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Five TCR cars in placeBorder Racing team ready to go

With the continuous holding of domestic competitions in the past two years, more and more racing teams have begun to actively participate in the arena. Except for the common K6, K8, 86/BRZ, S2000 and other modified cars in the past, the most top-rated cars TCR racing, what is the difference between TCR racing and other regular racing cars? And what about its combat power? These are the main points of this unit.

Inheriting the spirit of ETCC and WTCC

Mass Production Touring Car Competition

For Taiwan in the racing desert, many people's understanding of racing only stays in F1 racing. In fact, there are many international events and racing cars of different specifications, which are in full swing, and TCR is one of them that is easier to get started with. the regular racing class. Speaking of TCR racing, we have to introduce his predecessor - WTCC race.

The full name of the WTCC event is the World Touring Car Championship. The participating vehicles are all based on commercially available touring cars. Under the strict modification specifications, the regular racing cars were transformed. At that time, the four-door commercial cars with no more than 2.0-liter NA engine were used as the standard. The main shaft of the touring car race, and the racing teams invested are also composed of car factories, including Ford, BMW, Honda, Volvo, Seat and Chevrolet. However, with the development of science and technology, the application of more and more advanced technology has continuously upgraded the performance of the racing car. The rich factory teams are equipped with more competitive racing technology, and the specifications are gradually aligning with the GT or formula level, making many private teams. The development of financial difficulties and the withdrawal of the event, and even some sub-stations were closed with less than 16 cars, and because of this, the TCR event group was formed later.

TCR races have now become the mainstream touring car races around the world, including Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Japan, China, Australia and other countries, with regional events being held, and the number of participating vehicles is also increasing.

When the WTCC world touring car race was developing to the Super 2000 TC1 high level, the high development expenditure made it impossible for many private teams to play. Therefore, the race organization, dissatisfied with the status quo, started a new TCR (Touring Car Race) event in 2014, and directly gave up the follow-up. Factory teams compete to attract more models to participate. The founder of this new event, Marcello Lotti, is the former boss of WTCC, and developed the TCR concept based on economic considerations, not relying on factory teams, allowing more private teams to participate, but taking into account the professionalism of the participating cars, applicable to all TCRs Series races, so the car factory retired from the stage to the backstage, developed some racing cars with lower thresholds to sell to consumers, and at the same time provided a team with racing resources and services, which can make private teams affordable in addition to making profits. Chances win.

Marcello Lotti went all over the world to learn about local competitions, and found that the scale of some international competitions was gradually shrinking. Only then did he think of directly abandoning the competition of the factory teams and letting the modification factories take over the leadership. Compared with the low-level modification of WTCC cars, the cost of the competition was reduced. Significantly reduced, even young teams can accumulate valuable experience by participating in international touring car races as a way to get closer to high-level touring car series in the future. Be part of a supporting event in the F1 Championship.

The reason why TCR can be successfully held is that the event budget is much lower than that of GT events, there are many types of participating vehicles, and the event is very exciting.

Therefore, it quickly established substations around the world as international and regional championships. In order to avoid money-burning touring car races like WTCC or DTM, Marcello Lotti used the used car market to retire the team's racing cars (5-7 years old). The car models) are imported into some countries that cannot afford motorsports, and then new equipment is purchased, so that professional touring car races can be held in these developing countries, and potential young drivers can also be cultivated from them. Such a business approach has given the TCR series a sustainable foothold.

The ultimate purpose of the TCR series is to improve the performance specifications of mid-range touring cars, reshape the status of the mid-range touring car market through international events, and provide a closer and competitive range in terms of rules, also using the FIA's points system and The 2-day qualifying and final, with low barriers to entry and behind-the-scenes support from many carmakers, is one of the hottest touring car races out there.

