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Formosa Group Christmas Year-End Ceremony! Two major brands, Krabi & Kate Lienburg present at one time

With the lifting of the epidemic ban and the loosening of the restrictions on outdoor masks, there will be a series of good news at the beginning of December, making people feel more excited and looking forward to the arrival of Christmas and New Year's Eve. So have you chosen a party to celebrate with your friends? What about wine? The Formosa Group has heard everyone's voices, and before the end of 2022, it has introduced two brands with high C/P value: Crabbie single malt whiskey and Katlenburger fruity sparkling wine to Taiwan , I believe that these two new "trendy" brands with fashionable and pleasing packaging, easy to drink, good taste and beautiful price will definitely add points to everyone's happy moments!

Krabi Creating a New Classic in Single Malt Whiskey

Breaking everyone's stereotype of single malt whiskey, Krabi takes you back to the original essence of drinking: relaxed and comfortable, drink whatever you want, and it tastes good no matter what! Crabbie Single Malt Whiskey comes from an old British brand with a history of nearly 200 years. Halewood Artisanal Spirits, a British spirits brand company, recreated Crabbie Single Malt Whiskey and rebuilt the distillery in Edinburgh. Official production will begin in 2023.

Crabbie whiskey was once a well-known blended whiskey brand in the 19th century. The manager John Crabbie was not only a businessman but also a legendary wine maker. He launched new ginger wine, sweet gin and liqueur during his lifetime. The balance and stability of quality have been greatly improved - he is also famous for his ginger liqueur and whiskey concoctions.

What I want to introduce to Taiwanese drinking fans is this Crabbi Yardhead single malt whiskey named after the founder. The formula of this wine is derived from the first whiskey distilled and matured in Edinburgh made by John Crabbie. The new wine from the Scottish Highland distillation technology is matured in bourbon barrels, with sweet vanilla With fresh fruit flavors and vibrant citrus aromas, the finish is mellow. Perfect for long drink cocktails and modern whiskey cocktails, it's also great with ginger ale. Yardhead tries to break the rules and change the public's perception of single malt: unpretentious and a little lazy. You can drink it as you want, and it is also suitable for making a large tank of Punch directly at the party to have fun with everyone. Since its launch, it has won the gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition for three consecutive years .

Ketteringborg Sweet fruity sparkling wine from the heart

Sustainability and environmental protection have become inseparable issues for modern people looking forward to a better life in the future, and more and more exposure to natural foods has begun to make our taste buds less and less able to accept chemical syrups and condiments. So, if there is a new-generation fruit sparkling wine that is made of natural fruit juice and has won the highest honor of the DLG Quality Sustainability Award, the Red Dot Design Award and the Cocktail Design Award issued by the German Farmers Association, will it make you miss it? How about a try?

The Katlenburger winery from Germany was founded by Willy Demuth in 1925. It originally specialized in natural fruit juice business. It accidentally fermented in barrels and began to devote itself to the production of fruit-flavored sparkling wine. In 1927, the first strawberry-flavored sparkling wine was successfully brewed, and the popularity inspired the Demuth family to continue to develop more fruity sparkling wines with different fruits as raw materials. They call themselves "Fruchtweinmacher" (meaning the brewer of fruit wine), aiming to retain the inherent family tradition and identity, while maintaining modernization and innovation, combining trends and traditions to continue to occupy a leading position in the German fruit wine market.

This time, Formosa introduced two fruity sparkling wines from Ketteringburg Winery to Taiwan, the most popular "mango flavor" and "pink grapefruit flavor". The fresh and sweet taste with colorful aroma brings you a sweet drinking enjoyment; the alcohol content of 8.3% ABV brings the drinker the freedom and joy of being slightly drunk, creating an unfettered sensory experience, It is the best choice for boudoir parties.

The Krabi single malt whiskey is expected to be exclusively sold on the Carrefour channel, and the Catlin fruit sparkling wine will be available on the shelves of Quanlian channels across the province from December. Consumers and friends are cordially invited to purchase.


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