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[First-hand test drive]The brand new CMC Zinger for commercial travel

Zinger, which has been launched for 18 years, has spent a lot of money on this major facelift. It not only has a new, more youthful and fashionable shape, but also abandoned the previous 2.4-liter NA engine and replaced it with one that has tax advantages and A more fuel-efficient 1.5-liter turbo engine and ZF 8-speed automatic transmission; not only that, the refreshed interior layout is also equipped with greatly upgraded technology equipment and Level 2 active safety technology, and a 7-seater option has been added to expand the range. Car demand. The main purpose of the above-mentioned substantial evolutionary upgrades and changes is to reverse the identity of the heavier commercial vehicle in the past, and then step into the category of SUV, becoming a vehicle that not only has the space function for carrying cargo, but also provides family members with space. A multi-purpose recreational vehicle with a more comfortable, convenient and safe riding experience.

Text/Yang Zhihan Picture/Gu Zongtao

The body length/width/height size and wheelbase of the major facelift Zinger are 4665/1775/1800mm and 2720mm respectively. The overall size is very different from before the facelift, but through the new styling design, it is closer to an SUV. modern fashion sense.
  • ●Recommended selling price: 839,000 yuan (5-seater flagship model)
  • ●Average fuel consumption 13.1km/L
  • ●Pleasant features: Lower taxes and fuel consumption, Level 2 safety technology blessing
  • ●It’s a pity that the texture of interior materials has room for improvement.

The domestically produced Zinger was officially launched in 2005 to take over the sales of the Freeca car series. It has had a very good and stable sales performance in the past 18 years. Especially after its competitor Toyota Innova withdrew from the market in 2016, it became a gap at this level. The only choice for domestically produced commercial vehicles that dominates the market. After Zinger has undergone many facelifts and upgrades in the past 10 years, it has gradually become a business travel vehicle that can be used for both business and leisure purposes, whether it is used as a money-making tool for business owners or as a means of transportation for the whole family during holidays. Tools can meet the various vehicle needs of car owners. Even the Pick Up truck model launched in 2020 and the subsequent three-opening version have added Zinger's capabilities and established strong sales strength in this segment of the market. .

The horizontal grille-type water tank guard with a larger area and the large-opening bumper air intake dam below create a domineering and hard-core style for the front of the car.

However, in order to maintain the active sales performance and product freshness of Zinger, China Automobile has invested heavily in a drastic facelift project this time. In addition to a new internal and external design and a substantial upgrade of technological equipment, it also Equipped with a brand-new 1.5-liter turbo power and an 8-speed automatic transmission system, it brings better power data and fuel consumption performance. It even surprisingly adds Level 2 ADAS active safety technology, which is unprecedented among domestic business travelers. It can be said that it is the first time to see it on the car, so it is full of sincerity. It is no wonder that the major facelift Zinger has attracted the attention and expectations of many consumers before it was officially launched. Next, come with us to experience the new charm of the facelifted Zinger, which has soared in strength.

Not only have the headlights been modified to be more slender and sharper, but the independently strengthened fog light block design creates a strong and tough visual impression.
The L-shaped taillight group is not only more three-dimensional, but also the outline of its lines is more dynamic, bringing a more youthful and fashionable visual experience.

Stylish and dynamic styling close to leisure travel

Let’s start with the appearance. You can see that the new look of the facelifted Zinger has changed from a more conservative and mature appearance in the past to a more modern and fashionable style like an SUV, and even has a hint of dynamics. and domineering. In addition to the hood with three sharp fold lines that bring a sense of strength, the crystal headlights that become more slender and sharp also integrate LED daytime running lights and direction lights to bring a sense of technology; in addition, the area The larger horizontal grille-type water tank guard has a bright black paint trim panel in the center (chrome trim for the 7-seat model) running through the CMC factory emblem and connecting the headlight groups on both sides, creating a broad and stable visual experience. , combined with the circular fog lamps inlaid in the large opening base on the left and right sides, and the large air intake dam made of black scratch-resistant material below, it shows a domineering, hard-core and durable visual impression, and the entire front of the car is indeed complete. It's possible to lose the aura of a commercial vehicle and move closer to a recreational vehicle.