Get up close and personal with TCR racing

Keep many original designs

Since it is to lower the competition cost threshold, TCR racing cars are based on mass-produced cars. The mass-produced engine with a displacement of 1.75 to 2.0 liters has a maximum power output of 350hp/45.9kgm. If the original gearbox is used, the minimum vehicle weight is 1230kg. drivers), all electronic assistance systems are prohibited, except in endurance racing, ABS is allowed. At present, more than 19 car brands in the world have launched TCR-spec racing cars, including Alfa Romeo, Audi, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, LADA, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, SEAT, Subaru and Volkswagen. Most of its vehicles are VW Golf GTI TCR, Honda Civic Type-R TCR, Audi RS3 TCR and Seat Cupra Leon TCR.

The X-shaped structural rod design can be seen on the side of the door, and the triangular plate is welded at the center point to ensure that the anti-roll cage will not be recessed in the event of a side collision, which can protect the driver.

The Border Racing team, which has been actively involved in domestic and foreign events in recent years, has also purchased as many as 5 TCR racing cars this year, including the Honda Civic Type-R TCR, Audi RS3 TCR and three Cupra Leon TCRs, becoming a domestically owned A team with the most TCR racing cars, and recently invited the author to interview these racing cars on the racing practice day. The author also uses this to let everyone know more about the difference between TCR racing cars and general modified cars.

Let's take the Seat Cupra Leon TCR as an example. Let's take a look at the interior first. Since the TCR is a racing car, safety modifications are absolutely essential. Among them, the structural strengthening of the car body and the modification of systems such as fire extinguishing/power failure are the most important. It is important that the former needs to install a roll cage to strengthen the rigidity of the car body and the integrity of the car body during impact, and the installation of the roll cage also needs to comply with the relevant FIA regulations to ensure that the roll cage can function normally. , so we can see the dense roll cage of the whole car. Compared with the modified street car, the structure of the side of the door, the roof, the rear of the driver's seat and the ABC column is particularly strengthened. The X-shaped structure can be seen on the side of the door. The rod design, and the welding triangle plate is added at the center point, the purpose is to ensure that the anti-roll cage will not be recessed in the event of a side collision, which can protect the driver. The position of the cabin in the middle of the two B-pillars directly behind the driver is also designed with an X-shaped structural rod, which is welded with the roof ㄇ-shaped rod and the bottom of the B-pillar straight rod. It can also protect the source of the rear support when the driver faces the collision of the rear car, and avoid the racing seat from being broken due to too much acceleration impact.

The position of the cabin at the rear of the driver, which is about the middle of the two B-pillars, is also designed with an X-shaped structural rod. In addition to being the largest supporting structure in the center of the cabin cavity, it can also protect the driver from the rear support source when the driver faces the collision of the rear car. Avoid breaking the racing seat under too much acceleration shock.
The anti-roll cage is located at the triangular point of the roof, and an additional welding triangle plate is added to further strengthen the rigidity and prevent the roof from collapsing and endangering the safety of the driver when the car rolls over. In addition, two metal nozzles can be seen fixed on the anti-roll cage. This is the nozzle for spraying fire extinguishing agents.

In addition, the arrangement of fire extinguisher nozzles can be seen in many places on the car, including above the engine, near the gasoline pipe, on the accelerator brake pedal, above the driver's seat and near the fuel tank. The fire extinguisher cylinder is fixed on the rear luggage compartment. The trigger method is activated by a button. The buttons are located on the lower right side of the front windshield and on the gear seat in the car. It allows the emergency personnel outside the car or the driver in the car to press one of the buttons to release the fire extinguishing agent when the car is on fire. It can be sprayed on the above-mentioned places immediately to achieve the function of quick fire extinguishing, and at the same time to ensure that the driver can get out of the body. This is also a configuration that can only be seen in regular racing cars.

