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Ford's six and seven major car series span multiple classes. The All-New Ford Mustang 5.0 GT manual model and passenger welfare vehicle were unveiled simultaneously.

Ford Liuhe has deeply cultivated Taiwan and listened to the market voice. With its diversified product lineup of more than 30 models in 7 major car series, it enriches the mobile life of Chinese people and meets their car needs. Looking forward to the new year of 2024, Ford Liuhe will continue to improve itself and actively expand its product ecosystem. Today (12/18), in addition to displaying two new models: The All-New Ford Mustang 5.0 GT and the New Ford Tourneo Connect passenger welfare vehicle , and also announced that in the future, it will continue to produce locally, expand and upgrade service locations across Taiwan, and combine intelligent digital parts warehousing and flexible production line application technologies to work with front-line distribution partners and back-end supply chain manufacturers to strengthen the brand's overall competitiveness and achieve The long-term goals of "co-prosperity and common good" and "sustainable development".

New Ford FocusandNew Ford KugaCumulative sales10Ten thousand units Imported car models have multiple functions and are even more powerful

Ford Liuhe actively observes market dynamics, understands the needs of consumers at all levels, and builds a diverse model ecosystem with distinct positioning. New Ford Focus offers German-standard five-door hatchback (Hatchback), German-standard crossover SUV (Active), German-standard crossover SUV (Active Wagon), sports station wagon (Wagon), and performance hatchback (ST X 6MT). ) and performance station wagon (ST Exceeding consumer expectations, the ST-Line/Vignale exclusive models are compiled to outline the unique style of a pure European sports car. In 2023, New Ford Focus and New Ford Kuga will join forces to achieve cumulative sales of more than 100,000 units in Taiwan, supporting the domestic car market share.

In addition, whether it is New Ford Tourneo Connect, New Ford Tourneo Custom, The All-New Ford Ranger and other series of vehicles that are both commercial and recreational, Ford brand vehicles have successfully spanned commercial, business, and pickup trucks. In various fields, the arrival of the brand's first electric sports car, The All-Electric Mustang Mach-E, in Taiwan proves that Ford Liuhe is in line with the world and demonstrates its diversified and progressive product layout strategy. The Ford Mustang, which has become a classic symbol of contemporary American pop culture and synonymous with sports cars, has long become the best car for racers to seek driving pleasure and performance. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Mustang, Ford Liuhe today (12/18 ) reveals the unique interior style of the world's best-selling two-door sports car The All-New Ford Mustang 5.0 GT manual model, showing a new driver-oriented layout that faithfully embodies the pursuit of freedom. As Taiwan enters an aging society, the demand for long-term care and barrier-free mobility is growing day by day. As a provider of mobility services, Ford, in order to fulfill its corporate responsibilities, has simultaneously introduced the global Ford Pro modification factory certification system, and provides guidance in A local modification supplier has obtained original factory certification and developed welfare car-related equipment for New Ford Tourneo Connect travellers. Today, it simultaneously demonstrated an exclusive ramp design that is in line with life economy, allowing passengers in wheelchairs to relax with the help of family members. Entering and exiting the car, breaking the cocooned life style and boundaries of constant movement, the New Ford Tourneo Connect travel welfare car not only becomes the emotional support backing for the whole family, but also simultaneously implements Ford Liuhe's corporate philosophy of continuing to "serve society with mobility".

Upgrading the American exquisite brand experience, Ford Liuhe provides complete electric vehicle logistics services

Ford Liuhe continues to improve its brand services, using a newly upgraded service network to provide consumers with a complete brand experience from car purchase to car ownership, and deepens the details at every link. It not only expands cooperation with Costco, a well-known American-style store in China, but also All software and hardware equipment of Ford display centers and service plants in Taiwan will be updated with the new generation "Ford Signature" brand standards. It is expected to be completed in January 2024. In addition to the brand-new and bright exhibition cars and customer rest space, Ford Liuhe continues to strive to improve the exquisite brand experience for car owners and consumers. In addition to the original LAVAZZA Italian coffee machine, it also provides Italian BEVCO sparkling water drinks and Vincenzi The specially prepared syrup is paired with Costco's seasonal sweet and salty snacks, allowing car owners and consumers to enjoy their cars and rest comfortably in the new space reshaped by the "Ford Signature" brand standards.

At the same time, after the introduction of the brand's first electric sports car, The All-Electric Mustang Mach-E, Ford Liuhe simultaneously updated and upgraded the software and hardware to create a complete consumer brand experience. After intensive training and rigorous assessment, Ford currently has a total of 60 electric vehicle EV elites at its dealerships in Taiwan. In addition to having professional knowledge about electric vehicles, these EV elites can also help with journey charging planning and site information sharing. Provide consulting services for other information and become a professional car life consultant for Ford electric vehicle owners. In terms of maintenance capacity, Ford Liuhe has completed the construction of 13 electric vehicle certified service plants across Taiwan. In addition to being equipped with a number of professionally certified service technicians and specialists, each electric vehicle certified service plant also specializes in electric vehicle Logistics maintenance plans dedicated work stations, high-voltage battery temporary storage areas and emergency isolation areas, corresponding to the 14 CCS2 fast charging bases that are in place one after another, so that consumers can have peace of mind to own Ford vehicles, whether in the early stage of car purchase, later maintenance and repairs, or daily charging. Complete electric vehicle EV service.

Developing smart warehousing application levels, Ford Liuhe leads supply chain partners to delve into Taiwan

Ford Liuhe is deeply involved in Taiwan and continues to work with supply chain operating partners to expand the application level of smart manufacturing. In 2023, it won the highest honor of the "Vehicle Industry Contribution Award" from the Society of Automated Engineering of the Republic of China, which fully demonstrates Ford Liuhe's outstanding contribution to the vehicle manufacturing industry. . In addition, in order to effectively improve production efficiency and parts logistics, enhance its own competitiveness and build external risk response capabilities, with the support of the Industrial Development Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ford Liuhe is working with supply chain partners to carry out a smart digital transformation project. Through data analysis, virtual and real integration, cloud services, digital management and other methods, we can achieve the goals of warehousing intelligence, virtualization, production efficiency, data intelligence, and digital supply chain linkage, and thereby drive the sustainable development of the upstream and downstream industries. After the smart warehousing application level is expanded, it can not only improve the work efficiency and safety of logistics personnel in the parts warehouse, but also improve the accuracy of warehouse space utilization/imported material management, effectively reduce inventory costs, and the real-time replenishment mechanism of the future smart warehousing system will also It will be linked with the existing smart production lines and can be scheduled and adjusted at any time in response to the flexible needs of the production lines, creating an industrial model with zero time lag and low resistance.

Fulfilling corporate social responsibilities, Ford Liuhe joins hands with public welfare organizations to create a better mobile life

As a "mobile service provider", Ford Liuhe has also spared no effort in deeply exploring the Taiwan market. It has long-term cooperation with non-profit organizations such as Jingjuan Children's Safety Cultural and Educational Foundation, TFT Teach For Taiwan, and Weiguang 134. Organize mutual assistance and cooperation to contribute to creating a beautiful and safe mobile life. Employees of Ford Liuhe also uphold corporate social responsibility and participate in volunteer activities. The service content spans traffic safety education and promotion, remote teaching in rural areas, mobile services for pick-up and drop-off in rural areas, material donations, etc., demonstrating Ford Liuhe's deep roots in Taiwan and working together. The brand belief of charity partners to create a better tomorrow.

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