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First review Volkswagen Golf R (2021): the strongest Golf ever in 5 questions

What is striking about the Volkswagen Golf R (2021)?

Especially if you choose the latter of the three available colors (white, blue and black), the strongest Golf of all time does not look terribly spectacular. Then the special R-bumper with the extra-large air scoops and air deflectors is hardly noticeable. Nevertheless, we are regularly spotted during the long test weekend - usually by other Volkswagen drivers. They probably recognize the test car by the blue strip in the grille or by the blue brake calipers. Or maybe they are just cheating and have spotted the centrally placed R on the tailgate. But it is also possible that we have betrayed ourselves. Because you have to be very mature to not let the optional Akrapovic organ pipes bang loudly.

What is good about the Volkswagen Golf R (2021)?

It is unbelievable how serenely the Golf R puts its power on the asphalt mat. We'll mention it again, we're talking three hundred and twenty horsepower! From a four-cylinder engine with a volume of only two liters. In a hatchback that was once conceived as an average family car. Slip-free and grippy, you can reach 100 km / h in about 4.5 seconds. Thanks to the standard all-wheel drive and the highly responsive DSG transmission, this is child's play. Also in bends there seems to be no end to the grip. The intelligent torque distribution and electronic differential lock help you keep things in check. In addition, the lockable storage compartment for your mobile phone prevents you from being an experienced smartphone buyer after a trip to the Ardennes or Black Forest.

"You have to be careful not to rush from zero to confiscation of your driver's license in a matter of seconds."

Nowadays there are always people who find rock-solid handling boring. The Volkswagen Golf R has a solution for this too: the R-Performance package. This provides a drift mode and a Nürbürgring mode. The damping of the rear axle is softened and more drive forces are transferred to the rear axle. In addition, this optional fun package includes 19-inch alloy (instead of 18-inch) and a higher top speed. It goes from 250 to 270 km / h. This makes the Golf R on the autobahn the nightmare of much fatter Germans with a neatly adjusted engine management at 250 km / h ...

What could be better about the Volkswagen Golf R (2021)?

In our busy country, plagued with speed bumps, speed cameras and speed limits, you can barely tap the potential of the Golf R. You get the fun mainly from the acceleration, although you have to be careful during the day that you do not rush from zero to confiscation of your driver's license in a few seconds. Fortunately, you also enjoy the adhesive power of the chassis and the mighty exhaust note. Unfortunately, a ticket for the Akrapovic heavy metal concert is not included in the price. It costs a whopping 3444 euros! And that while the basic price of the Volkswagen Golf R (see below) is already not tender.

Unfortunately, the Golf R shares in the operating malaise that plagues all Golfs 8: the too far implemented 'touchification' of the operation. We especially find setting the climate control cooler or warmer with the sliders (not lit in the dark!) A drama. It is incomprehensible that this is not possible with the voice control.

When will the Volkswagen Golf R (2021) come and what is the price?

You can already order the new Volkswagen Golf R now, but you will have to wait until July 2021 before you have it at your door. This gives you the opportunity to continue saving for a short while, to put your holiday pay aside and to wait for your tax refund. Or you have to be mediated in such a way that you can carelessly pull the required 65,490 euros out of your back pocket. Because that is the basic price of the fastest Wave ever.

"We would leave the R-performance package."

Unless you are a guest of honor at the Nürburgring and want to qualify for a gold loyalty card from the tire farmer, we would leave the R-performance package for 2052 euros. Drifting is fun once, but it takes a lot of persuasion - read: a lead right foot - and at least a damp road surface to get the Golf butt 'over' indeed. On a rough surface, the asphalt eats up the tires in record time. In addition, all occupants have to contend with a stiff neck in no time. We have no objection that leather upholstery is not included in the price. The non-slip checkered fabric with velor edges looks cheerful and keeps you firmly in place in smooth turns. For a car of more than 65 grand, we find the plastic content in the interior on the high side.

What do I think of the Volkswagen Golf R (2021)?

Ever since I was young, I have been a fan of cars that are (much) faster than they look. Now the Golf R is not a real 'sleeper', but fortunately it is not cluttered with huge cake scoops or other flashy tupperware. Yet the upper Golf is faster than ever in straight lines and in bends. After a few days in this beginner supercar, you wish you could still cash in on your home's equity at the car dealer. Unfortunately, the tax authorities no longer want to cooperate in such transactions. In this way, the Golf with the capital pRetletter on the back remains a tempting gadget for the happy few. Little consolation: the Mercedes A 45 AMG (420 hp) and the Audi RS3 Sportback (400 hp) are even more expensive.

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