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[F1專題] FIA determines the 2021 F1 driver championship?

If there is no safety car in the final game, Hamilton's lead can't be chased by his opponent, so is the safety car the key to his failure to defend his title?

The real controversy at the end of the Abu Dhabi station was not the Nicholas Latifi who hit the wall, the safety car that led to it, and the Max Verstappen who benefited from the safety car leaving the field and restarting the game, but when the safety car should leave the field, or even be safe. Whether the car should enter the field or not is determined by Michael Masi, the FIA ​​Race Director (Head Referee), and whether his decision this time is appropriate (the rules of the game) or whether it is in accordance with the usual practice is the focus of the dispute.

According to the rules, when there is an accident car on the track or debris is spilled on the road, the safety car must lead the team to detour until the track is cleared, and then let the jagged ring car in the car array lead and circle back to the rear of the team. , After the entire car is re-arranged in the correct order, the safety car will exit at the end of the next lap and restart the race on the next lap (dynamic start).

But the problem this time is that the remaining laps of the race are not enough to complete the above procedures, and Masi thought that according to the agreement with the team a few years ago, "the race can end in a green flag state (led by a non-safe car) as much as possible, because everyone does not want to watch it. The car went round the finish line" and it was the penultimate lap when the ring car was allowed to go ahead. Therefore, the race was restarted before the ring car was released, and before the end of the team was caught! It may be inferred that time is pressing, but let’s see how he puts it together:

Masi only released the five cars between Hamilton and Verstappen, which were ranked first in the actual order at the time, and the race was restarted. However, the ring car behind Verstappen was not released, not to mention that this action hindered these sets. The race rights of the lap car can even be interpreted as just clearing the field for Verstappen so that his chance of winning the championship can still be done in the last lap, and Masi can be said to be able to watch the show in the last lap (otherwise if For Verstappen to exceed five ring cars in one lap, Hamilton will have passed the finish line first), but this shows that the ring cars are made of plastic for the final lap of the championship.

Masi even used the team agreement to override the rules of the race. So if Latifi hits the wall before the remaining lap of the race, shouldn't he do nothing at all and let everyone go to the final lap with debris on the road or the car in an accident? If a bigger accident occurs because of this, who should be counted?

The most direct physical reason for Hamilton's loss in the last lap was the loss of the tires, but what if he, like Verstappen, stopped changing tires when the safety car was detouring? No one can predict when the safety car will end, or even if it will not end-because the retraining procedure is too late to complete and it will be taken directly to the finish line-and even if Hamilton changes tires when the safety car is detouring, he will beat him when returning to the field. At the rear of Verstappen, who had changed tires early, if the safety car was finished like this, wouldn't Hamilton lose a game in vain?

At this time, for Hamilton, the situation is likely to be "If you bet on small, the banker will be big; if you bet on big, the banker will be small." No matter who he or Verstappen loses the championship, there is a suspicion of being killed by the game. The way to draw pay from the bottom may be to directly hit the red flag and suspend the race when Latifi crashes, and restart statically after the track is cleared, so that the laps will not be used up in vain, and everyone can do it when the red flag is suspended. When changing tires, don't be afraid of losing the spot.

You can say that these are all hindsight, but as a management organization, you should usually imagine all possible situations and conduct exercises, instead of being inconsistent when it happens, overriding the regulations, or even affecting the ownership of the annual champion. After the race, Mercedes’ defenses to the FIA ​​were rejected twice, and then they were left to appeal to the International Motorsports Court. However, after the FIA ​​agreed to conduct an in-depth investigation and review of the incident, Mercedes gave up the appeal. On the one hand, it was impossible to re-judge the case. The champion, on the one hand, the team said that it did not want to get entangled...

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