(F1 Special) Winter Rider Dynamics

F1 Special - Gasly, who won early last year, became the sixth F1 driver to be confirmed in the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak while training in Dubai in the winter.
Wuhan pneumonia virus is not long eyes, whether in the season or off-season, the previous mention of Lando Norris and Leclerc were diagnosed during the
off-season (both recovered), in early February added Pierre Gasly, Wuhan pneumonia outbreak became the sixth confirmed F1 driver! Like Norris, he contracted the disease while training in Dubai.

Dubai, one of the centres of the Eurasian and non-tri-continental aircraft, has shown a particularly high rate of confirmed passengers passing through the region last year, but because there is no winter in the Middle East, many athletes choose to train here in winter. With more than a month to go between now and the start of the season, will there be a seventh or even more confirmed driver?
Going to this period and looking at the pictures of all the drivers who have changed this year
(including job-hopping, comebacks, and new starts), what about "Sir" Lewis Hamilton, the big picture of the magazine? It was stated in the previous period that he had not signed a new contract when his old contract expired, and although he was finally confirmed to "stay" in early February, it was not renewed before the expiry of the original contract, with a one-month contract interruption in the middle, so technically Hamilton could also be said to be Mercedes's "newly signed" driver (is that a trick?). )。
Yes, the two sides finally agreed to sign it, and the final result could be said to be a compromise of one step each: Hamilton is roughly on an annual salary of 40 million euros, but only for one year: the new contract is a one-year contract plus a one-year option, that is, at the end of the year. Hamilton did not get the four-year deal he had hoped for after the two sides agreed to an extended one-year extension, but Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, who had previously said he did not want to sign for just one year, also said Hamilton wanted to wait and see before importing many new rules next

The pay cut, as the Damler board had hoped, was the biggest gain of Hamilton's new contract, and according to Wolff, Hamilton's previous request for team-mate selection was not included in the contract and was not, as is rumoured, a bonus for the team's championship. If the contract is completed by 2022 (including options), Hamilton, who has been at Mercedes since 2013, will surpass David Coulthard's nine years at McLaren in 1996-2004 as the second-longest winning driver in a single team and Michael Schumacher's 11 years at Ferrari from 1996 to 2006. F1 Special.

Fernando Alonso, who will return this year at Alpine (formerly Renault), is in hospital! But it wasn't Wuhan pneumonia, but in mid-February when he was hit by a car while training on a bicycle road in Switzerland, breaking his upper jaw and breaking his teeth, which may be more serious for racers than Wuhan pneumonia, after all, the previously diagnosed drivers have made a full recovery in seven to ten days.
After Alonso's successful corrective surgery, the team said that as long as 48 hours of observation in the hospital can go back to rest,
a few days later can gradually resume training, anyway, facial injuries do not affect driving, catch up with the March 12-14 pre-season test in Bahrain should be no problem.

Transition season: Will 2021 be an extension of 2020? F1 Special.

Wuhan pneumonia epidemic on the world's industries are a blow, F1 in order to limit the cost of the team at this time, announced last year to freeze most of this year's car research and development, only some details can be modified, then, this year's relative strength of the team car will only be an extension or reproduction of last year? The 2020 season was said to be a transition period until the start of the season last year, as it had been decided that many new rules would be implemented during the 2021 season, but due to the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, in the global economic blow to try to rest and recuperate, so that

F1 not only delayed many of the new rules to 202 The 22-season has only been implemented (depending on the development of the epidemic, there are variables), and even frozen a lot of research and development for 2021 cars, making this year's season more "transitional" than last year's, but it is not a complete copy of the old rules, as teams begin to release new cars, let's first look at the main new rules this year.

The outbreak led to a major reform of the 18-inch wheel for many years, after the first introduction of F2, the original F1 to be implemented this year, but the expansion of the wheel size will affect the suspension geometry setting, lower weighting, and even air force, almost equal to the whole car to use new thinking to design, so it will be extended for another year, until 2022 officially implemented F1 Special.

TThe budget cap (cap) system, which was also in place next year, was the focus of the team's bargaining, but because the outbreak hit everyone's finances, it led to a no-objection consensus, even a year ahead of schedule, and the initial consensus was $175 million a year (about half of the current top teams).
But the FIA took advantage of the outbreak and cut it to $145 million in one breath, then decreased by $5 million a year, or $140 million in 2022 and $135 million in 2022-2025, and then reviewed it. And this is based on 21 races per year, if there
is a increase or decrease (as long as the outbreak does not subside, as long as last year's cut or new schedule adjustments may still occur) to the quota of $1 million per station adjustment, you say 1 million times 21 is not 145 million ah! That's because the budget is, of course, mostly research and development, and $1 million is just the cost of each race (so if the race crashes the whole car, it's a lot of trouble).
However, there are still some exceptions to the budget cap: fleet travel, insurance and fees, the annual salaries of the top five high-paid personnel (two regular drivers, three senior executives) are not included in the budget cap (otherwise Mercedes pay Lewis Hamilton's salary) "It's a third of the annual budget), so as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the budget cap limits the research and development budget, which is, after all, the key to really leveling off (or getting closer -- but some small teams have budgets less than that).
In addition, in response to future rule updates, each team will be exempt from an additional $45 million per year budget until 2024. ""The mountains and the water are in doubt, liu dark flowers and another village" is Perez's best
picture: the 4th of the year in the middle and lower reaches of the team can not find a place, the result suddenly fell to Red Bull. 

