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[F1專題] Between Gains and Losses──2021 F1 Team Review

The closing station and even the lingering controversy over the ownership of the driver's championship, Red Bull's high-profile celebration of winning the championship in the last year of Honda's official competition, almost makes people forget that the team's championship is still Mercedes, and it is the eighth consecutive championship that has set a historical record for three consecutive years...

PlaceSo, stop arguing about the drivers' championship now: with the tightness of last year's season, either defender Lewis Hamilton or challenger Max Verstappen deserved the final victory, just because of the safety car incident at the closing race. And let the annual championship become a random decision, and this is the second time that F1 has broken the 13-year-old phenomenon that the annual championship driver is not from the annual championship team. Perhaps it reflects the randomness of the driver championship? In this issue, let us analyze this season from the rise and fall of the team rankings.


The year before last, Hamilton's individual points surpassed Red Bull's team points, which can only be said to be completely invincible. Last year, not only did Mercedes win the team's championship after the closing stage, but Hamilton also lost the driver's championship. It's not just the driver's problem - it's not the first day you've seen F1 - the low-slope design of the Mercedes car chassis is very unfavorable to last year's body rules, and the downforce tends to be insufficient throughout the season.

From the driver's ranking, Mercedes can defend the team championship. The biggest factor is that the team's deputy Valtteri Bottas has higher points than Red Bull's deputy Sergio Perez, but it is often unable to play a supporting role at critical moments. He lost his advantage over Verstappen, and Bottas was only 6th in both qualifying and the final. He just ran his own business. Mercedes finally broke up with him after five years.

Honda tried their best and still failed to help Red Bull return to the championship team (manufacturer's championship), it can only be said that the championship drivers are driving their cars.

Red Bull:

Compared with the previous year, last year's Red Bull simply took a big pill (too much drinking from its own products?), surpassed Mercedes in total annual wins (although still lost the team championship, but that is the problem of the deputy), and the chassis of the car has a high inclination angle. The design is just to use its own strengths to attack the other's weaknesses; and in the last year of participating in F1 under the official name, Honda made every effort to improve the power system, so that the performance of this car is absolutely not inferior to its opponents, and finally at least produce a driver's championship.

Perez's performance still seems to have some shortcomings, but it is already the best record of Verstappen's teammates in the past three years: not only has five podium appearances, but also one win - albeit because of teammates' retirement and opponents. The self-destruction - Verstappen once asked the team to just make the car fast, regardless of whether it is good to drive or not, that is, to overcome it entirely on their own. As a result, the main object of his deputies' struggle was this car. Perez has already used his rich experience The experience made the best effort to adapt.

Leclerc, who is expected to be the "young master" of Ferrari, won his first time with Vettel and lost to Sainz, who is more senior than his new partner, last year.


The 6th place in the previous year fell into the back-end class, which was Ferrari's worst result in the past 40 years. Last year, the team leader Mattia Binotto issued a military order to return to the top three. As a result, it really rebounded by three rankings, compared to the opponent's. The lap gap has been halved, and last year's finish score of 38 cars was the first of any team (more than Mercedes and Red Bull's 35 cars), and the record of retirements due to breakdowns was reduced from six the previous year to last year's Once, there was only one game with a double-zero score.

What Ferrari is worth watching is the rise and fall of the drivers: the "young master" Charles Leclerc had beaten Sebastian Vettel in the previous two years. The former won because of his youthfulness, while the latter lost because of his poor pressure resistance. However, after Carlos Sainz was exchanged, Leclerc could not beg for it. What's so cheap? Instead, what I see is the former's step-by-step and the latter's lack of success. Sainz defeated the young master in the first year of his arrival in the Red Army, and the number of podiums was four times more than his, and he is still in a continuous record for 15 consecutive years. The field score, but also shows the stability of Sainz.

McLaren was the only team to finish 1-2 in a team final last season (yes: let alone Red Bull, not even Mercedes).


