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[F1專題] Drive, don’t have to say anything──layouts for the final battle

After the four races in this period, what are the growth and decline of the two championship contenders? The same two wins, two first two times, one fastest lap...Only Verstappen scored 2 more points in the extra sprint race at Sao Paulo station, which allowed Hamilton to be slightly widened.

BookThe four games in the period were not available last year: the United States, Mexico (Mexico City), and Brazil (Sao Paulo), which run through North, Central and South America, were all overseas stations that were cancelled last year due to the spread of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic in China, while Qatar was the original one. This year, the Australian station continued to be closed, but it has since been included in the official F1 schedule (skip next year due to the World Cup football match, and resume the following year). In addition, it was unblocked due to the vaccination, and the audience seats are all In order to be full, re-experience the life of singing and dancing in the past.

Verstappen's crazy attack

Before coming to the U.S. station, Max Verstappen just completed the third time this year to turn back the Lewis Hamilton championship points and regain the lead. The re-run of the U.S. station in Texas is considered a blessed place for Hamilton. After all, there are five of the past eight (stopped last year). It was won by him, but having said that, he did not win the last two times. This time, even though he surpassed the pole position winner Verstappen in a single run, he was caught up by the opponent with early entry to offset the advantage on both stops, despite the final set. Still biting the opponent, and winning the fastest lap, still inevitably write the record of three consecutive victories in this station.

In the next Mexico City station, Hamilton failed to start from the pole position for the seventh consecutive game. The teammate Valtteri Bottas who was expecting to take the pole position could flank Verstappen back and forth with him. Unexpectedly, Bottas was chased by Daniel Ricciardo and dropped to the team. At the end, the situation was reversed and Hamilton was flanked by Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez for two consecutive games. Based on the blessing of the motherland's voice, the latter bit Hamilton and prevented him from being able to match Verstappen. The final loss was 16.555 seconds.

Verstappen in the United States had two times better than Hamilton, and then quickly pulled closer and overtook it. In the final set, it also withstood the pressure of being bitten and won by 1.333 seconds.
Ricciardo lost control and fell to the end of the team when Bottas in Mexico ran together. This turned the chance of Verstappen in a two-on-one with Hamilton into a two-on-Hamilton with Verstappen and Perez.

At the São Paulo station, Hamilton took the first lap of qualifying and was cancelled because the DRS tail gap was not in compliance with the regulations. The sprint was fined to the last start, but he rose 15 positions in the short half-hour schedule. Later, due to the replacement of the internal combustion engine, he retired five places and started 10th in the final. On lap 5, he had climbed to third. The new internal combustion engine made him propelled like a rocket. The final match was 10.496 seconds in front of Verstappen to win three games. , This is a great encouragement to Hamilton's morale for persisting in the championship.

Perez was on the podium in three consecutive games for the first time in his F1 career. At the same time, he was on the podium for the first time in his home country of Mexico, raising the national flag with his teammates and father to celebrate.
The first three sprint races of F1 this season were all run at the Sao Paulo station. Bottas won the last two games, but none of them turned into a final victory.
After debuting in F1 for more than two years and after the 57th race, Latifi in Sao Paulo beat teammate Russell for the first time in qualifying.

Hamilton turns the tide

Crossing the sea to the Qatar station where F1 was held for the first time, Hamilton finally got the pole position to start off eight games. The station focused on being fined to the 7th start-but on the 5th lap has risen to the 2nd-Verstappen With his stop strategy, he pitted one lap later than his opponent on both occasions, so he was able to lead every lap. For Verstappen, the second result is already the maximum stop loss. In the final set, he gave up chasing without a car in the rear, and stopped for the third time with two laps left. Although he was behind Hamilton by nearly half a minute, he grabbed from the opponent's hands. Scored 1 point of the fastest lap.

The last time Hamilton faced such a hard season, it dates back to 2016 when he competed with his teammate Nico Rosberg for the championship (the result was a relatively large number of wins and lost). In the 20 races that have been completed so far this season, Hamilton won 14 times on the podium, seven of them won, and the opponent Verstappen has one and two more than him. Overview In the past seven seasons of Hamilton, there has never been a championship opponent as aggressive and driving as Verstappen. Aggressiveness of style.