The rear lower bumper is entirely made of black scratch-resistant material to demonstrate its solidity, and is inlaid with new-style L-shaped fog lights and reversing lights.

The outlines and fold lines of the side panels of the car continue the previous design with little change. The biggest difference is the configuration of 17-inch five-frame double-ribbed two-color cutting aluminum rims with a more dynamic style. However, this is a 5 Exclusive specifications for passenger/seven-passenger top-end models, while mid-level and lower models are equipped with 15-inch aluminum wheels. In addition, the 5-seater top-spec model for test drive also has exclusive exterior configurations, including black wheel arches, side skirts, roof racks and window frames. As for the most obvious modification to the rear of the car, the taillight group, which used to have a large horizontal design, was changed to a more three-dimensional L-shaped design, and was connected by a chrome trim strip below the factory emblem. The rear of the car brings a touch of texture and a wide and stable visual experience. In addition, the fog lamps and reversing lights on the lower edge of the rear bumper have also been modified into an L shape to echo the taillight group, making the entire rear of the car more modern.

The 5-seater top model tested was equipped with 17-inch two-color machined aluminum wheels as standard and matched with Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus fuel-saving and wear-resistant tires (225/55R17).
The contours and lines of the side panels of the car continue the previous design, and the 5-passenger roof model also has exclusive configurations including black wheel arches, side skirts, roof racks and window frames.

Interior equipment that is in line with technology

The refreshing interior design is also the most important change in this Zinger facelift. Not only does it abandon the previous bay-style layout and adopt a more concise and stable interior layout, it also keeps pace with the times and replaces it with 10.25 The 9-inch fully digital instrument and 9-inch central control screen add a sense of technology to the cabin. It can be said to have written a new milestone for domestic commercial vehicles and makes people feel its ambition to move closer to passenger cars. But it is a pity that the materials used in the cabin are still mainly durable hard plastics, and there is still a lack of some exquisite leather or soft plastics and decorative panels, otherwise it would be even more points. But the flaws are not hidden, the entire new center console layout is equipped with a compact and exquisite electronic wire-type gear lever, plus a suspended 9-inch multimedia audio and video screen, a 10.25-inch fully digital instrument, and a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and climate control The lining of the air-conditioning and other equipment really makes the entire cabin break away from the atmosphere of a traditional commercial vehicle, which is the most admirable thing.

The refreshed interior adopts a simple design style, and creates a technological feel in the cabin through a 10.25-inch fully digital instrument, a 9-inch central control screen and an electronic transmission-by-wire gear lever.
The 10.25-inch fully digital instrument not only provides switching between single-loop and dual-loop modes, but also provides rich driving information and graphical information related to ADAS actions.
The 10.25-inch fully digital instrument not only provides switching between single-loop and dual-loop modes, but also provides rich driving information and graphical information related to ADAS actions.

In terms of equipment, the 5-passenger/7-passenger mid-level luxury models are equipped with a 9-inch touch-sensitive multimedia audio and video system as standard. This screen head unit also supports wireless Apple CarPlay/wireless Android Auto dual-function that is not necessarily provided by current ordinary passenger cars. The system connection function can provide passengers in the car with a more technological car experience. In addition, the 5-passenger/7-passenger high-end flagship models have a standard 10.25-inch full digital instrument. In addition to being able to switch between single-ring and dual-ring modes, this instrument has excellent image quality and a sense of technology, and can It provides a wealth of driving information as well as related icons and information about the entire ADAS operation, and is very functional. In addition, there is also a unique and exclusive accessory, which is equipped with LED stainless steel pedals and stainless steel tail trim panels on the front and rear doors and rear bumpers, with the words Snow Mountain, Yushan and Beidawu Mountain respectively engraved on them. Taiwan's mountain images are not only beautiful but also have protective and injury-preventing functions.