The Renault, who was equipped with the last year of the cooperation last year, was able to win the third place of the year. To be honest, it was a bit unexpected. The disadvantage of last year was that only McLaren changed the power brand and the body had to be modified to adapt to each other. However, since the winter test, there has been no break-in. Although the upgrade space for the car is small, and the upgrade space has been completed after the middle of the season - this is the main reason why Ferrari was overtaken at the end of the season - but the annual ranking is only down one place, it should be Still acceptable.

However, last year McLaren won the team's first win since Brazil in 2012, 1-2 for the first time since Canada in 2010, and new driver Daniel Ricciardo's first win since Monaco in 2018, which means a lot to him. But Lando Norris has four times as many podiums, points and annual rankings, and in the annual poll of 10 leaders and 20 drivers, Norris is second only to Verstappen and Hamilton. 3rd Place.

Alpine and its predecessor Renault can be said to be firmly in the middle seat. It seems that there is no progress, but the veteran Alonso is willing to lead and promote the growth of Ocon.


Including its predecessor Renault, the team has ranked 5th for three consecutive years. Although there have been personnel changes at the leader level (also this year), this midstream position is still stable, and the ranks of the teams in the front and rear are washed up and down. The team does not move, but there are still differences in essence: the previous year had three podium results, although last year it was reduced to two, but one of them was a winner! Winning in the first season of the team's name change is indeed a good luck. Of course, it is also the benefit of reserving the research and development resources to last year's previous year.

Fernando Alonso chose to return here after leaving for two years. For him, it is still the familiar team he played for twice in the past, Renault. He returned with a positive attitude and is still as dedicated as ever, and his average performance throughout the year is getting better and better. There was also a podium at the end of the season. Last year, Esteban Ocon also returned to the team that had trained him in the youth training era. Although the results were not as good as Alonso, his performance on the podium for the first time at the end of the previous year in second place gave him confidence, and he won his first victory last year. .

The significance of Alpha Tauri's existence is Red Bull's youth training team, and being in the middle is the best performance that can be achieved at this stage.

Alpha Tauri▲1

In the first season of the rebranding last year, the victory in the team's country was too dreamy (the Italian team that played the Italian national anthem in Italy is not the only Ferrari), and the parent team Red Bull is equipped with the same Honda power, which can be used in research and development. There is more data to communicate (after all, they are their own people, unlike other factory and customer teams). Last year, Honda fully assisted Red Bull in the championship. It was inevitable that they would be left out of the Alpha Tauri, but they were also able to "dip" and share the fruits of power upgrades.

Pierre Gasly, who is known as "the person who can turn a calf into a big ox" (although he became a calf in Daniel), is still the main force of the team, and 17 of the 22 races throughout the year are in the top 10, which shows that With his speed, he often waited for a profit with a solid pace in the finals. Although he failed to pick up a victory last year, he also had a third place. Kakuda Hiroyuki is a newcomer to Honda. He scored in his first debut last year. He scored in seven games, including three consecutive games at the end of the season. He was in the top 10 in the starting qualifying, and he won the closing station for the first time on the premise of two-car scoring.

Aston Martin's return to F1 is off to a good start, but not to the point of being completely overlooked, at least with a podium record.

Aston Martin:▼3

Last year, with great fanfare and drumming, the Aston Martin team was resurrected in F1, but the annual ranking was three places lower than Racing Point the year before. Due to the partnership with the Mercedes factory team (now Aston Martin sells cars with AMG engines), the team has shared more and more parts with Mercedes in recent years, but just like the poor performance of Ferrari the previous year, which caused Alfa Romeo and Haas to suffer together Just as badly as last year's Mercedes low-slope chassis, Aston Martin suffered as well.

Abandoned by Ferrari and came to such a mid-range team (Racing Point was still in the mid-range last year, and Aston Martin was almost in the lower range last year), Vettel's adaptability is not very good. Stroll is still low, but he also has occasional good works, taking second place once (another disqualification due to a post-race car inspection violation), and the positive side is that he won the annual result for the first time in his F1 career against a teammate younger than himself (compared to with Ricciardo and Leclerc, who have worked together in the past).

One thing must be clarified: Williams is not the team, but Russell himself. Do you expect him to perform as an official Mercedes driver?