The aggressiveness and offensiveness of the rider, in addition to the speed at which he pursues or releases the collar, is more importantly the style of close fighting. Hamilton's style is to take points under the premise of insurance and not to risk himself. After all, winning second is better than retiring with 0 points, but Verstappen is completely barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes. After all, he currently has 19 wins, and at 17 wins, he has become the most win in F1 history but has no record of winning the title. The value of this record to the driver is negative. In order to break through the bottleneck of the first championship, he can work hard.

As the idol is Senna, and the first F1 title is also in Brazil, Hamilton is loved by the country’s car fans "Love House and Wu", and this time in Sao Paulo station did not disappoint.
Verstappen and Alonso are on the same stage for the first time: the last podium for the latter was 7 years ago, when the former had not yet made his F1 debut!
In the mid-season, McLaren was expected to hold the team's third place in the year, but now it has been overturned by a series of upgrades by Ferrari, and it has been thrown farther and farther...

The race for third place in the team, not to lose the race for the championship

The top two of these four games in this issue are all taken away by Verstappen and Hamilton, leaving only the third place for others to pick up: the United States and Mexico City are won by Perez, and the Sao Paulo is Bottas. As for the Qatar station...not only It was won by the non-championing team Alpine, and it was the first time since his comeback this year, Fernando Alonso, who has been on the podium again in 7 years, 3 months and 25 days! This time alone has surpassed many people's entire F1 career. Last time he was wearing a Ferrari red jersey!

When it comes to Ferrari, it is necessary to mention the combination of this year's competition for the third place of the team: when McLaren arranged 1-2 at the Ferrari Holy Land Italy Station, not only did the team's ranking come back again, but he also thought that McLaren should hold on to last year's third place. No problem, but then Ferrari continued to invest in the upgrade of the energy recovery system, the battery voltage was doubled, and the motor system was also improved-and this time it worked-the United States was left behind McLaren by 7.5 points in front of the station. Win 39.5 points!

McLaren once again cooperated with Mercedes this year and is also the only team to switch to a power manufacturer from 2020 to 2021. In the only environment where the chassis must be modified among the entire team, it was expected that there would be a period of running-in pain, but the performance started from the pre-season test. Ideally, Ferrari has almost always been ahead of Ferrari since the start of the season, but by the end of the season, McLaren’s car upgrade space has been used up first, and the only thing left is how to tap the potential of the current version, but Ferrari clearly Can continue to upgrade... After this period, there are only two stops left in the total of 22 stops this season. Hamilton once trailed Verstappen by 19 points after Mexico City, and now he has 8 points left. The penultimate station is also the newly held downtown Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is estimated that it will have the highest average speed of any street station. Mercedes will replace Hamilton with the internal combustion engine that was used in the São Paulo station. In the next two stations, without mileage pressure, I will do the last thing for defending the title. The rest... depends on the fate!


[Awkward F1]

Q3 Q3 qualifying at Qatar station, Pierre Gasly suddenly punctured a tire. The side staff first played a single yellow flag and then a double yellow flag. As they were in the final sprint at the time, many drivers ignored the yellow flag and were detained after the race. The penalty points and the starting position in the finals were penalized. Among them, Max Verstappen was penalized the most. His team leader Christian Horner actually said publicly: "A bad staff member is waving a yellow flag."

Horner was summoned by the FIA ​​for this statement after the finals. He said: "I promise that I have no intention of offending anyone, but four or five cars have passed Gasly before the yellow flag was waved, and he waved the yellow flag when our car passed by. ."nonsense! This originally requires time to judge and react, and the rules are based on the time of waving the flag. Why do people want to target his drivers? After apologizing to the FIA ​​and the staff, Horner clarified that he was talking angry at the time, but still defended: "I think my way is okay. I will continue to do this in the future. The question is only whether anyone has been offended, but my speech itself was not targeted. Anyone." Okay! Do not apologize for mistakes: I did not say anything wrong, but if you are upset, am I willing to apologize? Say something dry after talking?

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