Limit racing Research and Development Hours In order to further "strengthen and weaken", the FIA also limits the number of hours a team can use wind tunnels and CFDs (computer computing fluid mechanics), as an example of the number of hours used to design next year's race car, and last year's team's fifth-place finish. A 100% increase in the number of digits, a 2.5% increase for each later one and a 2.5% decrease for each previous one, is the lower ranked team last year, and the more wind tunnels and CFD hours will be used to develop cars next year, and vice versa. F1 Special.

There will be further cuts next year, i.e. 2022-2025 (as fixed as a budget cap for three years and then reviewed) will be the 7th median for this year's fleet, with a 5 per cent increase and decrease in each back and last.
F1 car the entire body can be said to be the product of air force, in order to increase the down pressure, the team engineers do
everything, you see the shape on the hull has its own swing, in fact, the focus of the lower pressure in the lowest - closest to the ground - the place, that is, the bottom plate. Chassis black may not be easy to see clearly, in fact, the crumpled or open-hole shape throughout the chassis is to create a lower pressure of the brow angle, FIA rope regulations to reduce the chassis area, that is, in front of the rear wheels to cut in, and prohibit in this part of the air force design, so this year will not see the previous chassis derived from those complex wings, the entire chassis shape is simplified.
This year the FIA has basically frozen the development of the F1 chassis, which is compared to last year in addition to the required cuts, but since McLaren is the only team this year to replace the power supplier (from Renault to Mercedes), there are some differences in the configuration
of the various power components. To change the power supplier you have to modify the chassis, so fiA special allow McLaren on the chassis to carry out a "corresponding" renovation, that is, for the area where the power components are installed can be changed, but the car air force is to start the whole body, this will cause the front and rear air flow is not smooth? Just look at the ability of McLaren's engineering team. Two years later, Ricciardo finally switched to McLaren, with a much bigger chance than a
big show at Renault, but it's also expected that the chances of "shoe drinking" might be greater. 

Although he left Ferrari, it was not necessarily a sinking, says  F1 Special. Vettel,
who switched to Aston Martin.

Alonso's comeback is his third for Renault (renamed another brand, Alpine), but an accident at training in February left a pre-season legacy.The ban on sharing under the table is not entirely inflexible, lest last year's underperforming cars even rot together this year (directly look ahead to next year), F1 this year for body upgrades to implement a quota system, specifically the team is free to choose to upgrade for a large area or two small areas, such as Ferrari decided to use the quota to redo the entire rear (large area), the quota can not be moved

In order to limit the use of lightweight rare materials, this year's minimum weight increased from 746 kg last year to 752 kg (including preset rider weight 80 kg), and the power unit increased from 145 kg to 150 kg.
In order to save money, customer fleets often share the kits of the same camp team within the scope of the FIA, after all, the products developed by the factory team are theoretically better and more reliable, and they are exempt from this research and development expense, but due to last year's "Pink
Arrow" Racing Point Mercedes suite, so this year In addition to the permitted scope is not allowed to directly copy (regardless of whether the design is bought or picked up), to "reference" is also limited to the naked eye, flat photos or films, that is, public display, while the fleet is prohibited from using 3D photography to restore the design of other teams for their own use. F1 Special.
Last year due to the outbreak led to a major schedule planning chaos, tire supplier Pirelli's production and logistics is also a mess, so each team received two sets of hard tires, three sets of medium tires, eight sets of soft tires (rain tires are special circumstances are not limited), that is, the team can not freely choose 13
sets of quotas to be distributed in three formulas In dry tyres, the system is business as usual this year, and even with exceptions, the team must decide two weeks before the race at the station, while this year Pirelli has opened up the formula for the 23-stop race (three of the five options) and will strengthen the tyre structure to avoid the risk of a flat tyre caused by last year's formula.
The implementation of the above new policies, for the FIA to assess F1 in the future to reduce costs, close the gap in the direction is very important, although
the original strong and weak teams have their own views, difficult to reach a consensus, but because of the epidemic relationship and "blessed by disaster" to be achieved ahead of time, we will see this season whether these policies can be effective, so that the competition is more intense! Sainz, who was confirmed to move to
Ferrari before last year's opener, regretted the decision after the season? 

But playing for the Reds is the dream of all racers. Yoshida,  who was born in the Honda Youth Army and holds the alpha
Tauri seat, was almost runner-up and the best rookie in last year's F2 race.

Schumacher,  the Ferrari-born F2 champion, made his debut in Haas, but he has always had
a "slow heat" condition (faltering in his first year of the race and roaring the next).

Another  by Dad" driver, Mazepin, who has helped Haas's money a lot, has come out in the middle of a character controversy to see if he can continue his bad form in F2.

F1 in preparation for the new season, Mercedes "again" said they had some problems with their power system, but did not specify what the problem was!

Since this time last year the team (see photo: have you begun to miss the Silver Arrow?) So to speak, the result to the actual start of the season in July has been resolved -- time is the best cover -- and also ahead of the king doubles champion seven consecutive titles, so is this again in the acting (all boring)?
But this year is a different year: Powertrain is also banned from upgrading during the season, so all research and development must be in place before the start of
the season, and platform test hours limits are a challenge, although Mercedes has shipped the first powertrains to customer fleets Aston Martin, McLaren and Williams F1 Special.


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