The previous year the team was sold and the family quit the operation. Williams ushered in the first zero-point season in the team's history, and it was also the F1 team that achieved zero points in the year since Marussia in 2015. Last year's results obviously improved significantly: not only six Scored a number of trips, including a second place on the podium! But it's not necessarily that the car has improved, because most of the finals are still hovering in low gear.

Williams' actual level has to be measured by Nicholas Latifi, because he's at best what you give him, and George Russell's more and more Q2 qualifying performances are pushing the car to over 100 % result: Since F2 was crowned king, the three years of hardships and hardships in the team that made his debut in F1 made him do the best he could.

The driver with the most races in F1 history (349), Raikkonen, ended his career at Alfa Romeo, which was run by Sauber.

Alfa Romeo:▼1

The Alfa Romeo team is just a brand. The biggest sponsor behind it is Ferrari, which is continued by the predecessor Sauber team. Sauber, who participated in F1 independently in the past, has complete car research and development capabilities. Therefore, although it belongs to the Ferrari camp, it relies far more on Ferrari components. Not as many as the independent Haas, but if you weren't a fan of Kimi Raikkonen, you might have completely ignored the team last year.

The "old and young" driver system for three consecutive years failed to bring any growth to Antonio Giovinazzi, who was in the Ferrari youth army. Perhaps because of Raikkonen's personality, he did not participate as actively as Alonso! The team's combat power also did not improve. In the end, Raikkonen had no intention of running again, and Giovinazzi also exhausted the team's patience, becoming the only team in F1 that both drivers left at the end of last year.

Haas struggled with his worst yearly record since entering F1, and the two "dad" drivers didn't have any eye-catching performances (suffice to say: the crash rate is not low).


In the sixth year of Haas participating in F1, the results have fallen to the low-end, and the mood is heavy. Last year was the first time in the history of the team that it scored zero points in the whole year. The team's business model is to outsource everything that can be outsourced as much as possible. The bodywork is commissioned by Dallara, a racing company that once participated in F1 by itself, and all parts that are allowed to be shared by the rules are purchased from Ferrari.

Last year, both drivers adopted rookies, proving that driver experience is not the focus of the team at this stage—material resources (financial assistance) are—Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin, relying on their father’s name and their father’s money, are in the team. On the premise that most of the resources are moved to this year, it is impossible to perform much last year, but the cost of crash repair is a lot.

Competition ranking is also a zero-sum game. Someone goes up and someone goes down, but the team's annual dividend is based on the ranking. Under normal circumstances, it is to make the rich team richer and the poor team poorer. When we are concerned about the championship battle of the big teams When the time comes, you might as well pay attention to how the small teams will survive—that is, after the implementation of the budget cap system, can the gap between the number of cars be really narrowed?


【Crooked batch F1】

In the last issue, it was approved that Lewis Hamilton would not be able to participate in this year's season, but the wind was blowing even more! Before Christmas, his Instagram account on the social platform untracked everyone, from the official F1 account, even his dog Roscoe (he opened an account for it) and his brother Nicholas, showing a lifeless sense of world-weariness.

Then there is the new FIA president, Mohammed ben Sulayem, who contacted him but has not received a reply. It is reported that Hamilton was dissatisfied with the FIA's delay in releasing the report on the safety car incident at the closing station last year, and even said that he was not sure whether he would participate in the report before the report was released. This season! Although it is generally believed that this is still just a temper tantrum, the rules are messed up and it is indeed difficult to feel comfortable competing for the championship, after all, this situation can happen to anyone.

The good people have even imagined that if he really retires, who will Mercedes turn to to replace him in a hurry? Nyck de Vrie, his own youth trainer? He's not yet established, and he's Dutch (I don't mean anything); there are people who think of current Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel from the team connection! Well...he certainly has enough qualifications and experience, and he's German...

The FIA ​​has announced that it will launch its investigation on January 19, and the latest deadline for publication is March 18 -- the free practice day for the opening leg of this year's season -- and guess whether Hamilton will show up?

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