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First review Opel Grandland Turbo Hybrid (2022): the Record of the 21st century

What is striking about the Opel Grandland Turbo Hybrid (2022)?

Opel liked to explain it a few years ago: the X after the name of the Mokka, Crossland and Grandland served to emphasize the crossover character. The letter was therefore an important element of the model name. But after four years, that X turns out to be just as indispensable as a fly in your soup. Just like with the new Mokka and the renewed Crossland. And there are two more features that the new Grandland shares with its smaller brothers. These are the Opel Manta A-inspired Vizor nose and the new digital dashboard.

Except for headlights that are more intelligent than the Smartest Human and Maarten van Rossem combined, and a few other safety options, there is hardly any technical news under the sun. This means that the Opel Grandland is still available as a 1.2 Turbo (130 hp) as a Hybrid (225 hp), Hybrid4 (300 hp) and as a 1.5 Diesel (130 hp). The petrol version with the 180 hp 1.6-liter engine was no longer available for a while.

What is good about the Opel Grandland Turbo Hybrid (2022)?

With the new face, the Grandland looks a lot more modern. The headlights transition almost seamlessly into the largely closed 'grille', which provides a futuristic touch. The new digital dashboard follows this line. Certainly in the most luxurious models, where it consists of two large screens of 12 and 10 inches. Despite that configurable screen splendor, Opel fortunately maintained physical buttons for the climate system and the volume control of the sound system.

With the 225 hp Grandland Hybrid we first drive a stretch of limitless highway and then we make a round through the Taunus Mountains. On the autobahn we easily tap the 170; we believe that top of 225 km/h. That drives up the consumption, but the many descents over 80 roads in the mountains push it back to 3.4 l/100 (1 in 29.4). In addition, the car is wonderfully quiet, because the 1.6-litre petrol engine can quietly lean back. We put the gear selector in the B position (for optimal recovery of braking energy) and see the range of the battery pack increasing again. The comfortable seats, the forgiving chassis and the excellent space offer ensure comfort of a minimum Rekord level.

What could be better about the Opel Grandland Turbo Hybrid (2022)?

On the highway it is noticeable that the powertrain reacts a bit slow if you want the bottom of the can. He eventually leaves as a westerner from Afghanistan, but he has to think about it for a while. It seems as if the navigation system wants to punish our haste from just now, because it repeatedly tests our responsiveness by indicating very late when we have to turn. To be honest, navigating via Android Auto and Google Maps is more pleasant.

A Grandland with a petrol or diesel engine has a luggage space of 514 liters with the rear seats in function. In the hybrid version you have to settle for 390 liters. That's not enough for an SUV in this class.

When will the Opel Grandland Turbo Hybrid (2022) come to the Netherlands and what is the price?

From 44,949 euros you can already order a new Grandland Turbo Hybrid. You have to wait until October to view it at the dealer. For that money you have the Business Elegance. It stands on 18-inch light metal, is equipped with smart LED headlights, active cruise control, a wireless phone charger and built-in navi. For 34,999 euros you can sign up at the Opel dealer for a Grandland 1.2 Turbo Edition, with a 130 hp three-cylinder petrol engine.

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The standard equipment is not wrong, including 17-inch alloy, automatic air conditioning and preparation for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Traffic sign recognition and track assistance are also included. The 300 hp strong, pretty fast and potentially pretty economical Grandland Hybrid 4x4 costs at least 47,149 euros. We can therefore not imagine that someone in the Netherlands will order the diesel version (130 hp, from 45,699 euros).

What do I think of Opel Grandland Turbo Hybrid (2022)?

In the ever-expanding SUV segment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract attention. With the new nose, the Opel Grandland succeeds better than before. The car looks good without being extravagant, it is comfortable without being soft and the equipment is complete, without showing decadent tendencies. You therefore harvest more appreciative glances than crooked faces. You enjoy excellent performance, coupled with potentially low consumption. I'm not a SUV fan and as a private driver I would have preferred this powertrain in a spacious sedan or station wagon à la Insignia - or that prehistoric Rekord - but that was once

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