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Foretelling pure electric future Lamborghini Lanzador Concept

●Ultra GT positioning, running grid shape + cross-border ground clearance

●Two-door 2+2 four-seater configuration, symmetrical sci-fi cockpit design

●Dual-motor four-wheel drive configuration, the maximum output is expected to be 1300hp

●It is expected to be mass-produced in 2028 and become the fourth member of the Manniu family

After the first off-road masterpiece Urus was launched and received great acclaim, it seems to have opened up some different design thinking of the brand. For example, the Huracan Sterrato rally-style calf, which was launched in limited quantities not long ago as the last commemoration before the end of the model generation, made Lamborghini Find a new road that provides buyers with a unique driving experience, and the Lanzador concept car was officially launched at this Pebble Beach Auto Show, heralding the arrival of a new model.

The first pure electric bull

Although the original factory generously admitted that this car will become the fourth mass-produced model of the brand, it is equivalent to confirming that this car is not just a simple event show car. Although there is still some time before the official launch in 2028, it is still officially released. Announcing the pure electric era of the Manniu family, it will officially come in a little more than four years.

Before carefully reviewing the original factory materials, refer to the launch time point and the overall vehicle shape to deliberate, and think that Lanzador is more like a concept prototype ready to succeed Urus in the future. But the original factory actually generously stated that this will be the brand’s fourth brand new model, and at the same time it foretells that Urus will launch the next-generation new car with PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric power, that is, the future Brilliant SUV model will be jointly launched by Lanzador and Urus attack.

The overall shape of the appearance is mainly inspired by the new version of the Countach, and the overall shape of the running style is very strong.

In order to further differentiate, the original factory gave Lanzador a new Ultra GT product positioning, and the recent Super GT class on the shelf is gradually taking shape, and the competition in the supercar market in the future seems to be more intense. The most special thing about this car is that it uses a large number of existing design elements to build it. For example, the detailed shape of the head and tail comes from the elements of the Countach. In addition to the square and wide cabin structure, the sharp and low elements of its own sports car are maintained at the head and tail, and the classic perforated aluminum ring is used, which is highly recognizable.

Under the common long wheelbase of pure electric chassis and the planning of 2+2 complete space, the middle section of the car body is quite strong and square, and the high chassis design is a major feature of the official Ultra GT status.

performance style

Another key point in the appearance of the car body is the ALA active aerodynamic system. There are active openable designs on both sides of the front air dam, and the variable fins in the center can be stretched outwards to adjust the front downforce or drag reduction and heat dissipation. And other functions, the backflow tank at the rear of the car also has active and variable adjustments, so that the whole car can meet the needs of pure electric cars for low wind resistance and meet the heat dissipation and downforce of the brand during intense driving.

The front of the car adopts an active aerodynamic kit, and the air dams on both sides and the central wind wing are equipped with variable mechanisms to adjust the aerodynamic demand.
The tail diversion groove can also be adjusted to meet the requirements of high downforce or low wind resistance, which can better demonstrate the high-efficiency application performance of pure electricity.

When it comes to driving, it is unavoidable to mention performance. The factory has not yet had complete power information. It only said that it will set up dual-motor four-wheel drive at present, and has a complete power distribution mechanism. Everything will be controlled by LDVI. system management. In terms of actual output, it is expected that there will be a peak output of one megawatt, which is about 1300hp in conversion, making it the second mass-produced model of the brand with a horsepower breaking through the 1,000-horsepower mark.

As for the cabin design, it has a new look. The double-independent symmetrical front seats still have the brand’s consistent fighter cockpit design genes. The towering central saddle is no longer equipped with a multimedia system screen, but instead has two separate sides in front of the driver and co-pilot. The screen is responsible for the display, and the roof has a large split panoramic glass roof, which makes the cockpit full of the atmosphere of a single-seat fighter.

The panoramic roof is very rich in the visual experience of the ring cabin of a fighter jet, and also brings a quite luxurious effect.
The rear trunk space is good, and the rear seat also provides a dumping function.
The high saddle allows the cabin to form two independent cockpits, and dual screens are used to provide the different needs of the front seat driver and passengers. The central start button and gear interface maintain a design similar to that of current cars.
The front of the car also retains a complete load space, making the use of this car the best of the entire brand in the future.

In addition, the interior materials of the whole car are all made of sustainable materials. For example, the leather inside the car is all vegetable-tanned leather, the seats are made of 3D printing using recycled plastic, and most of the stitches in the car are also made of recycled plastic. Remanufactured synthetic yarn, and natural fiber paving made of natural merino wool on door panels, consoles, etc.; at the same time, carbon fiber trim panels are also treated with new recycled carbon, and have multi-layer structure treatment, allowing the car to While maintaining the passionate atmosphere and luxurious texture of carbon fiber, it also allows the brand to create a next-generation pure electric bull with construction methods that meet current environmental protection requirements.

The cabin is built with a lot of sustainable materials. In addition to remaking a lot of recycled materials, wool fibers are also used to pave the cabin, bringing a different atmosphere of use.

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