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Ferrari Roma Spider (2023) relegates all other convertibles to ugly ducklings

Did you get weak knees in 2019 when you saw photos of the Ferrari Roma for the first time? Then take a seat before checking out the footage of the Ferrari Roma Spider…

Many Ferraris of recent years suffered from excess weight or an excess of air scoops, spoilers and skirts. That is why the Ferrari Roma presented in 2019 is such a relief. It's a 2+2, but Ferrari avoids the term GT. According to its makers, the Ferrari Roma is not a gran turismo.

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No, the Ferrari Roma is a true sports car, but one for people who prefer not to drive like a 20-year-old top football player after a top transfer or a tiktoker who has won his millionth follower. In short: civilization trumps. The only real spoiler has therefore been expertly concealed in the design. It goes up automatically at 100 km / h, but you can't show it off with the push of a button.

Ferrari Roma Spider: slim and beautiful

Still, we say: forget the Ferrari Roma. Not only that, forget about all the convertibles you've ever coveted. Because here is the Ferrari Roma Spider, in our opinion the most beautiful car of the last ten years. But don't think that this convertible is only meant for strolling along the boulevard of Monte Carlo - or Zandvoort. According to Ferrari, the fantastic driving characteristics and light-footedness of the dense Roma are fully present. Thanks to the best weight-to-power ratio in its class, achieved by, among other things, the all-aluminium chassis and the light soft top.

How fast is the Ferrari Roma Spider?

Indeed, an empty weight of 1556 kilos is impressive for an open car with an output of 620 hp and a torque of 760 Nm. All that power is not generated by a traditional V12, but by the now well-known V8 with two turbos. And with the design, Ferrari wants to refer to the dolce vita feeling of the 50s and 60s, fortunately you no longer have to work with a heavy clutch and a grumpy five-speed gearbox to drive sporty.

The double-blown V8 is mated to a lightning-fast 8-speed DCT transmission. With this, you can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of over 320 km/h is possible. He is not inferior to the Roma with a roof. Pinball is allowed, but not required.

Special Spider tricks

In the unlikely event that you still don't like the Ferrari Roma Spider in standard trim, you can give the car a personal touch. No, Ferrari does not fit fog lights, extra wide side skirts or 23-inch wheels on request. The Italians do offer a choice of special fabrics and contrasting stitching for the soft top.

And speaking of the fabric soft top: you can open it in 13.5 seconds, even while driving. As long as you don't go faster than 60 km/h. For the ladies and gentlemen who have recently purchased very expensive but wind-sensitive hair implants or silicone lips, the Roma Spider has a windshield on board.

Not just one, but a new, patented one that is integrated into the back of the rear seat. You activate it via a button on the tunnel console. Did it say 'backseat' there? Yes indeed, just like its closed Brother, the Roma Spider is a 2+2. But we would rather speak of two emergency seats than of a back seat. If you put your two chihuahuas there, please tie them up properly…

Prices Ferrari Roma Spider

Of course you want to know what the Ferrari Roma Spider should cost. Unfortunately, the prices have not been announced, but we can give an indication. Take the price of the dense Roma: 255,995 euros and add about 30 grand to that.


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