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First review: Cupra Born is a Volkswagen ID.3 that won't make you yawn

What is striking about the electric Cupra Born?

In March 2019, the Seat el-Born (named after a hip neighborhood in Barcelona) made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The el-Born was supposed to be Seat's first all-electric model, but plans were changed. The car was released under the Cupra flag and is simply called Born. This makes Seat the only major brand that still has to do without an electric car…

Cupra creates expectations, because the brand claims that it is just a bit more exciting than other car brands. That is quite difficult if you use technology from Volkswagen. The appearance is in any case more frivolous than that of the Volkswagen ID.3 and the dashboard has more colored accents. You also get standard sports seats and a sports suspension. Nevertheless, we are initially not warm or cold from the driving characteristics, there is nothing sporty or deviant about it. It's like driving an ID.3, but with a hard chassis.

What's good about the electric Cupra Born?

Still, the Cupra is slowly starting to pack us in, for example with its equipment. Where the Germans serve a maria cake with their coffee, at Cupra you get pastry from the patissier and a liqueur. Volkswagen finds steel wheels more than enough for the basic version with 58 kWh, while the Cupra Born steals the show with light metal. Adaptive cruise control, heated seats and a reversing camera are also included in the price. You pay almost the same; the Cupra Born costs 37,990 euros (Business One) and the ID.3 (Pro) 37,740 euros.

How does the Cupra Born score with its range and charging speed? As soon as he is in the Netherlands, we will test that. We'll keep you posted in our weekly newsletter!

Cupra also masters the art of seduction just a little better with driving characteristics. The Born will (albeit only in 2022) get something that the ID.3 does not get: an e-Boost button with which more power is briefly available to you. Instead of 204 hp, 230 hp is available. You can also adjust the directness of the steering and the chassis to your personal wishes. This pimped Cupra, is noticeably nicer than the base version and takes more distance from the ID.3. The low center of gravity and rear-wheel drive add to the fun.

What could be improved about the electric Cupra Born?

The operation is a crime, just like in the ID.3. The steering wheel has 'sliders'. Those are not real buttons, but touch surfaces that you have to press or swipe on. We argue with it every time. The operation of the multimedia system is just as clumsy. There are physical buttons, but they look like the touch buttons on an induction hob and we don't like to cook. The Cupra also inherits the hard plastics of the ID.3.

When will the electric Cupra Born come to the Netherlands and what is the price?

The Cupra Born is already in the Netherlands and is therefore well in time for calculating lease drivers to benefit from a 12 percent addition. Initially you can only order it with a battery pack of 58 kWh and a power of 204 hp. Prices start at 37,990 euros. For each higher equipment variant you pay 3000 euros more, with the Upper Born (Copper Edition One) 46,990 euros.

In 2022, the Born will also receive battery packs with 45 kWh and 77 kWh.

What do I think of the electric Cupra Born?

The Born is a make-or-break car: if it starts up, the Cupra brand is on the map. Do not expect a sensational driving experience, the similarities with the ID.3 are too great for that. Although thanks to the e-Boost, he has just enough Spanish temperament not to yawn, but to smile.

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