In the rear luggage compartment, you can see the white fire extinguisher cylinder and the small battery used to start the engine. It is believed that it is also modified for the front and rear counterweights fixed in the rear luggage compartment.
The black box is the AIM EVO 5 Data Logger, which can record a lot of engine information and driving speed. The purpose is to determine whether each winning TCR car has been modified by reading the ECU data during the post-race inspection. In line with the rules, if there is an abnormality, further inspection will be conducted to ensure the fairness of the competition.
The ABS valve body and related control computer can be seen on the floor of the passenger seat. Due to the regulations of TCR competitions, the ABS is only allowed to be turned on unless the competition is an endurance race of more than 1 hour. Therefore, domestic TCR racing cars cannot use the ABS system, so the valve body is only above the valve body. No oil pipe installed.
At present, there is no air-conditioning system on the TCR race car, but in order to cope with the endurance race, the air duct and high-speed fan can be seen under the center console, which can draw the outside air into the car, so that the driver's body, feet and Control the computer, etc. to blow cold air to help dissipate heat.
This Seat Cupra Leon TCR uses a six-speed sequential gearbox, so you can see three upright pedals, namely clutch, brake and accelerator, among which the clutch pedal is only when the vehicle starts to gear, reverse gear or the speed is not fast. When shifting gears, you only need to step on the pedal. When driving at high speed, you only need to pull the shift lever to complete the forward and reverse gears.

Powered by a commercial engine

350h output is the upper limit

As for the power system, as mentioned above, the engine of the TCR racing car needs to use a commercially available turbo engine, and the displacement cannot be higher than 2.0L, the driving method is front-wheel drive, and the maximum horsepower cannot exceed 350hp. The air intake of the turbo is equipped with a restrictor, so from the engine room of the Seat Cupra Leon TCR, you can see that the turbo and the engine are no different from the commercial car. After all, the original engine and turbo can be modified to achieve 350hp. Therefore, it is more stable to use the original specifications and can also reduce the burden of logistics.

The difference in the engine room is that the size of the intercooler has been changed, and it is placed on the top, so that the cooling water tank will not be blocked by the intercooler, which affects the heat dissipation effect; in addition, the upper and lower water pipes of the water tank also use a large number of aluminum alloy pipes. , can withstand a relatively large evaporation pressure, and because the turbine engine is prone to blowing and leaking gas at high speed, if the pressure of the blowing and leaking gas cannot be quickly released, it may lead to insufficient lubrication of the turbine shaft and damage, and the internal oil seal of the engine is also relatively easy to leak. Oil, so you can see that this EA888 Gen3 rocker arm cover has been installed with a blow-by gas external circulation system, which can drain the blow-by gas in the crankcase to the collection tube for cooling, and connect the suction pipe to the intake air On the pipeline, ensure that it will not pollute the atmospheric environment.

It can be seen that the EA888 Gen3 rocker arm cover has been installed with a blow-by gas external circulation system, which can drain the blow-by gas in the crankcase to the collection tube for cooling, and connect the suction pipe back to the intake pipe. Make sure not to pollute the atmosphere.

The strengthening of the chassis should be the focus of viewing the TCR racing car. It can be seen that the structure of the front and rear suspension is not much different from the commercial car, but the front and lower tripods have been replaced with an aluminum alloy tube frame structure, and the shape of the anti-roll cage is also different. Different from the commercially available cars, the Li Zichuan is an adjustable design. The above parts are all designed with fisheye bearings, which can provide more flexible steering response and a wider range of positioning angles. The braking system is the front six and the rear two opposing piston calipers, and the disc is a floating iron disc design, not a composite carbon fiber disc, but the cooling air ducts commonly used in racing cars also appear on TCR racing cars.

During the interview, I also interviewed Huang Sijia, the manager of the Boder Racing team. According to him, although the purchase cost of each TCR car is not low, about 3 to 4 million yuan, it is the best platform for the domestic racing industry to integrate with the international market. The best tool for training drivers is better than using street cars to refit at the same cost, so I bought five TCR cars in one go. In the future, in addition to actively participating in domestic Lihpao events and mountain climbing events, this year is expected to be the same as last year. , to participate in the Macau Grand Prix, hoping to make the Boder Racing team one of the top teams in China, and continue to do its best to cultivate domestic drivers and promote domestic events.


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