The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel adopts a flat-bottomed shape design, and the visual presentation has a youthful and sporty feel.
The 9-inch touch-sensitive multimedia audio and video host can support wireless Apple CarPlay/wireless Android Auto dual system link function, which is quite surprising.

In terms of safety equipment, all Zinger 5-seater top models and 7-seater passenger car models have 6 airbags, and the 5-seater/7-seater mid-level luxury models are equipped with Level 2 ADAS advanced driving assistance systems, including full-speed range Systems such as ACC active distance control cruise (4-stage following distance), FCM active smart braking assist (including pedestrian detection), and LKA lane centering assist. The top-spec flagship model also adds TJA traffic congestion assist, LVSA front vehicle departure warning, AHB smart high beam and a five-in-one blind spot detection and warning system (BSW blind spot detection and warning, LCA lane change assist, RCTA rear traffic alert, RECW rear collision warning, DOW exit door opening warning system), the safety protection can be said to be of high standard, especially for a domestic commercial vehicle, which is really rare.

Starting from the 5-seater/7-seater mid-level luxury models, the front row constant temperature air conditioning system is standard.
Under the left air outlet, there are function buttons such as BSW blind spot detection warning, FCM active braking assist, and automatic high and low beam switching.
This time, the original manufacturer also provides movable camping kits for buyers to choose from, so that Zinger can be transformed into a convenient camper during holidays to meet the diverse lifestyles of consumers.

Sitting comfortably and carrying more cargo

After the facelift, the Zinger's body length/width/height dimensions and wheelbase are 4665/1775/1800mm and 2720mm respectively. The overall body size is very different from before the facelift. Therefore, the layout of the cabin space and seat functionality are The performance is roughly the same. The only difference is that this time the facelift adds a 7-seater model with a third row of seats, which increases the product's selling points. The facelifted Zinger also continues its previous excellent space loading and changing functions. In addition to the front seats and the second row of seats that can be fully reclined, the second row of seats also has 13 sections, reaching 195mm front and rear. The sliding and 6/4 separation design is also equipped with independent air-conditioning outlets for the rear row, dual cup holders and USB charging jacks; in addition, the 5-seater model can fold the second row of seats forward. It can create a load capacity of 2015 liters.

Although the coverage and support of the front seats are average, the comfort when sitting up is pretty good, and they can fully lie flat.
In addition to the fully reclining function, the second-row seats also have a functional design with 13 sections, 195mm front and rear sliding and 6/4 separation.

As for the actual space performance in the passenger part, for a 175cm adult sitting behind the second row of a 5-passenger model, the distance between the knees and the back of the front seat is about 1.5 fists, and the head space is about 1 fist plus 2 finger widths. , the entire room is quite spacious, and the most comfortable sitting posture can be obtained through multi-stage chair back angle adjustment. In addition, regarding the third-row seat space performance of the 7-seater model, after the front seats and second-row seats maintain the aforementioned seat adjustment of the occupants, the knees of those sitting in the third row almost touch the seats of the second-row seats. There is no room to stretch out in the back, so it is recommended that children sit in the third row.

The third row of seats in the passenger model adopts a 5/5 split two-seat configuration, but the space is more suitable for children.
Mid-range and above models have rear independent air-conditioning outlets with adjustable air volume, which are quite friendly and considerate to rear-seat passengers.

Smooth, powerful and fuel-efficient

Another highlight of this Zinger facelift is definitely the innovation of the new power system, which is replaced with a 1.5-liter direct four-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine code-named 4A95TD, and is matched with a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, with maximum horsepower And the torque output was increased to 172hp and 26.4kgm in one fell swoop. Compared with the 136hp and 21kgm released by the previously equipped 2.4-liter naturally aspirated engine and 5-speed automatic transmission, the power data can be said to be much more eye-catching, and every year It can also save 5,490 yuan in fuel tax, and the average fuel consumption has further reached 13.1km/L (5-passenger top model). In addition, it also continues the previous front-engine rear-wheel drive and front disc and rear drum braking system settings.

