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[F1專題] Too many things you can't think of──The 2021 F1 season ends in controversy

After fighting for a whole year, I didn’t expect to tie the points before the closing station, which is equivalent to winning the closing station for a whole year. I also didn’t expect to fight for a whole year at the closing station, but restarted in the last lap, and finally condensed into Winning this lap will win a whole year...

ComeBy the last two games of this 2021 season, Lewis Hamilton had won the previous two games. The determination to comeback in the final ─ ─ also turned into action ─ is self-evident. The penultimate stop is the newly scheduled Jeddah Street Race in Saudi Arabia. The lap length is second only to Belgium, and the estimated average speed is the fastest of all streets in the schedule. There are guardrail streets on both sides of the road. Running so fast in the middle tests not only the slenderness, but also the courage and sustained concentration.

Sir Williams, who sold his team in 2020, passed away on November 28, 2021 at the age of 79. F1 held a memorial ceremony for him at Saudi Arabia.

Champions tied with points

The pressure that is about to enter the final juncture of the season seems to make people start unscrupulous: Max Verstappen is like the king of watermelon. When overtaking Hamilton, it also cuts watermelon when blocking the car. The game can be cut and cut, cut and cut like this. ? When cutting the watermelon to overtake, according to the rules, it should be handed back, but Verstappen took Hamilton so everything, making the latter even fall behind Esteban Ocon. If the penalty is to hand back to Hamilton, wouldn't it mean that Verstappen had to let two of them? As a result, the game actually let Red Bull choose: a five-second penalty or two for watching, the team chose the latter.

When cutting a watermelon to block the car, it was again ordered by the race committee to give way. It is a common practice to let the car go to the side and leave the racing line to allow the latter to pass. However, Verstappen decelerated directly on the straight racing line. Hamilton, who told his opponent to let the car, couldn’t react. Although the tip flashed to the left temporarily, the right nose still hit the left rear wheel of Verstappen. Fortunately, Hamilton was able to continue the race. Verstappen’s handicap was selected before the DRS detection point. He can immediately turn on DRS and then super come back after he is done.

As a result, this collision was equivalent to Verstappen's failure to yield due to his previous cutting of watermelon and blocking the car, and was finally fined 5 seconds. Hamilton's willpower seemed to surpass the physical damage of the car and took the lead before the final set; although Verstappen added another 10 seconds after the race for causing a crash, it did not affect the ranking. The two ended the penultimate race with the same total score. , But Verstappen beats Hamilton one more game, so if both of them have zero points at the closing station, the former will be crowned the champion, otherwise the winner of the closing station will be crowned-and within the scoring circle.

Verstappen in Saudi Arabia is cutting watermelons regardless of overtaking or blocking, setting the test bottom line, even if it is fined, it can disturb the opponent's emotions-even though psychological warfare is of no use to Hamilton.
Giving a car to a crash is usually something that only the Sambo will do. Verstappen's actions at the Shawudi station are white-eyed or not, only they know.
Perez's value throughout the year was played at the closing Abu Dhabi station: he stopped his car and exhausted the gap between Hamilton and Verstappen.

A series of unexpected

At the final closing station in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton started to lead the pole position winner, Verstappen, into the first turn, but the latter repeated his tricks and forced the former out of the track. Hamilton still took the lead after cutting the watermelon and returning to the field. The match will judge this to be forced. Because of the car, so there is no need to return, Hamilton widened the gap all the way, until the two stopped changing tires, Hamilton fell behind Verstappen's teammate Sergio Perez, who has not yet changed tires. This is the biggest reason Red Bull came to him this season. : Perez blocked Hamilton desperately, and he just let the gap between Hamilton and Verstappen over 7 seconds vanish.

But after the Perez tyre was out of support, Hamilton went away again. Although Verstappen changed his tyre one more time in the VSC (Virtual Safety Car), he found the best compromise between Hamilton and speed, and Verstappen’s pursuit efficiency on this site Not good. Before the final set, an average lap must be shortened by more than 1 second to catch up. Hamilton will win this game-and this season's championship-there will be no suspense. But the words were just finished, when Nicholas Latifi hit the wall with eight laps left and led out the safety car!

Verstappen became the first Dutch champion driver in F1 history, and Red Bull won the driver's championship again since Vettel in 2013.
Kakuda won the personal best of the season in 4th place at the closing station, and it was also the last official title of Honda who pushed him to F1.

Verstappen pitted for the third time to change tires. Hamilton was still unmoved until the safety car left the field when there was one lap left! At this time, the leader Lewis Hamilton used the old hard tyres that had run 43 laps, while the pursuer Verstappen used the new soft tyres that only ran four laps. The grip was very different, so it turned over on the last lap. Hamilton tried to super-return but was unable to recover. The large gaps he had tried many times before were all overwhelmed. Verstappen became the F1 world champion in 2021 and was also the first F1 champion in Dutch history.

Raikkonen, the last Ferrari champion currently in service, retired after this season and concentrated on "Leave me alone" to live at home.

After running 1,296 laps throughout the season, a big comeback occurred on the last 1,297 lap. Hamilton failed to defend his title and failed to become the eighth champion who broke the F1 world record. This is also F1's re-emergence of champions since 2008. The driver does not belong. The situation of the championship team-even if Mercedes won the team's eight consecutive hegemony and set a new record again, it still could not calm the anger of the team leader Toto Wolff that Hamilton would be the championship. This season, Hamilton and Verstappen have been fighting for a whole year. No matter who they are crowned, they can be said to be well-deserved, but the game will be dealt with at the end, making it worthless to win and worthless...


[Awkward F1]

The end of the Abu Dhabi station turned into an intervention in the race due to the safety car incident, but Mercedes finally gave up the appeal, and this was affected by the loss of the championship and the defeat of the defending Lewis Hamilton: even though he was so angry that he was absent from the press conference after the race. (See picture), even absent from the FIA ​​annual awards ceremony (at least he is runner-up), and uncharacteristically stopped all social activities-including the usually active social network-only publicly attending the British royal family who was scheduled to award him as a knight. Occasion, but he didn't want to get back his eighth world championship through the court.

Then the Italian media ran an article: Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff said he was not sure whether Hamilton would stay in F1 next season (2022), because the controversy at the closing station made him feel disillusioned... and Hamilton informed the team of his contract It is still valid, and we will fight for the record-breaking individual eighth championship together next year!

This wind direction is very strange, because Hamilton has already renewed the contract with Mercedes for 2022~2023. Unlike former teammate Nico Rosberg who renewed his contract in 2016, he would retreat by default. Breach of contract), Hamilton is unwilling to retire after losing the title. He must make a comeback, not only to break the record, but also to prove that he is not the king. this report because Wolff is deliberately acting and wanting to appeal to their bosses how wronged they are?

But not to mention that the 2022 racing specifications will be overturned and the team's growth and decline is not known. Hamilton's new season champion is not only the new champion Max Verstappen, but also his new teammate George Russell...

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