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Film/dance, cooking, pet grooming, all-rounder Dora Dora had a dream of adventure

Dora Dora, a member of the Iron Goddess Athena with a mixed-race appearance, was born in a dance class. From classical ballet to modern ballroom dance, Latin dances such as Samba, Cha Cha, and Jie dance are not difficult for her. Kaohsiung Iron Man in mid-April The dance steps of the theme week "Up To You-Steel Good to Meet You" are the creations of her and another steel goddess Qian Rui. The bright and sweet Dora has another identity as a flat model for wedding photography and business photography. Many wedding companies find her as a model for wedding photography. In the popular Kaohsiung Iron Man City Edition jersey series products, Dora also served as a female model across the knife, and partnered with star Zhou Yixiang to take product photos, and generously guided Zhou Yixiang to pose for a group photo.

Likes early adopters, likes to dream DoraZeng Huai dream of adventure

The petite and cute Dora has the genes of taking risks and difficulties in her body. She likes to try and challenge new things. She has a high interest in everything. She has her own ideas and the courage to try. Dora revealed that she had a dream when she was a child and wanted to be an explorer when she grew up. Dora is a dance major. She started dancing in elementary school and has been learning it for 15 years. The reason is that when she was a child, she saw dancers wearing puffy skirts dancing on YOYO TV. She pointed to the TV and told her mother that she was going to learn to dance. , I first learned gymnastics for 3 months before I switched to dancing at the suggestion of my mother. My mother, who had studied ballet, also became Dora's "student sister".

Dance class Compete in all major competitions in Taiwan

Dora, who likes to try new things, wanted to try different dance styles in high school, so she went to learn ballroom dancing, Latin dances such as samba, cha-cha, and jie dance. Before joining the Kaohsiung Iron Man cheerleading team, she was in a jazz dance troupe and competed everywhere. , the whole Taiwan has run through, such as the National Taiwan University Cup, Zhongshan Cup, Starlight Cup, etc., there are traces of Dora's dance troupe competing. Under the stage, Dora is actually a girl who loves to play electric games, specialize in cooking, and love food. She also has a certificate of pet groomer who loves dogs. She has won the honor of "Golden Scissors". Talented woman of the era.

Injured and depressed Learning Pet Grooming won the "Golden Scissors" Award

In fact, this is an unknown little story. At that time, Dora was injured while performing, which caused her bones to dislocate. The year she interrupted her practice brought Dora into a low ebb in her life. Learning pet grooming, temporarily forgetting injuries and getting out of the low tide, also gave Dora a new skill. Dora and Yin Yin, another steel goddess, were middle school classmates and best friends, but their life paths were very different. Although they chatted every day, they didn't talk about the arrival of the Iron Man to be selected for the cheerleading team. The shortlist was released, and Dora and Yin Yin were once again "classmates".

Up To YouTheme week dance steps by DoraAnd the hand of Qian Rui

In every home game of the Kaohsiung Iron Man, the dance steps of Athena, the goddess of steel, are prepared by dance teachers, except for the dance of the theme week of "Up To You-Steel Good to Meet You", which are Dora and cheerleaders from dance majors Qian Rui, who was born, worked together to create. Dora said that this was the first time she tried choreography. When she met Qian Rui for the first time, she didn't have any clue, and she didn't compose any dance steps at all. They went back to do their homework and met again after a week. There are a lot of competitive skills, the difficulty is not low, but everyone likes the iron goddesses, and they can get started quickly.

Relieve the stress on the video game DoraeSports girl

The way to learn dance is actually very hard. Dora's way of stress relief is different from others. She loves mobile games and video games. She has tried different video games since high school. She has PS5 and Switch at home. "My mother", fell in love with "League of Legends LOL" for the first time, and even dragged friends to Internet cafes to play all night. She is a standard e-sports girl. In addition to video games, Dora also likes cooking. In addition to studying with her mother, she also watches Youtube videos online. On the one hand, she learns to cook, and on the other hand, she specializes in research. The failure rate of cooking is low. A "little master" talented girl who is taught by herself.

love food, love to cook Gnocchi is the signature dish of the family

Dora's signature dish is gnocchi. She kneads the dough and beats flour by herself. This Taoist dish has been passed down for three generations from grandmother to mother, who then inherits it. Dora said that when she was a child, she loved to eat gnocchi, and children in the family would clamor for it. It was also a home-cooked dish that often appeared in family dinners, so she learned this dish. The young and dreamy Dora is a girl who likes to act like a spoiled child. After awakening from the dream of an explorer, she now aspires to be a full-time housewife, a good wife and a good mother, and makes her other half happy every day. The family gnocchi is passed down.


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