It is replaced with a 1.5-liter direct four-cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine with smaller displacement but more powerful power output. The maximum horsepower and torque output are increased to 172hp and 26.4kgm.

With the help of an 8-speed automatic transmission with a 26% increase in horsepower and torque compared to the past and better power transmission efficiency, not only does it have better average fuel consumption, but the overall power performance can be said to be completely transformed. The starting acceleration is very brisk, and the abundant power output after pressing the accelerator is very impressive. Even if there is a slight turbo lag, you can immediately feel the strong power released after the turbine is turned on, whether it is highway cruising. The response to overtaking or overtaking is quick, and the torque peak can appear especially from 1500 to 4000rpm. Therefore, sufficient acceleration force can be obtained in the medium and low speed range, allowing the vehicle to drive on urban roads with ease. In addition, the 8-speed automatic transmission brings a closer gear ratio, which also makes the entire acceleration process smoother and linear. Especially when paired with the engine in a very harmonious manner, it greatly reduces the engine speed when driving at high speeds. and noise, it is of great help in reducing fuel consumption. It is so easy to drive, easy to drive, has sufficient load capacity and is fuel-efficient. This is what a hard-working boss can ask for! But if you really want to be picky, it would be even more perfect if you could add shift paddles or a manual transmission mode.

The 8-speed automatic transmission from ZF not only brings smoother and linear acceleration response, but also improves average fuel consumption.

Rideability is acceptable and road texture could be enhanced

The facelifted Zinger has no changes in the suspension chassis part. The chassis still maintains the original split girder design, and is equipped with front double A-arms and rear multi-link suspension settings. The overall driving and riding experience is relatively smooth and comfortable, but it is just fine. In terms of road texture, you can still feel the characteristics of a commercial vehicle, and there is still a small distance from ordinary passenger cars or SUVs. The main reason is that the vehicle bounces more when traveling on uneven roads without too much load. In addition, the suspension setting is obviously softer and the body is inherently taller, so the cornering speed is faster. When driving, the roll phenomenon is relatively large, especially when changing lanes at high speed, too much shaking cannot be avoided, so whether you are entering or exiting a curve or switching lanes, you have to consider your vehicle speed. But despite this, its overall steering response and road feel feedback are still at a certain level, which is rare for a commercial vehicle that prefers load-bearing performance, especially due to the FR configuration. The minimum turning radius of 5.3 meters allows this car to shuttle through urban roads quite calmly.

With the horsepower and torque increased by 36hp and 5.4kgm respectively, the entire light, smooth, full and energetic acceleration response is quite impressive, and it can handle the full load of the vehicle without feeling irritated.

Test Drive Remarks ~ A big step forward in "commercial leisure travel"

After this major facelift project, Zinger has indeed become more competitive in the market. Not only does it look better, but it also has the excellent passenger function of the original commercial vehicle and is adapted to the current trend of the car industry by adopting a smaller exhaust. It has a turbine engine with high output power, as well as high-tech interior equipment and a full set of Level 2 active safety technologies. More importantly, it has made the tax and fuel consumption that entrepreneurs care about most more economical. , coupled with the price of 839,000 yuan (5-seater flagship model), it is only a few tens of thousands yuan higher than the previous top-spec model, but it has been able to achieve such great innovation, evolution and upgrades, so the product’s CP value can be said to be off the charts. , and also takes Zinger’s attempt to “commercial travel” a big step forward.

The chassis adopts a girder structure design and is equipped with a front double A-arm and rear multi-link suspension system instead of a leaf spring rear axle setting. Therefore, the overall ride comfort is pretty good, but the road texture is still different from the previous one. Passenger cars are quite different.

CMC Zinger 5-seater flagship model

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