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Ford Liuhe Motors implements the vision of social care in the local community. The 2023 Summer Children's Day invites children from the Taoyuan Family Support Center to experience the rural LOHAS ecology

Ford Liuhe Motor knows that employees are an important asset of the company, so it combined public welfare activities and summer employee parent-child activities to hold "Ford Liuhe Motor 2023 Summer Children's Day" on 8/17 (Thursday), inviting the children of Ford Liuhe employees to participate , and with the theme of "Rural LOHAS Experience", let the children understand natural sustainability and food and agriculture education. It is hoped that through the activities during the summer vacation, they will spend a fulfilling and meaningful day, and let the employees' children I have the opportunity to learn about the work of my parents in the environment of Ford Liuhe Motors and experience a different time together. In order to implement the spirit of local public welfare and realize the vision of social care, this activity also specially invites the children of Taoyuan Family Support Center to have fun together; Ford Liuhe, whose head office was established in Taoyuan Zhongli, has established a long-term relationship with Taoyuan Family Support Center due to its geographical relationship. As an opportunity for cooperation, the Ford Liuhe Volunteer Group has been committed to the various child-helping work of the Family Support Center for many years, and participated in the promotion of the "Taoyuan Family Support Parent-Child Garden Fair" during the "Ford Global Caring Month" and participated in charity sales, etc. While holding the Summer Children's Day, we also hope to pass on the power of love and kindness through multiple forms of cooperation.

Embody care for employees' families and inspire children's cognition with "Rural LOHAS Experience"

"Ford Liuhe Motor 2023 Summer Children's Day" is themed with "Rural LOHAS Experience", planning a series of activities and checkpoints for natural sustainability and food and agricultural education. This time, Ford Liuhe employees and children from the Taoyuan Family Support Center are invited A total of 100 people participated together, allowing children to enhance their understanding of nature and food sources through games and experiences, and to cherish and respect ingredients more. Chen Wenfang, general manager of Ford Liuhe, said: "Ford Liuhe's core value has always been 'creating a better world'. We attach importance to the family welfare of employees, and believe that the happiness of employees and their families is an important cornerstone of the company's sustainable development. By Holding the Children's Day not only hopes to enhance the interaction and understanding between the parents and children of the employees, but also hopes that the children will have fun through the activities, cultivate environmental protection awareness and respect for ingredients. I am also very happy that the children of Taoyuan Family Support Center joined the activity this time, so that Our love and care can be passed on to more people in need.”

Ford Liuhe joins hands with Taoyuan Family Support Center to practice local public welfare and implement corporate social responsibility

Ford Liuhe Motors has been deeply involved in Taiwan for 50 years, upholds the core concept of "employees are family members", and works with all employees to build a solid foundation for the company. Due to the geographical relationship, it has become a long-term partner with the Taoyuan Family Support Center since 2018, and continues to practice local public welfare. It also provides special sponsorship for the "Taoyuan Family Support Love Garden Fair" through the global Ford Motor Foundation Ford Fund . Ford Liuhe also actively recruited employees to serve as volunteers during the Helping Families Day held at the Taoyuan Family Support Center to assist in the distribution of supplies and accompany many families receiving supplies; during the epidemic when online distance learning is extremely important, Ford Liuhe also donated second-hand computer equipment to help children from many families learn new knowledge at home. As of 2023, Ford Liuhe has supported Taoyuan Family Support for more than 160 times of material delivery, and volunteer service hours have accumulated more than 280 hours, covering six districts including Zhongli, Longtan, Daxi, Guanyin, Dayuan and Fuxing There are about 169 families in total, so that the assisted families can feel the full care from Ford Liuhe volunteers, and use actions to support the social participation of the assisted families.

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