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Fascinating driving pleasure2022 Esperienza Ferrari Performance Day

I still remember the 2020 Experience Ferrari Driving Emotion day about a year and a half ago. We not only fully experienced the different but equally wonderful dynamic achievements of the F8 Tributo and the 812 GTS, but also had the opportunity to see the new generation of Ferrari before the end of the event. The avant-garde style of the gasoline-electric supercar SF90 Assetto Fiorano; and this 2022 Esperienza Ferrari gasoline-electric supercar performance experience day is just like its name, we will step into a new generation of gasoline-electricity with Ferrari, in addition to having the opportunity to experience the SF90. In addition to the power of 1,000 horsepower, the 296 GTB, which emphasizes the ultimate driving pleasure, is even more exciting…

Although the debut date in May 2019 is just 3 years away, Ferrari's first non-limited PHEV gasoline-electric supercar, the SF90 Stradale, has been ordered for 3 years. It is a pity that we can only experience the performance of the SF90 Stradale in the passenger seat in this event. In addition, due to the continuous impact of the epidemic, the original coach group was unable to come to Taiwan. The general agent, Taiwan Montina, specially invited the experienced Lin Yingyu as the head coach, together with Cai Weijie, Yang Mengqiao, Lu Zhengyi and other professional drivers, so that the participating media and customers can Safely and fully enjoy the driving charm brought by the Ferrari gasoline-electric supercar.

A highly customized SF90 Stradale was displayed at the event, and optional equipment such as carbon fiber rims, interior leather and car color models can be seen on the rear wall.
The racing simulator set up on site has been upgraded to a two-seater this time, so that children who are not familiar with driving can feel the passion of racing together.

Run faster and be more steadfast

Comparing to the previous activity type, the 2022 Esperienza Ferrari gasoline-electric supercar performance experience day is also divided into two parts: the morning level experience and the afternoon track detour. The level experience is divided into linear acceleration and SF90. Brake stop, as well as 296 GTB's exclusive continuous corners and sudden braking lane changes, although it is a pity that the SF90 cannot be driven by himself due to the aforementioned reasons, it is a rare opportunity to feel the full release of a thousand horses of gasoline and electric power; as for continuous corners Part of it is to use the S-shaped route of 6~10 turns, let us first familiarize ourselves with the power response and steering feel of the 296 GTB, so as to further explore the performance limit when detouring in the audience.

After trying limited supercars such as LaFerrari, SF90 has become Ferrari's first mass-produced model equipped with a PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric power system. It uses a 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine with a maximum horsepower of 780 horsepower. The 220 horses brought by the three electric motors create an amazing power output of 1,000 horses. According to the original data, it only takes 2.5 seconds for 0~100km/h and 7 seconds for 0~200km/h. In the actual field experience, the coach started at full throttle without enabling the start assist function, and the full acceleration force that immediately emerged made people cling to the back of the seat and continued all the way to the braking point. The strong sprinting experience is like the acceleration process before the plane takes off. , What's even more amazing is that when the vehicle is fully braked at a high speed of around 200km/h, the body and rear axle will not have any uneasiness such as obvious twisting, but it will reduce the vehicle speed to a safe range very smoothly and gradually, quickly and brightly.

When the SF90 accelerates at full speed, the front of the car will rise obviously. Sitting in the car, you can feel the strong sprinting force before taking off.
Although the SF90 is not equipped with the new ABS evo control mode like the 296 GTB, the stability during braking is equally admirable.
SF90 adopts a new HMI human-machine interface design, with a 16-inch curved digital instrument and steering wheel touch buttons to form the main control area.

In order to achieve a compact and compact body size, the 296 GTB adopts a newly developed V6 short wheelbase architecture, a 2.9L V6 twin-turbo engine with a 120-degree angle design, and two turbochargers are placed in the center, with a maximum horsepower of 663 horsepower. With a 122-horsepower single rear-mounted electric horse, the comprehensive output power is as high as 830 horses, and the acceleration of 0~100km/h and 0~200km/h takes only 2.9 and 7.3 seconds respectively. In the continuous curve level, in addition to being able to experience the smooth output response that is no less than that of the SF90, we can also begin to feel the lightweight dynamics and driving pleasure that the original factory has been emphasizing since its release; Let us have a first taste of the new ABS evo control mode, which can maintain a brisk and accurate steering response in addition to full braking, greatly reducing the obvious inertia changes and heavy steering feel that were unavoidable in the past under the same conditions.

The 296 GTB continues the fully digital human-machine interface design, while placing more emphasis on the driver-centered console layout.
The 296 GTB has a very light and agile dynamic response, and the extremely sharp and controlled steering feel is even more fascinating from the start.
With the assistance of the new ABS evo control mode, the 296 GTB can easily complete the advanced skills of quick steering after heavy braking for ordinary drivers.
The 296 GTB is not only fun to drive, it can also show a lap speed no less than that of the SF90 on a multi-curve track like Lihpao.

Dexterity and fun

In the afternoon's detour stage, we were first assigned to ride the SF90 Assetto Fiorano equipped with an exclusive upgrade kit to experience the end of the field, where the coach's superb driving skills were demonstrated, as well as the Multimatic shock absorbers specially designed to optimize the performance of the track. With the cooperation of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 high-performance tires, this petrol-electric horse with a wild 1,000-horsepower power can still accurately follow the standard racing route. When entering corners at high speed, you can also feel the dual motors on the front axle. Quickly adjust the output ratio to provide the best tracking performance, and when entering the big straight line through the last 23 turns, you can sprint with full throttle, you can push all the way to about 220km/h with the roar of the V8 engine, and then fully brake to prepare for the turn. Such a passionate and dynamic feeling is a major feature of Ferrari that has always been widely admired by fans.

The SF90 is not as light and lively as the 296 GTB when cornering, but the more direct and aggressive dynamic response out of the corner is equally impressive.
Equipped with an exclusive upgrade kit, the overall dynamic performance of the SF90 Assetto Fiorano is more stable and neat, and the route selection can also be more radical and changeable.

The final highlight of course is to drive the 296 GTB for 4 laps of track experience. Even if you have the first contact experience in the morning, you are still easily affected by past habits in the first lap, and the steering wheel angle is too large, which leads to the deviation of the route. After a little getting used to it I am even more amazed at the high sensitivity of this car in terms of steering feel and frontal directivity. With the precise control of the 6w-CDS chassis dynamic sensor, the light, lively and very controlled body dynamics bring freewheeling, Calm and smooth handling feedback; in addition, the 296 GTB can not only deliver a top speed of over 200km/h on the big straight bottom, but also hardly feel any body twist except for the ups and downs of the road when braking with full force before entering a corner. The sense of dynamism or agitation further strengthens the driving confidence and the desire to challenge, making people continue to think about which route can be corrected and the braking point of which corner can be delayed until after getting off the car. This kind of endless rich fun guarantees love People who drive will love it once they try it!

The also newly developed 6w-CDS chassis dynamics sensor can precisely control dynamic changes and give clear feedback to the driver in a quite natural and smooth way.
Benefiting from the stable braking effect brought by ABS evo, people are more confident to drive the 296 GTB to challenge the best braking point before each corner.


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