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First 4K and then 2K ultra-clear night shooting capabilitiesMio MiVue 955WD unboxing trial


The domestic driving recorder manufacturer - Mio has launched a new model, and it is currently the most top-notch product on the market. It is the MiVue 955WD that this unit will introduce. In addition to strengthening many useful and practical functions of Mio, It also adds a lot of powerful functions in it, how does it perform in actual use? Just read it and you will know.

Equipped with 2 times larger photosensitive element

Ultra-clear video recording before and after

This MiVue 955WD itself adopts the configuration of front and rear dual cameras, and the front camera is arranged on the left side of the fuselage, and has an adjustment range of about 30 degrees, which can be adjusted according to different front glass tilt angles, so that the shooting angle of the lens can be adjusted to the correct position. The rear lens part adopts a cylindrical design, and the adjustable angle of the lens reaches almost 360 degrees. However, it does not have waterproof function, so the installation location needs to be inside the car.

The rear lens part adopts a cylindrical design, and the adjustable angle of the lens reaches almost 360 degrees. However, it does not have waterproof function, so the installation location needs to be inside the car.
MiVue 955WD uses a detachable adhesive bottom plate to fix on the front windshield, so it can be easily hidden behind the original rearview mirror. For many high-end luxury car owners, the original high-quality interior can be maintained furnishings.

In addition, one of the biggest strengths of this MiVue 955WD is the highest video resolution in the current market. The front camera has a 4K quality + 8 million pixels, and the rear lens also has a 2K quality + 5 million pixels. The photosensitive element area inside the front lens is still twice as large as that of other competitors. The larger the photosensitive element, the more and clearer the details can be captured in low light, especially at night. As for the rear lens, although the resolution is only 2K, it has surpassed the common 1080P specification on the market, and the internal photosensitive element still uses a fairly powerful Sony STARVIS starlight night vision photosensitive element, and has HDR high dynamic range shooting effect. The sharpness and color reproduction of the pictures taken by it make it the leader among the current rear lens specifications.

One of the biggest strengths of this MiVue 955WD is the highest video resolution in the market. The front camera has a 4K image quality + 8 million pixels, and the rear camera also has a 2K image quality + 5 million pixels.

And MiVue 955WD also has built-in Mio’s exclusive six-in-one safety warning function, which allows 995WD to not only issue warning sounds for common speed cameras, but also include the latest technological law enforcement and interval speed measurement road sections that many people ignore. Way to remind the owner to pay attention. Of course, with the GPS speedometer function, it is necessary to update frequently to grasp the correct position of the speed camera. Mio also gives MiVue 955WD an easy and fast update function, as long as the MiVue Pro APP is used with the Wifi connection function of MiVue 955WD (screen It can display the QR Code to scan the quick link), and then follow the relevant instructions to complete the update of the camera point, firmware and voice designation, so that MiVue 955WD can be kept in the best condition at any time.

In addition, the APP also provides the function of downloading videos to the mobile phone for backup, and through the high-speed Wifi OTA transmission mode, the video files that originally took 1 minute to transfer can now be backed up in 45-50 seconds, plus video storage The format adopts SuperMP4, so the video file downloaded to the iPhone can also be played directly on the iPhone, which can confirm the unexpected process more quickly.

Other safety functions including BCW rear collision warning function, lane departure warning, front vehicle distance warning, front vehicle start warning, headlight reminder and fatigue driving warning are all built-in, which can help car owners to grasp more driving conditions. If the MiVue third-generation power line is purchased, the MiVue 955WD can also play the parking monitoring function. Any movement or collision process that may harm the vehicle can be fully recorded, which has become evidence for follow-up investigations.

After actual use, I found that the video quality surpassed Mio’s previous models. With the help of 4K high-quality images, even when the license plate needs to be partially enlarged to see clearly, the numbers can still be recognized, and the advantages of 4K image quality are displayed come out. The most amazing thing should be the brightness and clarity of the images taken at night, which is not inferior to professional photographic equipment at all, and there is no need to worry about glare or overexposure of the license plate. It is a reliable top-level driving recorder .


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