin to be associated with the local market? According to the current information, Taiwan's Honda is indeed very interested in introducing this chariot of fire, but whether it can really do so at that time depends on the attitude and planning of Honda's parent factory.

In other words, if a performance steel gun with a Japanese spirit like the Civic Type R can really be imported into Taiwan through the original factory, as long as the price is reasonable, don’t let traders take advantage of it. In this world where players are running around the streets, how many are there? Low probability is impossible to sell to scare?

The more detailed data of the 11th-generation Civic Type R will not be revealed until it is officially launched in Japan in September this year. As for whether it can be seen in the Taiwan market, it also depends on the attitude of the parent factory.


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